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Archive for April 12th, 2008

Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the trolley…
Saturday, April 12th, 2008

First, a brag, then on to Memphis!

A Review from Whipped Cream, and 5 Cherries:
SEDUCED BY DARKNESS is much more than a sexy read. Delilah has created a complex and enthralling world of vampires and mages, shapeshifting familiars and true love, and deep entanglements of affection, honor, and duty. The supernatural in her stories is skillfully layered atop the real world – although in this novel, reality is a somber, almost post-apocalyptic image of a flooded city…Delilah manages to convey the despair of those who remained behind, and the unshakable optimism of those who work to rebuild after a catastrophe. Delilah Devlin has demonstrated once again her skill as a storyteller…let’s not forget the suspense, the fight scenes, the appealing, well-developed characters, and the tightly woven plot. As always I have only one regret after reading SEDUCED BY DARKNESS: I have to wait too long for the next book of the series.”

* * *

Shayla and I have decided that when we get that big contract, we’re moving to Memphis and buying a building that will house a bookstore/coffee shop on the bottom floor and two separate apartments on top. Something close to Beale Street, because we are in love with the downtown area. Memphis has the look and feel of a northern New Orleans–great southern food, Blues blasting into the streets from seedy bars, voodoo shops, and the Mississippi River wending its way past the city.

We went to Memphis on Easter Weekend. Not because we had any great plans for that weekend, but because I got a wild hair and HAD to get to Memphis for research. Several emails later, Shayla was more than willing to come with. Did you know she was actually my sister’s best friend in high school? We’ve known each other forever, but only reconnected after she started writing. Sharing our trials and successes has made us better friends.


Anyway, on Sunday morning, we trudged out the hotel that is only a few blocks from Beale street, looking for breakfast. We wanted to take the trolley. We waited and waited, and then finally one lone trolley rolled down the tracks and pulled up at our stop, but running the wrong way. The driver opened the door and shouted, “Ain’t no trolleys runnin’ that way ’til ten. Holiday schedule.”

He must have noted our crushed expressions (we were very hungry), because he added, “This trolley’s headin’ to the medical center, but you can ride with me and I’ll show you Memphis.”

His trolley was completely empty, and I could see another opportunity for unplanned adventure. We hopped on.

Meet John the Trolleyman.

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