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Archive for February 19th, 2009

5 Days/5 Reasons to buy it now!
Thursday, February 19th, 2009

***I reached into the bowl and came out with two names. I could hardly drop one back inside, now could I? So the following two winners will receive a $20 gift certificate: Deidre and Rasha! Ladies, please send me the email address you would like the certificate mailed to. Congratulations! The rest of you, don’t feel sad. There are still two prizes coming!***

A theme running through this entire book is BDSM. I hadn’t written serious bondage or “tools” before, so I relied on friends (thanks, Laura!) and Google to find out what I needed to know.

You’ll be the judge of whether or not I’m a good little pupil. 😉

In “Bound and Determined” Tara Toomey uses her late Rottweiler’s chain and a set of handcuffs she just happened to have in a drawer to catch sexy Cody long enough for her to have her wicked way with him. Tame stuff for this book, and I think I’ve used handcuffs a time or two before.

Deputy Joe, however, from “Breezy Ridin'” needed a serious piece of equipment to get “Sweet Sarah” Michelson’s attention (and I’m not talking about THAT piece of attached equipment, either!). He didn’t have what he needed, so he borrowed his buddy Logan’s spanking bench, and invited Logan to join in since he needed to really put Sarah to the test and break her down a bit.

The one I described in the story was built differently from the one shown here (I wish I’d saved that picture), but it’s the same concept. The person is draped over the platform, bottom and genitals exposed with their hands and maybe their ankles restrained. Logan introduced Sarah and Joe to the joy of “ripe plums” when she was strapped in—and you’ll have to read the book to get my meaning!

As you know from yesterday’s juicy excerpt, Joe enjoys the sound of leather slapping on skin. Poor, innocent little Amy gets to feel the bite of supple leather sooner than she thinks!

Logan is a Dom in search of one special partner to share his interest in all things leather and chains.

Schoolteacher’s curiosity is inflamed by one heavy-duty piece of equipment inside Logan’s playroom. Maybe I’ll share a little snippet of that scene with you tomorrow—if you’re very, very good…