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COWBOY HEAT’s comin’ early!
Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Cowboy HeatAs the original release date for my next Cleis Press collection of erotic romance stories was June 10th, you can imagine the authors and I were a little frazzled to learn it moved to MARCH 18th! The publisher had an opening, our book was ready, everyone is excited about it—so here we are! With less than two weeks to get the word out.

Yesterday, the authors who are contributors to this book began posting short excerpts and talking about what inspired their stories. There will be prizes along the way, bribes really, to keep you checking in. In my opening post on the Cowboy Heat blog yesterday, I said I’d give away a signed copy of a book! There’s still time to enter. I won’t close that contest until tomorrow night!

There are a couple of things you can do so that you don’t miss any of the fun!

1) Subscribe to the Cowboy Heat blog ( ). Look to the right side of this screen below the carousel of books. Enter your email address where it says “Subscribe to Blog Via Email.” That way, every post describing the exciting things we have coming will be delivered right to you inbox. You won’t miss a thing!

2) Go like our Facebook page at: We’re busy planning events to tempt you to play. And again, there will be prizes involved, so I know you don’t want to miss that either.

REINED IN is here!
Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

It’s been a while since the last Lone Star LoverTwo Wild for Teacher-–released. And I almost thought about ending it there and then, but I kept getting these messages from you readers. Two Mule Texas isn’t real y’all, although I’ve been asked where it was because someone wants to take a trip there. And someone else thought, hey, my husband’s best buddy is cute, I wonder if he’d give me something special for my birthday if I left your sexy book out where he could see… Wouldn’t recommend that, hon. But I get it. You like the escape, the thrill of that first encounter with a sexy man in Wranglers. And your imagination is a safe place to play.

Can a story change your life? Probably not, although I have had folks write and say a story put the oomph back into their marriage bed. We erotica writers get that a lot. What a story can do is tease and titillate, and maybe give you a lovely little mind-vacation. And sometimes, that’s exactly what we need.

So enjoy Reined In! Let me know if you want more stories set in Two Mule. And if you have time, please post a review. Let another reader know whether the time and the money they’re considering spending on my story is worth their while. I’d be forever grateful. Enjoy!


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Two quick things, then a question…
Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

I’m just jumping in with a couple of quick announcements and a question….
First, just wanted to be sure you know that SEALed is out! I gave you the run-down on Saturday’s blog, even shared an excerpt or two! If you click on the cover, you can read the first scene of the story. The whole collection of ALL SEAL STORIES is only $.99. Get your copy now, because that price won’t last! And after  you do get your copy and settle down to enjoy the spicy, exciting stories inside, please consider posting a review. Those reviews help other readers decide whether to purchase. Let them know whether you think it’s money well-spent.

Buy Links: Amazon | B&N

* * * * *

Reined In
Book 7 of the Lone Star Lovers series, Reined In, is almost here and ready for pre-order! Click on the cover to read the first scene!

Think…daddy’s spoiled little girl, two ranch hands she’s teased mercilessly for years, and sweet resolution… Yeah, I had fun writing that one!

Pre-order Links: Amazon | Samhain


* * * * *

Now here’s your question…

If you could make one change to your current work (or home)
environment, what would it be?

CRESCENT MOON, in Print Today! (Contest)
Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

ankhPost a comment and you’ll be entered to win a pair of pretty handmade (by me!) ankh earrings I’ll gift to one person tomorrow! If you posted a comment on every day of my release countdown blogs, you’ll have several chances to win them!

If you’ve pre-ordered your print copy of Crescent Moon, it will ship today! I hope you enjoy it! I’m sharing a sexy scene from the book with you. There’s so much packed into this story, I wish I could snippet every little thing. There’s magic and monsters, gods and possessions, cop drama and sexiness… The kind of story I love to read. That’s exactly what I wrote. Oh, and there are mummies! :mrgreen:


From ancient Egypt to present-day New Orleans, a woman of exceptional strength is called to protect against an unspeakable evil…and to experience an unforgettable seduction…

Justin Henry Boucher stayed in the shower so long Khepri knew he was avoiding her. The thought was disappointing. With so little experience deciphering sensual clues, she’d obviously read him wrong. He considered her a responsibility. Someone to keep safe. Perhaps someone he wanted to keep close because he didn’t trust her. That was all.

So when the water ceased trickling behind the closed bathroom door, she turned on her side, giving him her back to make the situation easier, and to keep her disappointment hidden should he glimpse her before extinguishing the light. She held her breath as he entered the room.

Not looking fed her imagination and made her heart race. Would he be naked? Or would he be wearing sleeping clothes, like the pajamas Denise had given her? Although sleeveless and short and made of an airy, stretchy cotton, the garment was still restrictive. She preferred sleeping in the nude. Something she didn’t think her grumpy protector would approve.

The bathroom light went out. Footsteps padded nearer…and then paused beside the bed.

She breathed deeply, letting the sound fill the silence and hoped he was fooled. Would he choose the bed as he had reluctantly promised? Or would he leave her for the uncomfortable couch too short to accommodate his tall frame?

The bed dipped and she smiled, relief making her feel lighter. Even if he was here under duress, she needed him close by. Someone solid and real, warm and breathing. Someone who tethered her to this place and this time. As he settled, shifting this way and that, she almost resented the wide, soft mattress because they could both sleep comfortably and never touch, which was his apparent goal since he never scooted nearer.

Truth be told, she should be grateful he didn’t want to press his attentions. Her willpower was at low ebb. However, she craved contact—just the warmth of his chest beneath her cheek would do. That would be enough to make her feel safe, enough to let her relax and rest, if not sleep. No, she wasn’t ready to close her eyes. Her heartbeat trembled and raced again at the thought of the last time she’d lost herself to darkness.

After a drawn-out moment, she turned, carefully rolling to her back and then her other side, her gaze finding the outline of his large torso in the darkness.

“Go to sleep,” he growled.

At his testiness, a smile tugged at her mouth. The texture of his voice was rasping, almost physical in the way it caused goose bumps to rise on her arms. “I can’t.” She bit her bottom lip, then gave into the impulse. She edged closer. Read the rest of this entry »

CRESCENT MOON (in print!) in two days… (Contest)
Sunday, December 8th, 2013

For those of you who love your full-length novels in a version you can hold in your hands and fan those pages, Crescent Moon releases in its print version on December 10th—this Tuesday!

And for those of you who gave it a skip because it was originally a serialized (delivered by installment) book, now you can read it as it was intended to be read—as one big, fast-paced book, full of energy, mysticism, and smoldering sensuality. Yes, it’s a strange book. Who writes about mummies and ancient Egypt? Who writes about the Land of the Dead? I do. I have a fascination with the underworld, something I visited in the last Dark Realm story, Darkness Captured. Yes, that one was based more on Sumerian lore, but Sumerian and Egyptian, as well as Christian lore, is inextricably linked. I studied Coffin Texts to learn about Egypt’s mythology and braided it in with a lot of what ifs.

What if a woman from the past is mummified, and then resurrected in present time? Is she human? Is she a goddess? And then I discovered the story about the oracle at Karnak, The God’s Wife, and my story wrote itself. And where better for her to awaken than in New Orleans where a local detective who is going through his own crisis of faith finds her…

Here’s a snippet. Hope you enjoy. I’d love to hear your thoughts when you’ve read the story. This book was one of those “stories of the heart” writers love to share. 

ankhPost a comment and you’ll be entered to win a pair of pretty ankh earrings I’ll gift to one person on Tuesday. If you post a comment on every day, including Tuesday’s release, you’ll have several chances to win them!



From ancient Egypt to present-day New Orleans, a woman of exceptional strength is called to protect against an unspeakable evil…and to experience an unforgettable seduction.

Khepri still isn’t used to being The God’s Wife. The daughter of a common farmer, she’s more comfortable being friends with servants than employing a whole team of them. Being the wife of Amun affords her luxuries she only dreamed of, but her dreams are not always a haven…they are also filled with demons. Lately she’s had doubts about the role she’s been thrust into. She’s had yearnings for another sort of life, one where she’s loved intimately, rather than only adored from afar.

When a powerful man lures her away from her temple, she’s thrilled at the chance for an adventure. Her adventure quickly becomes a nightmare when the handsome vizier mummifies her alive. Pure of heart and body, she’s the warrior he foresees will battle a demonic pharaoh if ever he awakens. Khepri’s sure he’s insane, until she awakens in a distant future. Alone and needing a guide in this strange and garish new world, she turns to the troubled man who set her free…

When New Orleans police detective Justin Henry Boucher is called to the Garden Museum to investigate stolen Egyptian artifacts, it’s not exactly the adrenaline rush he used to get working a homicide. But with a reprimand on his record and a sorrow he can’t shake, he will take what he can get – as long as he can keep his badge. What he doesn’t count on is having to keep his cool when he finds one of the priceless artifacts—a golden-skinned goddess wrapped in fabric like a mummy, left to die and needing his help. She’s a mystery he’s determined to unravel. She might also be the cure for his lonely heart.

One last time, her mind drifted, peacefully content…no shadows or disquiet to disturb her…allowing her to separate the parts of herself, first body from spirit…and then the mournful, dying part of her soul to dwell forever in the pit, while what remained, the part that would be born again, floated upward on golden wings.

Her sprit ba left her mortal shell and spread its wings, flying through the small bright hole in the ceiling, leaving behind her swaddled human form, which lay on a bare wooden bench. One, two, three strong surges of her fluttering wings and she flew toward the sun, free at last and feeling grateful to her husband for his generous gift. Her wings caught an updraft and she held them still, floating on the wind, the glorious waning sun warming her back.

Her spirit flew above white limestone cliffs and past a deep quarry littered with enormous blocks of carved stone. A sudden gust riffled through her feathers, forcing her to fly west, high above a barren valley.

But at last, her ba tired, circling downward, searching for the great river to lead her home. But no familiar white-washed city dwellings, no temple walls lay below. No fields of cotton and wheat.

Confused, she made her way back to the dismal pit. Not wanting to enter, she flitted around the opening, feeling weary and afraid.

Something dark awaited her. Some horror in the shadows.

And then she spotted the man with the dark, watchful gaze standing beneath the opening, his arms outspread to catch her… Read the rest of this entry »

UNIFORM DESIRES Box Set Preorder for 99 cents!
Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Uniform Desires Box_600

We’ve got your men in uniform…and out of it!


Six Military Romances Releasing November 11th

Preorder NOW for the intro price of 99 cents!
Coming soon for Barnes & Noble NOOK

Infatuation by Melissa Schroeder

SEAL’s Honor by Elle James

SEAL the Deal by Sharon Hamilton

Dangerous Liaisons by Delilah Devlin

Her Forever Hero by JM Madden

Cinderella Liberty by  Cat Johnson


Infatuation by Melissa Schroeder

USA Today Bestselling Author

To prove her love and save her man, she has to go above
and beyond the call of duty

SEAL Francis McKade never acted on his feelings for his best friend’s sister. All that changes at a wedding in Hawaii, but the next morning, he’s called for a mission-one that leaves his world in shambles.

Months later, Kade shows up in her bar a changed man. When he pushes her to her limits in the bedroom, Shannon refuses to back down. One way or another, he’ll learn there’s no walking away from love—not while she still has breath in her body.

SEAL’s Honor by Elle James

Award-winning Author

Two Navy SEALs jeopardize their lives and hearts in a battle-torn land when they vie for the love of one sexy Night Stalker helicopter pilot 

SEAL Reed Tucker doesn’t believe in commitment, until he tangles the sheets with one hot pilot, Delaney O’Connell. His phobia against commitment is challenged when his best friend asks Delaney to marry him.

As a helicopter pilot for the 160th Night Stalkers, Delaney knows the risks of loving a SEAL. When her lover’s friend loses an arm in battle, she can’t refuse his marriage proposal when he’s already lost so much. In love with one man, pledged to marry another, she’s torn.

Tuck and Delaney must come to grips with the happiness they owe themselves and the happiness of their friend who has lost so much.

SEAL the Deal by Sharon Hamilton

National Bestselling Author

A SEAL’s nightmare of a promise given at his sister’s deathbed
gives him the woman of his dreams

Special Operator Nick Dunn gets the call he has been dreading since before his last deployment. His sister is in her final stages of cancer. He  drives up to Sonoma County from Coronado to help her shut down her failing nursery business and tie up her final affairs. He must work with his sister’s best friend he only vaguely remembers from his past. But boy has she grown up. Devon Brandeburg has created a small financial fortune through her success in real estate. Her career is her main focus, but a closely guarded secret is her total lack of experience with men. After all, who needs them? Especially when their testosterone-stuffed egos suck all the air out of the room, like Nick’s does. Nick’s sister requires two things of the both of them as her dying wish. What starts as a deathbed promise turns out to be a hot affair neither one expected. Nick becomes Devon’s teacher in her journey to womanhood. As she comes alive in his arms, the student brings the teacher something he’s never allowed himself to want, and now knows he needs.

Dangerous Liaison by Delilah Devlin

National Bestselling Author

A pampered travel agent escapes through the jungle with an undercover DEA agent when a drug lord mistakes her for a rival’s daughter

After surviving a week of anti-terrorist training in a Central American jungle, Maya Cordoba is ready to kick off the mud from her designer boots after she hijacks her sexy driving instructor. Instead, she finds herself staring down the barrel of an AK-47and being kidnapped! Mistaken for a rival drug lord’s daughter she knows if they learn she’s not who they think she is—she’s dead.

Rescue comes from ex-marine and undercover DEA agent, Angel Rickman. He promises to get her out as long as she does everything he tells her to. Together, they make a mad dash through the jungle with the drug cartel’s army on their tails.

Her Forever Hero by JM Madden

Bestselling Author

When the boss’s pregnant, unwed daughter needs rescuing, disabled Marine Grafton Parks proves he’s still a hero

Kendall Herrington is drawn to her handsome new security guard, prosthetic hand and all. The man is totally wrong for her, but on a lonely Christmas night, she gives in to her body’s demands, regret setting in on the morning after.

Former EOD Marine Grafton Parks knows Kendall is resisting admitting she’s pregnant and that the board won’t allow an unwed, pregnant female to run the multi-billion dollar Herrington Corporation. Even if she is the boss’s daughter.

As they struggle to come to terms with each other, an unexpected danger threatens their lives. Will they survive long enough for him to be…Her Forever Hero?

Cinderella Liberty by Cat Johnson

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

A weekend liberty leads to unexpected passion between a Marine and his best friend’s sister, but he must survive seven months in Afghanistan to get back to her

Marine Gunnery Sergeant John “Crash” O’Malley has two goals. Enjoy his liberty in New York City, and survive his deployment to Afghanistan. What he didn’t plan on is Trish. A guy can’t have a one-night stand with his best friend’s sister and then abandon her at midnight when his liberty ends, but starting a new relationship days before shipping out would be crazy.

Crash doesn’t realize his friend’s displeasure over him breaking the ‘no sisters rule’ is nothing compared to what the insurgents have in store for them in the Helmand Province. Now, Crash’s new objective is to get home alive and make Trish his.

Last of the Triplehorn Boys, Out Today!
Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Today, Tommy Triplehorn gets his happy-ever-after! I’ve given you glimpses into his story over the past few weeks, and you can read an excerpt if you click on the  cover, but you only need to know a few things, don’t you? Tommy’s a cowboy, through and through. He’s only loved one woman in his entire life. And he’ll do anything to help her see that she’ll never be happy with any man who isn’t him. Add together a weekend in a hotel where two lovers reconnect,  a threesome meant to blow apart one woman’s closely guarded heart, and a diligent young man and you have the makings of a very sexy cowboy story. I can’t wait to hear what you all think!

Long Hot Summer

When two lonely hearts collide, age becomes just a number.

Sarah Colby’s marriage was over long ago, but she’s never shed the scars her abusive husband left behind. Add the one shameful indiscretion from her past, an affair with a much younger man, and she’s haunted by that long ago summer.

Tommy Triplehorn is happy his brothers have settled down and started families of their own, but he’s feeling a little smothered by all that domesticity. Carousing and drinking no longer holds a thrill, and he thinks he knows the reason why. He’s waited long enough for Sarah Colby to get over being ashamed of their shared past. He’s old enough to know what he wants, and he wants her.

Warning: A cowboy on a mission to seduce will do whatever it takes, including offering his woman a no-holds-barred weekend of sex, even a ménage with a friend, to prove he’ll fulfill her every sexy need… 

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