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Barbara White Daille: What Makes Us Lucky?
Monday, March 18th, 2019

Whenever I think about what makes me lucky, I come up with a long list.

Today, that list includes stopping by Delilah’s blog to visit with you. This week, I’m grateful to celebrate a holiday that carries on the traditions of my family—and provides plenty of yummy leftovers! And every day, I’m extraordinarily lucky to have a career I love.

I can’t tell you being an author is the most fun job I’ve ever had, because it involves a lot of work, sweat, and tears.

The work comes from trying to bring the ideas in my head to life on the page.

The sweat comes from waiting to see how my editor reacts to those ideas. 

And the tears—oh, the tears! They’re the best part of the job.

Sad tears. . . when I learn about my characters’ lives before the book begins, then when I discover what’s going wrong in their lives now. (As my books are romances, conflict is a given.)

Frustrated tears. . . when the hardheaded hero and heroine can’t see beyond those conflicts to realize they belong together.

Uncontrollable tears. . . when they—or a character who plays an important role in their lives—get hit with a heartbreaking dose of reality.

And the best tears of all. . . the ones that flow when the hero and heroine have finally reached their happy-ever-after.

No wonder I say I’m so lucky!

For this St. Patrick’s week post, I’m sharing a clip from one of my books, Family Matters, a romance that features a heroine from a large and crazy Irish family and a hero who would like to put half of them in jail.

Family Matters

Here’s a quick peek from their first meeting:

The man took a deep breath, which now strained the buttons on his immaculate white shirt, and traced his thumbnail across one eyebrow. “I only argue before a jury. As we’re not in court—yet—that doesn’t apply here.”

Kerry swallowed a wave of panic. “You’re a lawyer?”


Great. A lawyer who had just stood ranting at Uncle Bren. Things couldn’t get any worse. Or could they? And did she really want to know? “You look like you could use a little assistance with this…meeting.”

He smiled. Despite the situation, she couldn’t help but notice how it changed his entire expression, easing the hard frown lines bisecting his forehead, even lightening the color of his eyes from near black to a dark greenish-gray. An interesting transformation.

She didn’t trust the change in him for a minute.

Still, she squinted at him and found her head tilting slightly, her fingers curling around an imaginary paintbrush. With an effort, she blinked, bringing herself back to harsh reality.

“I could use a warrant and a padded cell.” He gestured over his shoulder. “If you think you’ve got any chance of knocking some sense into that scam artist, go right ahead.”

She squinted again, not in pleasure this time. “Wait a minute—”

“You’ve got no call to say that,” Uncle Bren interrupted, glaring at the man.

He sounded intimidating enough, but Kerry knew the real threat would come from her grandmother, always famous for jumping into any brawl.
Kerry looked over her shoulder. Sure enough, here Gran came, pushing her way through the crowd, barreling toward the lawyer and Uncle Bren.

Obviously, Kerry’s luck is about to run out! Still, she will do anything for the family she loves.

So. . . when it comes to luck, how about you? What good things in life make you feel lucky?

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Barbara White Daille lives with her husband in the sunny Southwest. Though they love the warm winters and the lizards in their front yard, they haven’t gotten used to the scorpions in the bathroom. Barbara also loves writing, reading, and chocolate. Come to think of it, she enjoys writing about those subjects, too!

Barbara wrote her first short story at the age of nine, then typed “The End” to her first novel many years later…in the eighth grade. Now she’s writing contemporary romance on a daily basis. Sign up for her newsletter to keep up with the latest in her writing life:

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