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Archive for February 16th, 2022

Bernadette Jones: Living the Dream, An Author’s Life
Wednesday, February 16th, 2022

We all have dreams. Some are easier to achieve than others. Finding a new apartment. Getting a different job. Owning your own home. Moving to a warmer climate. Getting your degree. Becoming an author. Becoming a movie star. Becoming a millionaire.

Many of these things are completely within our control. Many are not. Life circumstances affect the resources available to us when we go for our dream.

I was raised by a father in a time when most dads were not the primary caregiver and the sole financial provider. This gave me a different perspective than that of friends who had two parents to share the responsibilities. We moved often which gave me the experiences of seeing the differences and similarities of regional towns and communities. We lived in the North, South, East and West. One of my most important and defining lessons learned is that not all families are blood-related.

As a writer, I am drawn to the characters whose life arc maybe wasn’t traditional (in truth, the white picket fence is not as common or as perfect as we think). Life is messy and hard, and fraught with challenges. It is also full of hope, joy, and passions.

I write romantic suspense. Not world-saving drama like James Bond or Mission Impossible, but certainly world-altering for my characters. Characters who have been challenged by day-to-day existence and find a partner willing to share the journey when perhaps they’d given up hope. Characters who are not defined by where they came from but by the principles they hold as true. Everything isn’t always easy and there is often a price to be paid and dangers to be overcome.

I believe that you should never give up! It is never too late to go for your dream. I spent many years learning and practicing my craft while working, raising a family, and caring for others. Dreams can come true when we’re willing to work for them and keep believing. Don’t give up.

A Better Man, my upcoming release due out early April is the story of JackDaniels Vaughn a man who started his life on the wrong side of the tracks and Breezy Richards who was disowned by her family for not living up to their standards. When a stalker threatens Breezy’s life she’s forced to trust someone else. Falling in love may be the complication that costs them both their lives.

This will be my fifth book in the Aspen Gold Series. Although all books in the series are standalone you might also enjoy my others as friends tend to stop in for a visit.

A Better Man

About the Author

Romantic Suspense Writer, Never Give Up-er, First Wives Club-er, Lifelong Dream Achiever & Mom

Bernadette Jones writes romantic suspense and mystery novels. Her books are filled with strong heroes and heroines who are looking for an equal partner in their search for answers, justice and love. The love is everlasting, the romance steamy and the suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat. With a personal belief in the power of the chosen family her characters are bound to their circle of friends regardless of the cost or danger and most often a book of their own!

After a career in corporate writing and living all over the country, she’s decided to settle down and put pen to paper doing what she loves. Living the dream in her NYC apartment with her canine companion, she’s bringing her stories and characters to life.

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