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Archive for March 15th, 2008

A few of my favorite things…
Saturday, March 15th, 2008

First, thanks to everyone who joined me at Access Romance’s All-A-Blog where I talked about my upcoming road trip, and the Avon Romance Blog where so many of us talked about dreaming and where our inspiration comes from. As a way of thanking you for being there for me, I drew a name. Rasha Hamdi will receive a signed copy of SEDUCED BY DARKNESS if she’ll Email Me!

I made a little poll, including my favorite hotties. Let’s see if we agree.

Who would you prefer to spend a night with? Poll Results
Scott Elrod, Men in Trees – 6 votes
Josh Holloway, Lost – 7 votes
Naveen Andrews, Lost – 3 votes
Dule Hill, Psych – 3 votes

I admit, I’m a TV junkie. Only I really don’t have time to watch a lot of shows. I TIVO everything I love, then watch them like a woman who eats chocolate–all in one luscious gobble.

I have my favorites: Psych, Monk, Men in Trees, Lost. If Eureka and Blood Ties ever come back, they’ll go to the top of my list again. So, I was wondering why I love these particular shows and figured out I really, really love the men.

In PSYCH you have two wonderful comedians, but I lean toward wanting Dule Hill more because he’s so put upon, and so very, very fine. If you ever saw the movie HOLES, you’d fall in love with him.

Tony Shaloub’s MONK would make me want to commit murder, so I’m not the least attracted to him, but I have to watch him out of morbid fascination. I love his quirks, cringe right through them, and I love the “And this is what happened” summation moment in every show. But he doesn’t make my hottie list.

MEN IN TREES is my new favorite. Anne Heche is great. The ensemble cast loveable. I want to move to Elmo, Alaska! Even if the concept of a New York writer settling in a small Alaskan town doesn’t appeal to you, glimpses of Scott Elrod will make it totally worthwhile.

Then, of course, there is LOST. The show totally exhausts me. I’m ready for it to end. I’m dying to find out what the ultimate mystery is, because I’ve guessed my way through so many scenarios, I want to know if ANY of them was right. One thing the show has in spades is hot men. Daniel Dae Kim, Josh Holloway, Naveen Andrews. All drool-worthy.