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Rebecca Harmon: Manifesting Maven
Monday, October 21st, 2019

Big gratitude to Delilah for inviting me to write a guest blog!

I write about spirituality – some of it deeply traditional and some of it in the practical context of everyday life. Today, I want to share a couple stories about manifestation – or getting things we want by thinking about them in a certain way.

At some point in my thirties, I began to harbor a secret wish to sing the National Anthem at an event. I have been a musician since I was a kid and have sung in choirs over the years. I did not want to sing at a ball game or sports event, but thought that some other more serious venue would be pretty cool.

A few years later, I was picking my daughter up at her writing camp that was held at the local University. I was waiting at the edge of a fountain, smelling the flowers and feeling the warm breeze on my skin and the energy of the campus. All of a sudden, I had a surge of desire: I wanted to teach at this University. I was working on a graduate degree but had no particular experience as a professor; but I felt that deep desire, and knew that it was more than a passing fancy.

These two desires – separated in time by about five years – are only two examples of the interesting things I have attracted into my life using the principles I study and write about on my blog.

Here’s what happened with each of these…

Not long after that beautiful Summer day, I got a call about a college department that was looking for someone to teach a class – one that was a perfect fit for me. I prepared a proposal, submitted it to the department chair, and a month after I completed my graduate degree, taught my first class as an adjunct faculty member. Six years later I would join the faculty as a full time Assistant Professor.

Before joining the University faculty as a full-time Assistant Professor, I was working as a Dean at the local community college. One day, I was in a Dean’s meeting as we planned the upcoming commencement ceremony. The committee chair asked if any of us knew someone who could sing the National Anthem, and one of my colleagues said “Rebecca can do it – you should hear her sing in meetings!”

I did sometimes sing during meetings – usually when we needed some comic relief (I would imitate an operatic Brunhilda character). But the suggestion was serious, and I accepted. It was a stretch goal for certain, as this is no easy piece to perform; but I had time and tools. I practiced, prepared and when commencement came along a few months later, I did it and did it well!

Manifesting things as I have described is simple but not always easy. It takes focus and imagination, along with the discipline to avoid an energy of obsession and desperation. It also often requires a willingness to step forward – sometimes outside of our comfort zones. In manifesting, it is helpful to be clear about what we want, and to trust the process enough to let go (in other words, avoid micromanaging how things will happen).

Singing the National Anthem was a pretty clear goal. I knew what I wanted to do, and that I did NOT want to sing at a sports event. I left the other details – the what, where, when and how – to the Universe.

I used the same process with my desire to teach at the University. I did not hone in on a specific class, or particular way that things needed to unfold. I just knew I wanted to teach at that University and left the details to the Universe.

I think it’s important to share that I did not make an outreach in either case. Once I felt the desire for each situation, I let it go and trusted the process. In both cases, people reached out to me with offers that aligned with my dreams.

A helpful aspect I employ is to avoid trying to manifest something so far outside of my skill set that it’s hard for ME to believe it as possible. In the examples I shared, I had the basic skills to deliver when given the opportunities. The desire was accompanied by a belief in myself that I could do these things if given the chance.

I can’t stress enough the importance of treating our dreams and desires with patience, and a quiet knowing that the dream, or something better, is already in motion for us. And then we need to let it go – release our dream so that the Universe can work its magic.

When thoughts come to me about a dream or desire I have, I think only positive things, knowing that it is mine by divine right, and on its way to me. I do not engage in negative thoughts that it couldn’t happen; that I don’t deserve it, or that it’s unrealistic. I hold on to the knowing that all is well, and that in perfect time and space it will show up for me! I also keep it to myself, so that others can’t cast doubts on my dreams. Even if they mean well, I don’t want any negativity coming into my process!

These stories are only two examples of the many times I have experienced success since learning how to work this process. I have manifested local and national speaking engagements, a work-from-home job, a new roof, numerous incidences of “extra money” when I needed some and much more.

Although it was made popular in the early part of the 21st century through movies and books, manifesting is an ancient art/practice. I have learned that a dedicated spiritual practice that includes a recognition of our connection to the Universe is a key component to consistently manifesting the things we desire. When we learn the processes, practice the principles, and focus our perspective – we can absolutely change our experience, and our lives!

About the Author

Rebecca Harmon is a mother, grandmother, US Navy veteran, and keeper of cats who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A healthcare professional and educator, she maintains a blog on spirituality and enjoys speaking in front of large groups of people! She has self-published two non-fiction books about careers and the workplace: Discover Your Path – a map to job happiness and 7 Simple Steps – job satisfaction, any place, any time – both available on Amazon – and would love it if you dropped by her blog for a read, a Like, a Follow or a Share!

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