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Archive for August 5th, 2019

Lyncee Shillard: Treasure Hunt
Monday, August 5th, 2019

Hi everyone! I’m so happy to back.

It’s August… That means the stores are busting with back to school supplies. As a writer, you need pens, paper, etc. BUT I’m over the top on my ‘needs.’ I may be borderline addicted to Post It Notes. And notebooks with doughnuts on them .

These are just a few…

This is better than Christmas to me. I’ve always enjoyed shopping for school supplies, but I know it can break the bank. So, when my kiddos were in school (now, I just have one so I’m not sure how to set it up) we would have a supply treasure hunt. The treasure would be the items they needed. The hunt was the best deal and coupons. Each Sunday, they would go through the sales and coupon flyers looking for the best deal. On a piece of poster board, I’d make a treasure chest for each child. From the dollar store, I’d buy a couple of packages of gem stickers. Each gem color would represent a dollar amount (i.e., red – 1 dollar, green – 4 dollars, etc.).

At the end of the treasure hunt (we usually did it for three to four weeks), we’d add up the amount of treasure in each chest. The kiddo that saved the most on his/her treasure picked out the back to school supper and was treated to a trip to the ice cream place. Some serious ‘loot’.

While my story , Treasure Hunt, has nothing to do with school supplies, it does have to do with treasure, magic, sexy pirates and a familiar that happens to a Siberian tiger, because you know—go big or go home.


Treasure Hunt

DeLaney Black Heart is the captain of The Gypsy Princess, the most feared pirate ship on the Cannequ seas, until recently. Her long-standing enemy, Falken Sands, is making good on his threat to ruin her. She is in desperate need of a large bounty to soothe her crew and reclaim her title.

Raven Kinsley is a treasure hunter. He offers DeLaney the chance to redeem herself. Only their history is stopping DeLaney from jumping on the offer. Raven abandoned her a year earlier and disappeared.

Left with no other choice, DeLaney agrees to Raven’s commission. They begin their journey to claim the lost treasure of Midas, but soon trouble surrounds them. Raven and DeLaney combine forces to battle gryphons, the possessed Falken Sands, and other creatures.

DeLaney tries to convince herself what she feels for Raven is born out of battle, not love. Raven knows he loves DeLaney, but until an old enemy is beaten, he can’t make his claim on her heart.

As secrets are revealed, they realize this is more than a mere treasure hunt. It’s a battle for their lives.

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