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A Question…
Sunday, November 19th, 2017

My dd and I had a long, two-day drive from Arkansas to Virginia, so we had tons of time to ponder what’s wrong in the world. One segment of our two-day conversation had to do with Blake Sheldon being named “Sexiest Man Alive”. No, we don’t begrudge Blake his honor, but it began a rather fierce discussion regarding who our personal choices would be. Names like Brad Pitt, Jason Momoa, Ryan Reynolds, and Steve Buscemi (hey–ex-NYC firefighter!) were considered. We finally agreed on Idris Elba!

BTW, has anyone seen the movie The Mountain Between Us? I’ve been dying to!

So, let’s keep today’s question easy. You’ve probably already had this discussion with your bestie. Think about just one…

Who is your personal choice for Sexiest Man Alive?

Happy Birthday!
Saturday, October 14th, 2017

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!…

Today, my sister, Elle James, and my grandmother, Gladys,  share a birthday! Elle’s age, I’ll skip, but grandma’s an amazing 98 years old! Sis is flying in to celebrate. We’ll have cake and gifts. So, I’ve been up since before the crack of dawn to get some work done! I know, it’s a sickness. Write, write, write…

So, if you have time, be sure to buzz by Elle’s Facebook page or leave a message here! If living with Grandma has taught me anything, we have to celebrate every day like a victory!

My Little Warriors (Contest)
Thursday, October 12th, 2017

UPDATE: The winner is…Stephanie!

* * * * *

When I sat down to write my blog, I didn’t have a clue what it would be about. When I’m in Promo Ho mode, it’s easy. I tell you about a book, offer you a tease, and I’m out. When I’m not in Promo Ho mode, I have to think. Gah.

So, this morning, with only one desk light lit, I glanced around for inspiration. Of course, my jumble of junk, on both sides of my monitor, drew my attention. At first, I was just admiring that my oak desk was dusted. My dd did that for me. And she arranged my treasures the way she saw fit. Since they weren’t put back exactly as I had them arranged, they look “new” to me. Yes, that’s King Kong peeking out from behind my crystal ball. Harley Quinn is on the right, and you can see her blue pigtail on the left. I love me some Harley. I’m not a My Little Pony person, but the 8-year-old knows I collect toys, so she gave me one of her favorite ponies. Now, it’s going to be there forever, guarding my bamboo plant.

There’s a piece of a shabti—that Egyptian head in the background, and yes, it’s the real deal. The fragment came from some ancient person’s tomb. And you probably can’t make out the bronze piece in front of it, but that’s a bunny rabbit broach from ancient Scythia—which is purportedly where the legend of the Amazons came from.

I have a piece of smooth, square stone that looks like a piece of Tootsie Roll, and that’s the only reason it’s sitting here instead of my bowl of rocks in my living room. A gift from the same 8-year-old, again. She knows I like weird.

See the little grouping of miniature figures at the center of the pic? Those are my Night at the Museum pieces. Not long after I first saw that movie, I was visiting a friend in town who owns a consignment shop, and those little guys were arranged across the top of her checkout stand. Well, of course, they had to come home with me. There’s a Plains Indian, a knight in armor, a Zulu, a Roman, and Napoleon Bonaparte. I’m sure my dd cussed about moving around all my little bits to dust. Especially these tiny pieces. But they are my companions. And I talk to them. Especially when it’s still dark outside. I keep hoping they’ll come to life and wage battle on my desktop.

So, tell me. Do you have cluttery junk on your desk or work area at home? Do you “collect” little inspirational trinkets? Comment for a chance to win a $5 gift card from Amazon!

Puerto Rico needs us…
Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

I know, I know. The folks in Houston and Florida need us, too. But they have some advantages Puerto Rico doesn’t—like a president who cares about their votes (Puerto Ricans can’t vote in the presidential election) and transportation connectivity. I know there are wildfires, earthquakes…horrible, apocalyptic devastation going on in several places in our country and the world, but after watching the news coverage of elderly and disabled, homebound people near death due to heat, lack of water, lack of dialysis and insulin, I have to add my voice. These are Americans, folks. They need us. Read about the crisis here if you aren’t a newshound like me and don’t know what’s happening: News about PR

My simple message today—if you can, give.

Check out this link for vetted places to donate: Puerto Rican Relief 

Kat Henry Doran: Paying It Forward
Friday, August 11th, 2017

A little over a year ago I had one of my short stories published with a series called Candy Hearts and released by the Wild Rose Press. Each story in the series revolved around Valentines Day, and each had to contain reference to the heart-shaped sugar candies with the goofy sayings on them like: Love U Forever; Be Mine; Take Me, I’m Yours. You get the picture. My story was titled For Keeps and it was a lot of fun to write.

When it came time to promote the story, the other Candy Hearts authors were willing to visit my blog but they only wanted to give me what they called a Media Kit. If I wanted to visit their blogs to promote For Keeps, I had to supply a Media Kit. Known among my friends and family as the Woman Who Needs to Get Out More, I had no clue what to do and was ready to hang it up.

So I asked and one of the authors very kindly showed me how to create a Media Kit. Step by step, cut and paste, be imaginative, she said. And whaddya know, it worked. Within one year I was teaching others how to create a Media Kit for each of their books. I call that Paying It Forward.

Now we come to Twitter, Tweeting and other similar social communication which do not involve dialing a phone. Up until six months ago I had no clue what Twitter or Tweeting meant, beyond a classroom of giggling eight year-olds who recently discovered Justin Timberlake or that man-child Bieber person. Okay, I’ll admit to hearing about tweeting when I tuned into Mike & Mike on ESPN every morning. These two guys tweet their . . . posteriors off several times a day. And it works—for them. Not me, I swore. I’d swallow my tongue before I did this “at hash tag whatever”. Like that’ll work.

Then I was invited to join a group of six authors to create stories for a box-set anthology set in a casino-resort near Niagara Falls in Western New York. One of the rules was each participating author was expected to tweet often, like daily. Okay okay, I grumbled. I’ll do this if I have to. If it kills me. I researched, I practiced, I learned. Now I’m helping others tweet. Wahoo. Let me tell you, I can re-tweet anyone’s butt off.

Facebook? Learned that one, sort of, after much trial and error. Then passed it on.

Pinterest? That, I learned, is soooo much fun, just like friends had been telling me for years. I now have Pinterest boards for each of my books, and I’m scheduled to present an on-line course in the value of creating Pinterest boards—not just for authors but for anyone interested.

By far, the best Paying It Forward concept I now employ is making seat belt cushions for patients who undergo chest surgery [mastectomies, pacemaker insertions, PICC line insertions for chemotherapy]. What began as a simple survival technique to stop the whining from the back seat, “this strap hurts my neck, Nana. Can’t I take it off?” evolved into helping others infinitely less fortunate than I.

Paying It Forward. It works for me.

Hey, you never know.


I love to hear from readers.

You can find me at:

my blogs:

Thanks for inviting me to stop by, Delilah. I appreciate it very much!


What a day!
Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

So, I have this goal every year that I won’t miss a single day posting something new on this blog. It’s maybe a silly goal, but a girl has to shoot for something. Anyway, I was up so dang early today—5:45—that I didn’t get a chance to post before I left because I had to get to my dd’s. I promised myself I’d post once I got there, but then I was covered up in kids and dogs, and I only got home a few minutes ago. So, here I am!

Some of you may remember the 7-year-old, now 8, who’s had cancer in her leg twice. Well, today was her latest six-month check-up, which was why I was holding down the home front while my daughter zoomed up to Little Rock for her appointment at Children’s Hospital. After the last time her cancer appeared, she had her tibia removed and replaced with a donor bone. Then it was filled with her own bone material in hopes it would grow with her. The center of the top of the bone filled in nicely, but the ankle area wasn’t progressing as well. Today, the doctor says there’s been progress—slow, yes, but enough so that when she goes to school next week, she doesn’t have to be in a wheelchair. She’ll wear a “clam cast”—one she puts on and takes off—to protect her, and she’ll use a cane, but she’s on her feet! Which also means she’ll be able to ride the bus—something she’s yearned to do.

That’s my “real life” news. Tomorrow, I’m hoping to remain at my desk long enough to get some actual writing done. We’ll see. There’s always something.

And don’t forget. I posted a contest yesterday. It’s still open, so be sure to check it out. And tonight after midnight, Reined In releases! So be sure to get your copy! Good night and thanks for all your support! This tired woman’s heading to bed. ~DD

Back in the saddle… (Contest–3 winners!)
Saturday, July 15th, 2017

UPDATE: The winners are: Confused, Brenda Gremli and Michelle!

* * * * *

Today marked the end of my weeklong writer’s retreat with Cynthia D’Alba, Parker Kincade, and my sister, Elle James. :( We’ve had a terrific, productive time! Thanks, ladies, for including me!

I didn’t make huge word counts on anything. But I did make progress on some things I probably wouldn’t have tackled…um, this year…or maybe ever. We’ll see how those “things” pan out.

In the meantime, I hope you noticed that I re-released Four-Gone Conclusion. Yes, I know, we all NEED more cowboy-brothers who love to gang-bang the love of their lives stories, right? I hope I met your kinkiness requirement. There are three more refurbed stories to release.  When I’m done, be sure to let me know if you want more new stories. If you’re silent, I’ll move on to something else you might love. I take requests, you know. Why else am I writing stepbrother SEAL installments?

As I settle back into my office, do my laundry, visit with the kids, I’m gearing up to finish the first of the Montana Bounty Hunters stories. I loved introducing the agency in my two recent Uncharted stories, Big Sky SEAL and Head Over SEAL—same couple featured, by the way! (Love those covers! Thanks, sis!)


I see bounty hunter stories everywhere. I’m like that. I get stuck on a theme, and I can’t let go! Here’s hoping you get stuck on my bounty hunters, too!

And because I’m back home, catching up on mail, laundry, playing with my cat and babies, and getting pruny in the pool, because I’ve missed it so much, I want to run a contest. It’s simple. All you have to do is comment below and tell me what you’re most wanting to see me write. Have fun with it. You can suggest silly things or serious things. I don’t care. I just love your input and our interactions. Have a great weekend! ~ DD

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