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Angelique Armae: Witches, Gargoyles, Talking Pigs, Oh My!
Friday, July 19th, 2019

Thank you for having me today! I’m a huge fan of Delilah’s books, so I’m a bit giddy being here.

Today, I bring you a character interview with Henry, the immortal, talking pet pig in WITCHWOOD (Witch & Stone), a paranormal tale I co-wrote with the wonderful Candace Sams. Henry is a secondary character who plays a major role in DIRE AND DREAD, the WITCHWOOD prequel. But he makes an appearance in WITCHWOOD. This is his take on the main characters of that book.

Angelique Armae: How long have you known Sienna Stone?

Henry: Sienna is the twenty-nine-year-old American-born great-niece of English/American witch—Davinia Stone—who rescued me in 1963. Sienna is a hoot. She’s one of the most powerful witches in both England and the US. But she’s having a bit of a problem with her magick at the moment, much like her Aunt Davinia suffered more than fifty years ago. I’ve been sleeping at the foot of Sienna’s bed since she arrived on Davinia’s doorstep when she was five years old, after her father was murdered.

Angelique Armae: Sienna’s romantic interest is Matthew Witchwood. What can you tell us about the man?

Henry: For starters, I don’t like anyone who poses the threat of taking away my Sienna. But for Sienna’s sake, I have made peace with the fact she might one day end up married to Matthew. I do have to admit, though, it would be a good match as Matthew comes from one of the most prestigious witch families in England. He’s an ex-military guy who underneath his tough surface is a softie with a kind heart. I also like his Gran, Henrietta Witchwood, matriarch of the Witchwood clan of witches.

Angelique Armae: I hear a bout of turmoil struck the Witchwood estate recently.

Henry: Terrible thing, to be honest. Bertram Witchwood, Henrietta’s brother-in-law, gambled away the Witchwood gargoyles that guarded the castle’s front entrance. He lost them in a card game to a powerful two-bit dirty witch, named Ozmodius Fennel. The gargoyles—Dire and Dread—contain remnants of Davinia’s untamed magick. If they fall into the wrong hands, disaster can strike. And that is precisely where we are currently heading.

Angelique Armae: Having been around magick your entire, immortal life, what advice would you tell a witch with wayward powers?

Henry: Always believe in yourself. Your magick is an extension of yourself, and therefore it can be tamed when need be.

Angelique Armae: Do you have any magickal powers, yourself?

Henry: Well, I’m not a hex breather like Davinia. And since I have hooves instead of hands, I can’t shoot streams of stars and magick through my fingers like can my precious Sienna. I also don’t mess up magickal potions and teas like Matthew does. Nor can I magickally run a slew of charities—that’s Henrietta’s strength. But I am an immortal, talking, pet pig. I think that says it all.


WITCHWOOD (Witch & Stone)
(exclusively available in SOULS AND SHADOWS Boxset)

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About the Author

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Angelique Armae is a native New Yorker who loves all things royal, can trace her Irish roots back to the Scottish Highlands, is half Italian, and is owned by a long-haired Tuxedo feline. She spends most days writing, unless her cat deems otherwise.


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  1. Angelique Armae
    · July 19th, 2019 at 1:37 pm · Link

    Thank you for letting me post today.

  2. Delilah
    · July 28th, 2019 at 4:01 pm · Link

    Thanks for being my guest! And good luck with your witches!

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    Thank you, Delilah.

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