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Archive for November 27th, 2017

Paige Prince: Detoured
Monday, November 27th, 2017

Thank you so much for the opportunity to guest on your blog, Delilah!

When I originally signed up for a guest spot, I had a vague idea of what I was going to write about. Something having to do with the book I’m working on, the life of being a romance author/editor, even the joys (that sometimes aren’t always so joyous) of being a mother. But then I sat down to write my post in the middle of a writing day with two of my author friends and completely BLANKED.

So, I asked my trusty writing partner what I should do (because she’s basically the other half of my brain) and she told me that it’d be a great idea to write about having two different pen names.

Since I started in the book world, I’ve been known by three names: MamaKitty, Paige, and Rhyann. MamaKitty started out as a book reviewer who secretly wrote books on her downtime. Sadly, I closed MamaKitty Reviews down in 2012 to focus on writing and editing full-time. When I submitted my first book for publication, my previous critique partner suggested the name Paige Prince as my nom de plume. It wasn’t until several years later that I realized that when spoken aloud, it sounds like I’m saying “Page Prints…” which is actually kind of hilarious, since it was a total accident.

As Paige, I write Sizzling Southern Romance. Erotic romance (usually) set somewhere in the South. I haven’t stuck to one subgenre, since I love so many different aspects of the romance world. I’ve written contemporary, adventure, paranormal, and medical romance. I’m currently working on my first M/M romance, set in the culinary world. You probably wouldn’t want to see my Works-in-Progress folder, since it spans basically every subgenre available. Well, most of them.

Back in 2013, I started writing secretly as Rhyann Harris. I was writing erotic romance in a subgenre that wasn’t as widely accepted as it’s become (taboo/stepsibling romance), and I wanted to keep the two identities separate from each other.

But being two different people is exhausting (three, if you count my real name), so I dropped the veil of secrecy and admitted that Paige and Rhyann were the same person.

And it’s been freeing, in a way. I don’t have to constantly tell people that I’m writing on a “secret project” that never seems to see the light of day. I can say instead, “I’m writing an erotica for my Rhyann name and it’s about [insert plot here],” instead.

My business cards are now two-sided. I have two bookshelves on my website. But I’m still just one author, writing words and creating sexy worlds for all to enjoy.

As Paige, I’m currently working on revamping a story I wrote for a box set and preparing to release it in January. It centers around a medical center my writing partner and I have created (which will be a series!) set in my hometown of Houston, Texas. As Rhyann, I’m working on a series revolving around the lives of a Marine and his stepsister, who finally give into their feelings for each other after he comes home on leave.

If you like spicy romance, you’ll love them both.


Katherine “Katie” Molloy is in trouble. She desperately needs continuing education credits to maintain her professional license, but the only class available within the timeframe allotted is several states away. The most catastrophic computer failure to hit the airline industry in history has grounded every single flight leaving Houston for days and by the time all flights are rescheduled, the conference will be over.

Dr. Vincent Bauer comes to Katie’s rescue when he offers to drive them both to the conference, since he was scheduled to attend, as well. Unfortunately, his brand new car breaks down more than a hundred miles from their destination, stranding them in Lucasville, Kentucky.

Just as things begin to heat up between the radiology department manager and the good doctor, strange things begin to happen, causing them to think the break down might not have been so coincidental, after all. Can they get the car fixed and get out of town before they’re permanently Detoured?

About the Author

Paige Prince is the alter ego of Rhyann Harris, erotic romance author, editor, drinker of coffee, and binger of Netflix. She lives in a small suburb of Houston, Texas with her daughter Emma and her lab/pit mix Westley.

Tumblr: (NSFW)