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Archive for June 21st, 2009

15 Days–Summertime Contest Countdown!
Sunday, June 21st, 2009

[Check out the Summertime Contest rules on my June 19th blog! Be sure to post there, then come back here for another chance to win! Oh! And read to the end of this for the winner announcement!]

Beware the place where darkness rules and bloodlust is the ultimate aphrodisiac…

An apocalyptic storm has transformed New Orleans into a city of lawless terror—and Mikaela Jones is standing in the center of the nightmare. A beautiful, courageous journalist with a mysterious past, she sees monsters prowling all around her. But the gravest peril of all awaits Mikaela when she is taken captive by a mesmerizing male who is not mortal—a breathtaking creature who arouses the fire in her blood, making her burn for the exquisite erotic ecstasy of total surrender.

For seven centuries Alex Broussard has been waiting for the chance to free himself from the threat of the matriarchal undead society that seeks his destruction. And now, finally, that time is at hand—until the opportunity is ruined by the stunning, innocent, human interloper Alex is compelled to rescue from certain doom. Now they are joined, for good or ill, as they give in to the burning need that neither can resist—risking everything to experience the ultimate sensual release as the darkness rises all around them.


Here’s an excerpt. Mikaela thinks Alex is an ordinary Joe. She’s already had it up to her neck with vampires, and she’s relieved he came along because she’s “under the influence”…

Moonlight brightened as clouds thinned momentarily, illuminating the white-washed, latticed structure. He climbed the steps, set her on her feet in the center of the planked floor, and then pulled the cushions from the benches lining the outer walls to fashion a makeshift bed.

Miki wrapped her arms around her belly, shivering as she waited. When he’d arranged everything to his satisfaction, he finally looked back at her.

A frisson of alarm quickened her pulse. Gone was the teasing man. Now, she noted just how large he was, how his height loomed over hers, casting a long shadow. The breadth of his shoulders stretched the white, buttoned shirt he wore and didn’t disguise the thick muscles of his arms. Below, his legs, spread and braced on the wooden floor, were encased in dark trousers that hugged thickly hewn thighs.

She wondered who he really was. His hair was a little too long for a businessman. His body was too well built, too honed for a desk job. The dark intensity of his gaze had her guessing he had a more dangerous profession. Bodyguard, professional wrestler, fireman, cop.
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