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Archive for December 4th, 2019

Katherine Kingston: Meet the Christmas Gargoyles
Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

May I introduce you to the Christmas Gargoyles? They’re big, strong, handsome, and caring. They’re protectors and guardians. They’re delicious sexual dominants. But they’re not exactly human.

Every year when the days get short enough, the gargoyles that guard us unseen can take human form if they want. That usually happens when they encounter someone who attracts them in a crucially different way. For that one particular woman they take on human shape for a limited time to make a deeper connection.

It takes more than just looks to attract a gargoyle’s attention. They’re drawn to people who are passionate, self-giving, loving, and caring, even in the midst of their own problems. And once they’ve given their hearts, it’s a lifetime deal. If the woman in question learns to love them in return, there is a way the gargoyle can become fully human, but it’s a serious test for both of them.

The current wave of gargoyle connections began with Averic, known as “Eric”, whose story is told in Gargoyle’s Christmas. Mark (Sophie’s Gargoyle), Ben (Ginny’s Gargoyle), and Glen (Vivian’s Gargoyle, coming soon) followed in his wake. All of them, and the women they love, are tested in a variety of ways.
So, why gargoyles? And what’s the connection to Christmas? I have a hard time following the train of ideas rolling through my head that led to the whole concept. Sometimes a mishmash of ideas just mixes and clashes and finally produces some weird concept.

The feast of Christmas occurs just a few days after the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. The shortest day means the longest night. The most darkness. Gargoyles are creatures of the dark. In their stone incarnations, they tend to sit on high points of churches and other public buildings, giving them perfect perches to watch events below. Inevitably, from watching, they want to join in some of the human activities. And when they meet that one person who interests them more than any other, they want to be able to stay with them.

Latest Release: Ginny’s Gargoyle

Ginny’s Christmas plans didn’t include falling in love with a gargoyle.

*NOTE* This is a rewritten version of a short story included in the Naughty Literati anthologies. It’s been revised and expanded to novella length.

The walk from the bus stop to her D.C. apartment takes just five minutes, but Ginny works second shift and gets home near midnight. When a mugger surprises her on the way one night shortly before Thanksgiving, rescue comes unexpectedly. A mysterious hooded and cloaked stranger saves her and walks her to her apartment but declines her invitation to come in. The next night he meets her at the bus stop and again walks her home, a practice that continues each time she gets home late. As they get to know each other on those nightly walks, he promises that he will soon accept the invitation to her home.

He warns, though, that there are things she needs to know about him she’ll find hard to believe and accept. He isn’t kidding. She can handle his dominating tendencies and maybe even the warning that they can have only a short time together. But when he claims he’s a shapeshifting gargoyle, she has to wonder whether letting him into her life is a good idea after all.

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