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Pia Manning: Star Brides 3–Dept. of Corrections
Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

Hi! I live in the deep dark woods of NW Wisconsin with one big happy mutt, three spoiled felines and my spousal unit. I love it up here. It’s quiet, peaceful and cold enough to freeze your gotchies off.

I began writing my make believe stories after being medically retired from the traditional workforce. I suppose my great need for escapism necessitated the birth of the Star Brides trilogy. It was either create a different world and alternate reality or run screaming into the woods! And as noted above, it gets pretty cold up here.

Throughout, I believe I’ve been true to the three women whose adventures I’ve chronicled. Each one, although very different in nature, has managed to be true to their principles while carving out a place for themselves in challenging cultural environments.

I guess you could say I believe in a woman’s strength and ability to stand up for herself, to yell, and kick, and fight for what she needs.

Janine Longo (Dept. of Corrections) continues that tradition. She’s a strong woman in a tough place making decisions about her future that some wouldn’t agree with. If you choose to share her journey, know that I write erotica. While the sex is explicit, there is no sex between the men in the book. My stories are all about her!

Star Brides 3: Dept. of Corrections

Inmate 1640, Janine Longo, would do anything to escape serving her long and well-deserved prison sentence. Anything. Including, leaving Earth with Zuntx warrior Kadir, to serve as mate to him and the three other men of his unit. Scarred and disfigured Kadir, is growing desperate. His third time as a Bridal Fair participant is about to end in failure, and the money has run out. Kadir can’t afford a fourth attempt. So, when the woman in the orange jumpsuit agrees to accompany him, he accepts her offer. The thriving bustling planet, Zuntx, that Kadir left behind is not the same place anymore. Riot torn, the planet’s homeless men now wander aimlessly seeking food, shelter and women. This is not at all what Janine had in mind. Can Janine find redemption on Zuntx? Is this her second chance? Can she learn to love all her men?

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Thank you, again, for having me as a guest on your blog!

Take care,
Pia Manning