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Archive for April 11th, 2008

Memphis Metal
Friday, April 11th, 2008

Progress at last! After scrapping all those pages, I made them up and more!

Okay, so I have all these pictures from my trip to Memphis. I know why I took them, but I thought it might be fun to let you see inside my head to know why these particular sights appealed to me (and let you see the wierdness that is me!).

One of the places recommended to us as providing “spookiness” by the nice folks at the Visitor’s Center was the “Metal Museum.” I wasn’t sure if it would be a bust or not, but I’m easy going, so Shayla and I headed straight there from the park (and the cop–see below!).

Approaching the museum, I told her to pull over. A number of rundown, abandoned buildings, that bordered the museum and were formerly an Army Armory, lay just off the road, with just the right amount of spookiness to call to me. We stopped to take pictures and started to banter back and forth about possible uses of a place like this in a good story.


A demon university–“Go, demons, go!”
A haunted, abandoned sanitarium for flesh-eating ghosts?
Or what a great place to stash a body or deliver a sacrifice! (Oooh! Gotta make a note)

I wished I could see it at night, imagining candle moving in windows…or a floating face!

Of course, place Shayla in front of the demolition-ready buildings, and you have inspiration for true horror! And why was she making that face? (You know she’s gonna have a comeback for this! :mrgreen:)


On to the museum, where a few pieces of art caught my imagination.


Of course, I’m thinking about the aliens in the cornfield in the movie, Signs. Maybe, not too useful for what I write, unless I have vampire aliens invading the Earth.


Here’s the stairway to nowhere…or another dimension…where demons enter and escape into their own world!


This one reminded me of an ogre attacking a chicken, until I decided he was really a Titan wrestling a vicious Gryphon. Note the size of his feet–yum! Definitely something I could use in one of my books.

Okay, so maybe they really are lame pictures, but tomorrow you’ll meet John the Trolleyman who took us on a Memphis odyssey.