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Archive for March 12th, 2008

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Short Story for British anthology
The “word meter” is just to keep me honest, and embarassed, if I don’t make great progress over the next few days.

My email is still down. And I’m frustrated about it, but today I have a handle on that. I blogged at several of my favorite author’s blogs to assuage my NEED to connect with friends. I wish I could say I’m ready to knuckle under and write for the rest of the day, but my daughter has the day off, and she insists I need new clothes for a couple of upcoming conferences, so I’m going to put myself in her hands today.

I HATE shopping. Especially, for clothes. I get hot and frustrated and hate the lighting and the way everything fits (or more precisely DOESN’T fit). Plus, I like really bright colors and she reins me in with “You look dead” comments when I try to go for yellow or a neon green. Thankfully, she loves me in red, so I know she’ll let me have at least one bright blouse while she steers me toward the blues, which she says make me look pretty.

I’d love to be able to do all my shopping online, but unless I’m ordering something loose-fitting the fit is never quite right, so I have to actually try the clothes on. Blech. I have lost a little weight since the last time I went shopping, so I’m hoping for miracles–something that isn’t in the Women’s section or with a stretchy waist.

Next weekend, Shayla Kersten and I are heading to Memphis for a research trip. I want something really sexy to wear to the clubs I know she’ll want to hit (for research, of course!). I have this awesomely wicked idea for a new story. It came to me when I was trying to fall asleep the other night. I got so creeped out I had to get up and turn on all the lights then play with my computer until I was tired enough to go back to bed. The story will be set in downtown Memphis (no Elvis sightings, I promise–that’s for another book!).

So, there’s another reason I need something new to wear. I wonder if she’ll let me buy some Naturalizer shoes. Probably not. She’s young enough to still believe fashion trumps comfort.