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Sharon Hamilton: Getting the Deets right, or not!
Friday, July 22nd, 2016

shSharonHamilton_Alex_HRJust came back from a convention and had the opportunity to hang around some of my great military writer friends, some of whom also write Navy SEAL romances. First, let me start by saying that writing romance is writing fiction. These stories need to have enough truth in them to be believable, but they are all made up stories, at least mine are.

One of the things buzzing around was a question of Navy SEAL medics, and whether or not they were actually SEALs. There was a former SEAL who served in the 1960’s who said they were not. A whole room full of people I’m sure took notes.

The truth is, and I corrected him privately, the SEALs are changing every year, every few months. What was “gospel” at one time is no longer valid now. So when the discussions come up about what’s accurate and what’s not, it depends on your point of view as far as dates of service, and it also depends on the story. Publishers can get misinformation and their editors can actually question certain truths they have been mislead by. I heard examples of it this weekend.

But the fact remains, Navy SEAL medics today are deployed to all 10 SEAL Teams. They are also trained in all the other specialties, so that if one falls, another can take up the post. Marcus Luttrell was one, tells about it in his book, Lone Survivor. In the Vietnam era, when the SEALs were new, they lacked medics to help these guys because they were losing them on the field before they could get to the hospital. Many were retired as “SEALs” but never went through the BUD/s training.

Now it is different. But books written years ago, might reflect the old “rules” if I can say that.

So, if someone starts blogging or speaking about certain things not being factual or accurate in a writer’s SEAL story, just walk away. There are much more productive ways to determine if a writer is your favorite. We all do the best we can. Movies get it wrong. TV gets it wrong every day. Publishers get it wrong. Editors get it wrong. Writers get it wrong. But this is fiction.

About Sharon Hamilton

Smiling Sharon in RedSharon Hamilton is a NYT and USA/Today bestselling author most known for her SEAL Brotherhood series.

A lifelong organic gardener, Sharon lives with her husband in the Wine Country of Northern California, where most of her stories take place. When she’s not writing, she’s getting verra verra dirty in the mud, or wandering Farmer’s Markets looking for new Heirloom varieties of vegetables and flowers.

Her latest release is Band of Bachelors: Alex.

Paige Tyler: Strong Silent SEAL
Monday, July 18th, 2016

I’m so excited to share my newest release with you, STRONG SILENT SEAL, Book 2 in my SEALs of Coronado Series!

ptStrong Silent SEAL Teaser 1

The hero is Navy SEAL Logan Dunn, a hunk who has a body worthy of a Greek god despite his love of junk food. He’s not necessarily looking for a relationship, but when he meets wedding planner Felicia Bradford, he considers changing his mind despite the fact she’s holding him at gunpoint!

ptStrong Silent SEAL gold

He does what any Navy SEAL would do—he saves the girl and takes out the bad guys.

Wedding planner Felicia Bradford is in trouble. Mercenaries are holding her sister hostage and threatening to kill her unless Felicia helps them steal top secret information from the Navy’s Special Operations Headquarters. Having no other way to access the base, she pulls a gun on the first man in a Navy uniform she finds, demanding he get her through the gate.

Navy SEAL Logan Dunn just got back from a mission in Syria and is looking for a little down time to relax. That plan goes out the window when a beautiful woman shoves a gun in his back and begs him to do something he can tell she clearly doesn’t want to do. Logan does what any Navy SEAL would do in the same situation—he saves the girl and takes out the bad guys.

But their actions that day kick off a crazy chain of events, including a fast-burning whirlwind romance, an out-of-control sister, an insane covert plot involving a defecting Russian pilot, a mercenary bent on revenge, and a sunrise wedding for a bride who never wakes up before noon.

Getting through her sister’s kidnapping will look like a piece of cake compared to what comes next.






All Romance eBooks 


M. L. Doyle: Limited Partnerships
Friday, July 15th, 2016

Thanks for allowing me a chance to be a guest blogger, Delilah! It gives me an opportunity to gush a bit about how much I love summer!

It’s almost a hundred degrees where I live, which means things are hot and not in a good way. What is it about the hot weather that makes me want to move as little as possible, pick up a book and sink into something sexy and stimulating?

As a kid, summer meant no school which also meant more time to read. My mother and I used to swap books all summer long, passing mysteries, horror stories, literature and fantasies back and forth, recommending what to read and what to avoid. I knew any book she enjoyed, I would probably enjoy too.

She’d often close a book having just finished it, then drop it in my lap. “A good one,” she’d say.

“What’s it about?”

“Just read it.”

And I would.

We’d traded all of Jane Austin’s novels and loads of British gothic romance. We even read Peyton Place by Grace Metalious. I think we started to stray apart, as far as romance was concerned, after we read Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann. I became completely hooked on Susann’s books, gobbling them up as soon as they hit the shelves, but my mom grew tired of them, or at least she never admitted to me that she waited breathlessly for the next one to hit the library.

It amuses me now to remember all of the bodice rippers I read. The first might have been a Kathleen E. Woodiwiss novel, like The Flame and the Flower or Ashes in the Wind. I don’t remember which, but after I read one, I was off to the races.

I added romance to my list of genres I loved without really sharing my new love with my Mom. I still read mystery and horror and fantasy. Hell, a good book is a good book, but romance became my guilty pleasure—one I, unfortunately, didn’t share with her, or at least, not that she would admit to anyway.

Now, each time I publish a new book, I can’t help but wish my mother were around to read it. She passed a couple of years before my first co-authored memoir was published. I know she would have enjoyed my mysteries and even the urban fantasy I’ve published since she always loved a strong female lead. But I have to wonder how she would feel about the romance.

My Limited Partnerships series is a long way from the tame Jane Austin stories or even the Kathleen E. Woodiwiss bodice rippers, but maybe my mother’s tastes would have … matured the way mine have. I will never know for sure. I can only hope she would have read it, then closed it and said, “It’s a good one.”


mdLP-OMNI-ebook over-no-bleeds


Limited Partnerships – Omnibus, by M. L. Doyle

When a woman calls on Limited Partnerships, she expects to be in control. Some end up getting far more than they bargained for.

“The modern woman makes more money and is more powerful than ever before. They don’t always have the time to date, to do what it takes to maintain a relationship, but they still want and need company. And let’s face it. They need sex. Sex with someone who can make them feel desired above all others.” – Beth, owner and proprietor of Limited Partnerships.

The Limited Partnerships Omnibus—four novellas featuring Beth’s most desirable employees.

Limited Partnerships – Charlie,

Limited Partnerships – Wolf,

Limited Partnerships – Luke and

Limited Partnerships – Derek. Or get all four in the Omnibus edition.

About the Author

mdMary's Author photosm croppedM. L. Doyle aimed to prove her brother wrong when she joined the Army on his dare. Almost two decades later, she not only confirmed that she could, contrary to his warning, make it through basic training, her combat boots took her to the butt-end of nowhere and back countless times and she lived to tell about it … or write about it as it turned out.

Unafraid of genre jumping, Mary has co-authored two memoirs, a three-book mystery series, a four-novella erotic romance series, and has just published the first book in a planned urban fantasy series.

A native Minnesotan, Mary lives in Baltimore where her evil cats force her to feed and care for them including cleaning up their poo. To escape from her torture, Mary loves to hear from readers. Checkout her website where you can read excerpts of all of her work.

Lizzie Ashworth: Caerwin & Marcellus (Contest)
Thursday, July 14th, 2016

laher brother's voice

Hello Delilah followers! Lizzie Ashworth here. I’ve got a quiz with prizes for you today.

What is mid-July good for?  A few summer luxuries close to my heart include homemade ice cream, ice cold watermelon, tall drippy glasses of iced tea, and quiet hours in a shaded place with a book!

But don’t forget sweaty sex. Until air conditioning became standard in American homes after the mid-20th century, summer meant fans, shade trees, and doing as little as possible. But who could skip sex with those cotton t-shirts sticking to your skin and hunky men running around without any shirt at all? Even late at night, summer brought slippery sliding sex to those rumpled sheets.

The quiz? What do you think mid-July is good for? Reply in the comment section with your idea of what this hot humid time of year is good for and your name will go into the hat for a drawing. Two winners will be announced on July 20. And the prize is…your paperback copy of my latest novel, Caerwin & Marcellus, Book II of Caerwin’s story. (This offer is good only in the continental United States.)

I’m running a limited time offer during the pre-release period for Caerwin & Marcellus (Book II). Until July 20, Book I Caerwin and the Roman Dog is reduced to 99¢. If you haven’t read it, grab it now. Book II is also discounted to $2.99. These two great novels complete Caerwin’s story at prices you won’t see again.

Travel back in time to experience firsthand the conquest and glory of ancient Rome! Pick up these books and read your way through this breathtaking saga of brutal warfare, BDSM rough sex, and tender romance that grows in the wake of devastation.

An ambitious Roman commander captures a fiery maid of Britannia and forces her to his will. A story of conquest and love set in the glory days of empire, their struggle to meet each other’s needs and expectations exposes the underbelly of Rome’s legal system, its dependence on slavery, and sexual secrets from Marcellus’ past. Can young Caerwin survive daunting challenges to her womanhood?

laCaerII cover ebookBook I

Book II

Gemma Juliana: Letterbox Love Stories Volume I
Monday, July 11th, 2016


I’m delighted to share my excitement with you today about my newest release, Abandoned Treasures. It is one of nine stories in an anthology where each novelette is set in an exotic European location, and each story begins with a letter.

Sardinia is a beautiful Italian island in the Mediterranean with an ancient culture of its own. In recent years, an area known as the Costa Smeralda, or Emerald Coast, has become a playground for the European and international jet set. This is where the hero, Rico di Carlo, makes his home.

Sophie Hayes lives in Las Vegas and is a celebrity in her own right. She’s so good at buying and reselling the contents of storage units abandoned by others, she now stars in her own cable TV show.

But Sophie has a secret. When she touches or holds an object, she tunes in by way of psychometry, a form of extrasensory perception, and information is revealed to her about the item or the person it belonged to.

This special gift can be a curse as well as a blessing, as she discovers when she gets a full blown vision of her fiancé entwined in the arms of another woman.

When a French antique escritoire is found in a storage unit with little else of value, the secret it conceals becomes a catalyst that gives Sophie a life-changing opportunity, if she can overcome her self-doubts.

Rico di Carlo is a reclusive world-famous businessman who lives on the enchanted island of Sardinia. He’s been watching Sophie Hayes on her cable TV show for months because she’s the first woman he has been drawn to since his wife died.

As fate conspires to bring them together in the strangest of ways, Sophie accepts his invitation to spend what would have been her honeymoon week as Rico’s guest.

Will one week be enough time for Rico to convince her to stay with him in Sardinia forever?



LETTERBOX LOVE STORIES VOLUME I is available for a limited time only at $0.99 and can be found on all major e-book platforms. Check out our fabulous Book Trailer here:


Universal Amazon Link:

Barnes and Noble:

ARe Romance Books:








Yahoo Group for AUTHORS and READERS:


Gemma derives great joy from creating playing matchmaker in the love stories she writes, where two hearts end up beating as one. She enjoys adding the extra spice of international settings to her stories. Gemma has traveled the world and now lives with her true love in a cozy Texas cottage along with their teen son and a crafty dog who rules them all. Her muse is nourished with the finest creativity fuel – chocolate and coffee.

Author Links:

N.J. Walters: Summer Fun
Sunday, July 10th, 2016

I remember the summers from when I was a kid. I’d spend the days outside running wild around the neighborhood with my friends. We’d run through the sprinkler on the lawn, play jump rope and hopscotch. We’d play tag at night when the sun went down and stay out as late as we could, only going home when our mothers stood on the front steps and called our names.

There were homemade popsicles, barbecues, and laughter. There were days spent visiting family in other towns. I’d often sneak off to the beach to wander. There were bubbles and marbles and made-up games.

On rainy days we’d play with our dolls under the veranda on the front porch of my house. I remember my father coming home from work and stepping over us on his way to the front door.

There were also comic books. There was no bookstore where I grew up, but my father would take us to the drugstore every Sunday and buy my sister and I a comic—Archie, Richie Rich, Little Lulu, and Casper when we were younger. We also had Classic Illustrated and Classic Illustrated Junior comics. I wish I still had those. As I grew older I started reading the Boris Karloff and other “horror” comics. I also read the romance comics as well. Never got into the superhero ones, but my sister was a big fan of Wonder Woman.

I credit my father with my love of reading. We always had magazine subscriptions coming to our home—Humpty Dumpty, National Geographic, Reader’s Digest, Newsweek, Time, and more. I read many of his Louis L’Amour westerns. I loved The Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, and Trixie Beldon. I stopped reading for a few years and picked it up again in my early twenties. Then I discovered romance novels and my life would never be the same.

If you’re looking for a good book to read in the hammock in the backyard, check out Wolf in his Heart, the latest book in my Salvation Pack series.

Wolf in his Heart


He’s a wolf where it counts—in his heart and in her bed.
Salvation Pack, Book 7

Exiled from her wolf pack for rejecting her parents’ choice for a mate, Rina Matheson has been on her own for over a year. Now she’s running for her life from a man who knows what she is and is obsessed with hunting her down.

Sage Gallagher—organic farmer, half-breed werewolf, and member of the Salvation Pack—finds more than a lost hiker while camping in the Great Smoky Mountains. So much more. Instant attraction slams through him with knee-buckling power the minute he sees Rina. His first instinct is to get her home where he and his pack can protect her.

Rina doesn’t trust easily. Especially not half-breeds, who she was raised to consider abominations. But Sage’s quiet strength calls to her lonely soul, and amazingly enough, her wolf responds. As he slowly works his way past her guard, she is soon in danger of losing her heart—even as danger draws closer to taking her life.

Get your copy here:
Samhain Publishing:
Barnes & Noble:

About the Author

N.J. Walters is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who has always been a voracious reader, and now she spends her days writing novels of her own. Vampires, werewolves, dragons, time-travelers, seductive handymen, and next-door neighbors with smoldering good looks—all vie for her attention. It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to live it.

Visit me at:
Facebook Author Page:

Robin Lovett: Racing To You
Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

Four things I love: croissants, France, the sea, and sexy athletes in spandex. So… why not have all those in a book? Why not indeed, and here it is. From the south of France, complete with pain au chocolate, a seaside view and pages full of ultra-fit professional cyclists in spandex, RACING TO YOU is a sexy summer read that will transport you on a European vacation without the cost of a plane ticket.

Bon voyage and happy reading!


Love—the one roadblock they never expected.

Aurelia is living her dream, teaching for a year in the south of France. Except it’s all going wrong. The carefree culture is challenging her academic goals, and her students are so difficult that she wants the unthinkable: to give up and go home.

Meeting Terrence doesn’t help. When he’s not training for the Tour de France, the cocky pro cyclist is flirting with Aurelia, but she didn’t cross an ocean to hook up with an American jock, even if he does have killer dimples and looks hot in spandex.

Until the jock sets out to prove he’s more than mere muscle. He wants to teach her what having fun really means, which could be as dangerous to her structured life as it is to her heart.

As life hits unexpected roadblocks, they turn to one another for support, and flirtation becomes game-changing love. But Terrence is chasing his dream of being the fastest man on two wheels, and she isn’t sure how far he’ll go to win…or how far she’s willing to follow.

Warnings: Includes a hopelessly romantic hero, a guilt-free sex proposition, a lot of orgasms and, of course, croissants.


The American guy shifts his feet, and his thigh contracts, bulges, like the muscle beneath the spandex is a singular living thing. It puckers around his knee cap. A physical manifestation of explosive power.

My cappuccino cup suspends in mid-air, all pretense of drinking it gone. I’m not someone who goes starry-eyed over guys. They’re just muscles. He’s just a man, but I can’t seem to help my gaze shifting upward, crossing over his crotch, where if I look too closely, I’ll notice things I don’t want to. Or I do want to. My throat works, and I might be turning scarlet, but the dizzying pizzazz of his uniform draws my eyes up and up.

I reach his face, and I jolt.

His light-brown eyes glow like amber, and one winks at me. “Do you speak English, sweetheart?” He has this dimple that divots in one cheek. If he were in a museum, I’d stare at him all day.

Maybe if I don’t respond, he’ll think I really am French and don’t understand his English. Unlikely. I’m totally missing the French je ne sais quoi. I’m not stylish, I’m not skinny, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t affect their suave manner. And since my parents are Filipino, add in my skin and features… Not many people mistake me for French.

Wait, he called me “sweetheart”. I am not sweet. I cement my eyes back to my book and mutter, “Go away, sweetheart.”

“Is that a yes?”

Damn it. I need my “social leper” sign. It doesn’t matter if I want to talk to him; my propensity to say the wrong thing has gotten me laughed at more than once.

The barista tattles on me. “Elle est américaine.” His thin lips stretch in a wry smile.

“Really?” The jock walks toward me. His shoes clap on the floor, but his swagger is louder, with more cockiness and attitude than a star footballer.

My heart lurches into panic mode.

He stops in front of me and rests his helmet against his hip. “What’re you reading?” He gestures with his espresso cup at my book.

I need relief from the nerves fusing in my gut. “Leave me alone.”

Jeers come from his teammates by the door. “Braker burns,” one says.

Braker. That’s a weird name.

He watches me, like he’s waiting for me to say more. The need to speak with someone from the same country as me wings like a caged bird in my chest. I want to say, “I’m Aurelia. Where are you from? What’s with the bike riding?”

His finger doodles on the page of my book, soft and swirling. It’s such a man’s hand, even his knuckles are muscular. “All right, Frenchie,” he says with mock forlorn.

“Frenchie?” My eyes flip up.

His lips curve in a smile so contagious that mine lift like he’s tugging them on a string. It’s been a long time since I smiled, as in full-face, cheek-bending, real deal smiled.

It somehow unravels my tongue. “How come you’re not having a croissant?”

“They’re good, huh?” He licks his finger and glides it over the crumbs on my empty plate. The leftover flakes stick to his finger. He sucks them into his mouth.

He has a mouth. And lips. Delectable and soft.

Duh, of course he has a mouth. My brain is pudding.

“Braker, let’s ride,” his friend says up front.

His eyes travel my face, like he’s searching for something. “See you tomorrow.” Then, with a wide walk and clapping shoes, he follows the other cyclists out the door.

About the Author

rl2CaptureRobin Lovett writes sexy contemporary romances, and Racing To You is her debut through Samhain Publishing. Her next series, Bad Boys of Blackmail is scheduled for release the summer of 2017 through SMP Swerve.

She enjoys writing romance to avoid the more unsavory things in life, like day jobs and housework. To feed her coffee and chocolate addictions, she loves overdosing on mochas. When not writing with her cat, she’s busy embracing untamable curly hair, cycling with her husband or adventuring in the outdoors with a laptop in her bag and a book in her hand.

You can add Racing To You to your TBR Goodreads list or add it directly to your Kindle. Other purchase links and more sexy excerpts from her book are available on her website She loves to chat on Twitter @LovettRomance, and you can find her every Sunday evening with other romance writers at #RWChat. She’s also on Facebook