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Archive for September, 2009

Pumpkin pie is off the menu!
Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth. 😮

Someone sent me the pic in an email, and I thought I’d share it since I don’t have time today to be ambitious. I’m still catching up on email, and trying to get some things wrapped up before I can share pictures from last weekend’s trip.

See you when I come up for air tomorrow!

See Delilah in Black Lace’s “Best”
Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

SEXY LITTLE NUMBERS is a choice cut of all new and original erotic stories and the latest addition to Black Lace’s immensely popular series of erotica collections. This longer collection will contain even more variety and a greater range of female sexual desire than ever before. It will be the first of an annual collection of the best general erotica stories written by women. Fun, irreverent and deliciously decadent, SEXY LITTLE NUMBERS will combine humour and attitude with wildly imaginative writing from all over the world. This will be the most entertaining erotic fiction for women to be found anywhere in the world.

Includes Delilah’s Have Sex Will Travel. From Coffee Times Romance: “…This is, by far, my favorite story in this anthology.”

Have Sex Will Travel – available today!
Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Have Sex Will Travel is the title of the story I wrote for Black Lace’s Sexy Little Numbers anthology. It’s been available since last month in the UK, but today’s the official release date in the U.S. So, if you haven’t already ordered your copy, here’s your chance!

“Sexy Little Numbers” is a choice cut of all new and original erotic stories and the latest addition to Black Lace’s immensely popular series of erotica collections. This longer collection will contain even more variety and a greater range of female sexual desire than ever before. It will be the first of an annual collection of the best general erotica stories written by women. Fun, irreverent and deliciously decadent, “Sexy Little Numbers” will combine humour and attitude with wildly imaginative writing from all over the world. This will be the most entertaining erotic fiction for women to be found anywhere in the world.


The Russian’s fingers did it for her.

As annoyed as she’d been with his arrogant set down on the train platform before they’d boarded, one look at his hands as he clutched his newspaper in front of his face and she was mesmerized, unable to drag away her gaze.

He had large hands, shaped like shovels, dark, sparse hairs sprouting below the second set of knuckles. His fingers were long—the tips blunt and thick. His nails were clean, trimmed, but not filed or buffed. He had a man’s large and capable, but unfussy hands.
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Lora Leigh's RAW–Day 4
Monday, September 28th, 2009

Gotta be quick because I have to pack!

Day 4, for me, was a little more relaxed. Had breakfast with Connie and Chris, then headed to the patio to chat.

The public booksigning for the authors wasn’t well-attended, but the authors got a chance to get autographs and snag swag. Always fun to play fan-girl to your friends!!

Last night, those of us still here in the hotel met to walk to dinner at an Italian restaurant. I don’t think Frankie D’s knew what hit them when 40-plus women descended. I sat with Crissy and Marty from Samhain, and Beth Williamson and her mom. The food wasn’t anything to rave about, but the conversation was!

Hit a little purse shop on the walk back to the hotel and found a little clutch-wallet in a glossy tangerine for my daughter. I soooo want one of my own, but I called her and told her about it so I have to give it up now!

When I got back to the hotel, I headed to the patio again and some of the ladies had wine bottles on ice and bars of dark chocolate for everyone. Heaven!

I’ll be back on line later tonight—if all goes well with the flights. Later!

Lora Leigh's RAW–Day 3
Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Or at least it is Day Three for me. I know most folks didn’t arrive until yesterday, but I’m one of those who likes to get a little rest after the travel to decompress. So I added a day before the conference to my travel plans.

Today, was the most hectic day so far.

I had breakfast with Sara B and Shirley Damsgard, whom I now adore.

The booksigning for conference attendees only was from 12-4, and it gave readers a lot of time to have the books they brought from home and those they purchased in the conference bookstore signed, along with T-shirts, bags, scrap books, etc. More pics there, but I’m too tired to upload and resize right now. All that stuff that will have to wait until I get home.

Had a late lunch with Maya Banks, Sylvia Day, Mary Wine, Tracy Wolf, Shayla Black and a reader named Ally.

Then I was back at the room getting dressed for the night’s party. I don’t do costumes. Haven’t the interest to spend time creating them, but I don’t begrudge people who do. I had the best time people-watching! The theme of the party was Saints & Sinners—so there were Catholic school girls, angels, devils, a nun and a menonite, Peg Bundy, and on and on. I took pics again, so you’ll get to see some of the folks who caught my eye until I settled down to chat with Beth and Audra.

I was good, didn’t drink—until after the party, then we flew ahead of the crowd to the bar to have a drink together. They had an early wakeup, so we couldn’t get too hammered. We did make a vow that next year we will coordinate costumes! Did I really do that? Argh! But with those two, it might actually be fun!

I wasn’t quite ready to head to bed after they went up to their room, so I wandered out to the patio. Enjoyed talking to Connie, Sara B, and Susan. (Susan, don’t worry about spilling that drink on me!) Connie’s hubby, “Ambiguous Chris”, joined us bringing beers, so I stayed a little longer than I should have. No doubt I’ll have the mother of all headaches tomorrow, but thought I’d better stay up just a few minutes longer and ramble.

On a side note, remind me to never wear my pretty gray slacks again. They are a drink magnet. I spilled water on myself at the party, had a beer and a rum and coke spilled on me by friends. Those pants are going into a plastic sack, rolled up tight, because they will stink up the rest of the clothes I have to pack tomorrow night.

Y’all probably wanted to know who won yesterday’s book, right? The winner is…Estella!

Flashback: Kili's Ice Man from Alluring Tales–Awaken the Fantasy
Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Be sure to post a comment today to be in the running for a free signed copy of this book! And before I forget, let me name the winner of Wednesday’s free download of Uncovering Navarro. The winner is…Deidre!

Released in February 2007, Alluring Tales: Awaken the Fantasy was a collection of short novellas from seven ladies who have become very close friends over the years: Sylvia Day, Lisa Renee Jones, Cathryn Fox, Myla Jackson, Vivi Anna, Sasha White and myself.


What is your most wicked fantasy?
A television executive lets loose when her favorite heartthrob strides into her office — and gives her the ride of her life.

This one night stand may be too hot to handle for a newly single woman, but that won’t stop her from enjoying every delicious second.

When a mysterious package opens to reveal an oh-so-sexy, nearly naked man, these two have no choice but to hide out…for a good, long time.

A minister’s son harbors impure thoughts about a voluptuous stripper–and sets out to make his erotic dreams come true…

A big city cop discovers that once bitten is not twice shy after spending a tantalizing night with a beautiful vampire…

A sheltered young woman opens a mysterious locket–and is plunged into a legendary battle of good versus evil to set her imprisoned lover free…

A seductive warlock will not rest until the powerful temptress he lusts for is begging to be dominated…

Pleasure beckons and satisfaction is guaranteed in seven titillating stories of love that knows no boundaries. Surrender to the passion and follow your desires into unexplored realms of sensuous delights. Awaken the fantasy!


Kili sucked in a deep breath and blinked as her eyes adjusted to white, searing sunlight. Her first glance at her vacation setting sent her stomach plummeting. Where was the desert island with the horseshoe strip of pale sand and navy sea? Sure, heat radiated off the ground in suffocating waves, but where was the cabana boy in the Speedo?

Instead, an endless savannah stretched in front of her with tall, golden grass waving in the hot breeze and gnarled, stunted trees dotting the horizon. “What the hell?”

Stones skittered behind her and she spun to find a large, male figure standing on a rocky knoll. At least the program had gotten that much right. The Ice Man’s incredible, burly physique was nude except for a furry loincloth that draped from a slender cord at his waist, leaving the sides of his tanned hips and his massive, sleek thighs bare.

The breeze ruffled his pale hair as he strode toward her, his sharp gaze sweeping down her body, a predatory gleam in his eyes.

Kili’s heart thudded and her nipples tightened, the sensitive tips pressing into supple fabric. She glanced down and noted she too wore an animal’s skin, tanned and buttery-soft. The miniscule top barely covered her breasts and was knotted between them. Another soft garment draped around her hips, and the breeze licking up her thighs revealed she was totally nude underneath the crude clothing. “Now, that’s attention to detail,” she murmured. But if this was her fantasy, why weren’t her hips slimmer?
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Lora Leigh's RAW–Day 2
Friday, September 25th, 2009

Before I get started, have you seen the new cover for my next release? Isn’t it droolworthy? And if you’re wondering what it’s all about, be sure to hit my Coming Soon page to read about it!

It’s been a busy day—starting with getting my makeup on which is always a chore. Until you don’t have to work, or work from home, you don’t know just how much time is spent on grooming! My mornings at home I usually jump out of bed and head to the computer in my jammies until breakfast, hit the pool afterward, jump into the shower, air dry my hair while I’m at the computer again, and that’s the extent. Makeup and blowdrying and trying on clothes (I hate everything I put on, but usually go back to the first thing I tried)—that’s half the freaking morning!

Sorry it’s just something I noticed today. 🙄

Saw Jacquelyn Frank at registration—she’s looking fabulous, and now I’m determined to diet when I get home. She’s thrilled with her weight loss and she should be. Had a very interesting conversation with the ladies that gathered around us about the woes of big-breasted ladies. Since I’m not, it was fascinating! Just listening to them talk about how they have to stuff it all inside a bra…and there’s a dance that goes with it, did ya know?

I went to lunch with a great group of ladies—hope I get all their names right: My pals Sylvia Day and Shayla Black, Crissy B. from Samhain, Tracy Wolf (new buddy I met today), the lovely Mary Wine, Maya Banks, and Tracy Duncan(gosh, hope I got the first name right!). Afterward we hit the Walgreens. I’m not a shopper, and I was done in about 5 minutes, but it took the rest of them another 45 minutes. I’m sooooo missing that shopping gene.

I attended a meet ‘n’ greet for the authors that Lucy Monroe hosted. Lora Leigh was there and I got a chance to talk to her for a little bit. She’s a down-to-earth lady. Lorie O’Clare was there too, and she looked so much more relaxed this year than last because she has a really great group of volunteers to help her run this thing. I swear I don’t envy her the job.

The pajama party was tonight and we had a buffet and a DJ. I don’t dance—I swear I sound like such a party pooper, but I’d much rather sit around and talk. I took some pics, so I’ll have those to share. The most fun was hanging with the ladies in the smoking area outside the hotel because we could actually hear each other.

I’m rested, feeling good. Tomorrow’s the first booksigning for the conference attendees. I’m met so many nice people here. If you’ve never come to one of these, it’s a treat for readers and writers. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and everyone loves to sit and chat.

I’m rambling. In between all the activity I am getting a little bit of work done, so I’m not feeling like a complete social butterfly. Y’all take care. I think I’ll post an excerpt of something you can win tomorrow. So don’t think that while the cat’s away and all…