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Monica Corwin: The Pressure of A Series End (FREE BOOK and Excerpt)
Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

First, I’m going to spill the tea on myself. I published On a Red Horse, the first book in my Paranormal Romance Series titled Revelations, back in 2015. On a Pale Horse, the fourth and final book in the series, just released here in 2021. For a traditional publication this schedule wouldn’t be so uncommon…but for the indie market where readers value quicker turn out from their favorite authors, it’s ages.

I’d like to say I don’t know what happened to make me stall out so hard on OAPH, but I found the last book in the series to hold so much pressure. It started by re-reading the other books and marking them up by category (plot loops I needed to close, random character descriptions I’d forgotten) and by the time I sat down to work on OAPH I sort of froze up. Information overload. Sadly, a common occurrence with ADHD suffering folks like myself.

I’d put so much pressure on finishing the book, on getting it done, that I tricked my brain into thinking it was a much more momentous task than it really turned out to be. Will my readers love the end? Dang I hope so. Will this happen to me again? Probably. Can I overcome it? Absolutely.

We live in unprecedented times right now. No matter where you stand in the world things are not running at your usual normal. So I wanted to take a tiny moment to give you permission to extend yourself some grace. Give yourself a hug, make yourself some tea, and know that when accomplishing something is difficult, take a minute and you’ll figure it out.

And cue segue into talking about OAPH. In this book, Hades (yes that one you are thinking of) wants to move his relationship to the next level with his long-time partner, Death (the horseman of the apocalypse – but she’s a lady). So, against a backdrop of lots of end of the world shenanigans, Hades enlists the help of Death’s (Cloris’s) ex-girlfriend, Persephone. And obviously, sparks fly all around.

See what I did there…I needed to finish my book…Hades needed to finish er…well…anyway.

Here’s a bit of an excerpt for you to try out…

Hades made coffee with shaking hands. They quaked so hard; he had to press them into the cold granite countertop to steady himself. He would have finished it with Cloris last night. He wanted to. He needed her in a way he couldn’t express. And yet, she still held back, still feared hurting him, or that he might equate her with Hel. He swallowed the flash of images that rose to his mind at the thought of Hel’s name and focused intently on making his espresso.

He hadn’t been able to stop the flashbacks, but he was learning to deal with them. A couple years ago, he even started therapy, but not a soul knew that other than his therapist. They’d been working through his imprisonment. Obviously, he’d changed the story for a human audience, and it had been helping. Now he couldn’t figure out how to convince Cloris he was ready for her. And he feared making her wait a thousand years for him had threatened whatever future they might have together.

Moments like this made him want to be human.

People’s reactions to him unsettled him, and Cloris had stopped reacting to him within weeks of them being locked together as horseman and seal. So, he could barely get a read on her in any situation. Hell, she could have stopped wanting him ages ago and simply maintained a façade to avoid conflict. Cloris would fight when it came down to it, but she did not enjoy conflict. If Cloris got involved, it would be to put a stop to whatever was going on.

Charon, the middle-aged, hulking former boatman, shuffled into the kitchen in his bunny slippers, and Hades handed him a mug. “I already made it,” he said, pointing to the pot.

Charon narrowed his eyes at him

“What? I can make coffee,” Hades said in a huff.

The man stood and waited, and when Hades poured the coffee, Char gave a satisfied nod before wandering away. Charon had nowhere to go once the Underworld changed into Hel’s realm. He considered himself a servant of Cloris and Hades, but they never saw him that way. Occasionally, he’d play security at the club since his shoulders were the width of most doorframes and his height unsettled most. Other than that, they left him to his devices, which included Netflix binges of Gilmore Girls and reading Manga.

It was a simple arrangement. Cloris entered the kitchen past Charon and squeezed his arm on the way. She stopped dead in front of Hades and eyed his hand holding the coffeepot.

“Did you make that or did Charon?”

Hades suspected they didn’t like his coffee. “Charon did.”

She raised one perfect eyebrow, calling him out on the lie without a word.

“Fine. I did. What’s wrong with my coffee?”

“Nothing at all, My Love.” She grabbed his mug off the counter and took a sip. “One just needs to brace for impact when drinking it.”


The Revelations Series is now complete and Books One through Three are all on sale until the end of the week. The first book is FREE!

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✨Book Four ✨ On a Pale Horse

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Thank you and don’t forget to take a moment to breathe!

24-Hour Giveaway!
Tuesday, December 29th, 2020

This giveaway has closed!

I have several books that I’ve had out on a book giveaway site for a while now. I’m getting ready to close those giveaways out—TOMORROW.

So, if you don’t already have these stories, go download them now!
Just click on the covers of the stories you want!


Wet Down Unbridled

Short Stories

Red Dawn

The Gift (FREE Story & Open Contests)
Monday, December 28th, 2020

I can’t believe I forgot to post this notice on this page. I did post on the Collections site and put out FB and Twitter notes to advertise the new story, but for some reason, probably the holiday “fugue”, I didn’t post it here. But it’s never too late to pick up your copy of this holiday story!

Love in Lockdown: The Gift by January George!

Download your FREE copy of the latest installment of the Love in Lockdown story, THE GIFT!

An ICU nurse yearns for her family at Christmas… 

The LOVE IN LOCKDOWN authors are back with another short story! This one’s written by a nurse about an ICU nurse! January George’s short story is filled with details only a healthcare worker can provide. Read it for a little look inside at the hardships these brave folks face during these challenging times.

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Lizzie Ashworth: A Holiday Gift for You! (FREE Books!)
Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020

Hi Delilah Fans!

The holiday season is always a time for raw nerves and overwrought emotions. I for one am susceptible to depression, that kind of misery that makes you want to never leave your bedroom. Maybe it’s natural that when the days are their shortest, our energy levels will sink as well. The weather is cold (for most of us), the nights last forever, and our culture’s coping skills involve spending money we can’t afford.

Over the years, I’ve found relatively inexpensive ways to celebrate the season without going to great expense. One year I solicited donations from a few friends to purchase and have delivered a new range for a neighbor with six kids and no functional oven. Other years I baked cookies and candies to share with neighbors and friends. I always try to send out Christmas cards with a short note updating friends about my past year.

This year, besides a joyful week with all three adult kids at home, cookies for neighbors, Zooming with siblings and their kids, and a nice meal for my 97-year old mom, what I’m giving you are some free stories to snuggle up with. Some are naughtier than others, but among them, I hope you find something that makes your day a little brighter. Here’s the line-up:


Holiday Journey: Follow the chance encounter of two travelers stranded in an airport just before Christmas. The attraction is instantaneous but even though he’s willing, she’s wary. Novelette Make it yours at, set your own price.

Christmas Hideaway:  Caryn hadn’t expected a snowstorm when she hid away in a remote cabin to lick her wounds. She also hadn’t expected an overbearing park ranger to confront her. But the snow kept falling and the temperature kept dropping, trapping her at his cabin. What could possibly go wrong? Novella Make it yours at, set your own price.

A Taste of Love: Senna and Teutonius, both enslaved Celts serving their Roman masters at a remote encampment in occupied Britain, manage to exchange warm greetings amid holiday duties. Short Story Make it yours at

His Only Love: An enslaved Greek, hopelessly in love with the Roman commander, finds a moment of pleasure with a slave of his own before facing the wrath of his beloved. [Explicit gay sex, BDSM.] Novelette Make it yours at

A Gift for Jarrod: A young man enters a training academy for submissives, anxious to understand his unusual desires. His Christmas couldn’t be more wonderfully unexpected. [Explicit BDSM] Novella  Make it yours at


Lizzie Ashworth

Brand New Stepbrother Romance! Open Contests with Tons of Prizes!
Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

Some of you who loved my Stepbrothers Stepping Out series of erotic short stories especially enjoyed my With His SEAL Team series within the series and nagged, er, encouraged me to write the final sequel—Sara’s and Hunter’s wedding! Well, I finally wrote it! I hope you enjoy it! It’s short, so the perfect read when you’re taking a break from all that holiday preparation! Plus, it’s only $0.99—and FREE in Kindle Unlimited. It’s packed full of naughty goodness. Sara is after all the luckiest girl in the world. 🙂

With His SEAL Team, Part 6

Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His SEAL Team 6

Tomorrow at sunrise, I’m marrying my steplover, Hunter. At long last, I’m marrying the man I’ve loved since we first met when our parents married–a dream come true.

However, one pesky question remains unanswered. I don’t know what happens after we say, “I do.” Is tonight the last time Hunter will share me with his friends, my dearly beloved playmates?

Note: This 6,400-word short story is the sixth installment of the short story series, With His SEAL Team.

Get your copy here!

If you haven’t read all of the series, check these out. They are all available for FREE in Kindle Unlimited! Just click on the cover!

Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His SEAL Team Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His SEAL Team, Part 2 Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His SEAL Team, Part 3 Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His SEAL Team - Part 4

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Rue Allyn: The Legend of Skinner Robelard (FREE Read)
Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

I am a product of the “Disney” generation and grew up on stories about Davey Crockett, Wild Bill Hickock, and Pecos Bill. One of my favorite poems, “The Cremation of Sam McGee,” is by Robert W. Service. This is a poem about one ordinary man’s herculean attempt to fulfill a promise to his dying friend. It’s a little bit creepy but very funny. I have always hoped to write a series of books about legendary characters. Some believe that legendary means ‘larger than life.’ I am not in that group. For me, a legendary character is an ordinary person achieving extraordinary things in extraordinary circumstances. Daniel Boone, for all his fame and legends, was really an ordinary man for his time who did extraordinary things.

Here’s the blurb for the first book in my Legends Series

The Legend of Skinner Robelard:  Pampered and privileged then betrayed and disowned, Elise Van Demer hides in plain sight and plots her revenge on the men who destroyed her life. With her goal in sight, she encounters a lawman from her past. Boyd Alvarez could ruin everything, and the last thing she needs is wanting some man who only wants to protect her.

His family dead and without a home, Boyd Alvarez rides the range and hunts bounties for a living. When he stumbles on Elise Van Demer his only thought is to keep her safe. He can outgun just about every man, but can he protect her from her own plans of revenge? Can he teach her that loving a man is a better dream than destroying her enemies?

You may find an excerpt: The Legend of Skinner Robelard at, or go directly to your favorite bookseller here Universal Buy Link.

About the Author

And a little bit about Rue Allyn (that’s me): Award-winning author, Rue Allyn, learned storytelling at her grandfather’s knee. (Well it was really more like on his knee—I was two.) She’s been weaving her own tales ever since. She has worked as an instructor, mother, sailor, clerk, sales associate, and painter, along with a variety of other types of employment. She has lived and traveled in places all over the globe from Keflavik Iceland (I did not care much for the long nights of winter.) and Fairbanks Alaska to Panama City and the streets of London England to a large number of places in between. Now that her two sons have left the nest, Rue and her husband of more than four decades (Try living with the same person for more than forty years—that’s a true adventure.) have retired and moved south.  When not writing, enjoying the nearby beach, or working jigsaw puzzles, Rue travels the world and surfs the internet in search of background material and inspiration for her next heart melting romance. She loves to hear from readers, and you may contact her at  She can’t wait to hear from you.

Social Media Links:
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It’s Tuesday, so of course it’s a PUZZLE-CONTEST & more!
Tuesday, November 17th, 2020

UPDATE: The winner is…flchen1!

Did that title work? I’m not very good at creating catchy blog titles. I know folks like list posts, like “10 Ways to blah-blah-blah”. But thinking of ten ways to do something sounds like I’d have to use more brainpower than I’m willing to expend for a daily blog. Of course, maybe that’s the problem. Should I be blogging every day?  Of course, I’m not doing it by myself—the posting, yes, but the content is often provided by author friends. So why am I bitching today? Because I’m dragging my feet. I don’t want to start the real work. I have a set number of pages to edit today then a set number of pages to write. I’m a little behind in NaNoWriMo, but I know I can catch up, so no fire is lighting under my considerable ass—which by the way is getting “lesser.” Meaning, I’m on a diet. I know, I know. Thanksgiving’s coming, so why now? BECAUSE THANKSGIVING IS COMING! If I don’t save some calories now, I’ll be out of my fat clothes.

I’m rambling, aren’t I? Maybe I should just spellcheck this thing and send it out into the world. Thank goodness, I have authors lined up to handle this for the rest of the week! 🙂


Solve the puzzle and tell me what’s going on here for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card!

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