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My Animal Totems
Monday, September 21st, 2009

If you’ve followed this blog for long, you know I’m always experimenting/studying alternative metaphysical and spiritual traditions. My friend Shada Royce gave a presentation at the Diamond State Romance Authors meeting on Saturday, which included something about animal totems. She sent me to Lin’s Domain to learn more. The following are the the very interesting results of my totem reading, which I did under my real name. Lin chose nine animal totems for my spirit guides, each having significance for the “directions” they guide me. There are a ton of animals she could have chosen, but look at which ones popped up.

The East totem guides you through spiritual challenges. Your East totem is:

Frog: Transformation
The frog is the totem of metamorphosis. It symbolizes coming into your personal power. It reminds us not to become bogged down with day-to-day living. It is the totem of water. Its voice calls forth the rains. Emotions are associated with water and a frog totem may be telling you to get in touch with your feelings. People with frog medicine give support and energy where it is needed. They can cleanse the negativity from an environment.

How wierd is that? You all know how much I love water—my pool, rainstorms. How many times have I chased frogs around my pool to rescue them when they can’t escape? I love to hold them, love the look of them, have froggie earrings and pins. Huh

The South totem protects the child within and reminds you when to be humble and when to trust. Your South totem is:

Coyote: Wisdom, Folly
The Coyote teaches you how wisdom and folly go hand-in-hand. In the folly of others, we see our own foolishness and we learn from their mistakes. Coyote energy is tied to simplicity and trust. It stimulates and renews innocence and reawakens a childlike wisdom in the world. A Coyote’s howl touches your soul, reminding us of our primal connections. Coyote people are very adaptive to new situations and have close-knit families, especially when children are involved.

Before I received my reading, I thought about what animals might be my spirit guides. The first that popped into my mind was the frog. The second was a dog/wolf—so coyote feels right to me! And since I’m both smart and ditzy, the wisdom/folly thing really fits.

The West totem leads on your path to personal truths and inner answers. It shows you the path to your goals. Your West totem is:

Crocodile & Alligator: Primal Energies
The Crocodile or Alligator totem contains the unbridled creative forces of the world, the fury and ferocity of Primal Energies. It is the symbol of creation and destruction. The Crocodile or Alligator is the keeper and protector of all knowledge. She is the primal mother in whom all knowledge rests and waits to be born. People with a Crocodile or Alligator totem have the opportunity to develop new wisdom but they must be careful not to be consumed by this wisdom. Study each bit of knowledge carefully before going on to the next. Care of the eyes is important for Crocodile or Alligator people. Also beneficial are breathing techniques like those practiced in Yoga. When a Crocodile or Alligator shows up look for an opportunity to touch very primal energies. There will be an opportunity for new knowledge and wisdom.

Unbridled creative forces? Primal energy? Sounds like what I write, right? Care for the eyes? Let’s see, I wear glasses, have Graves disease and have to worry about developing the accompanying eye disease. I also was recently diagonosed with a mini-stroke that blotted out part of my vision—not that I knew it!

The North totem gives wise counsel and reminds you to be grateful for each day. Your North totem is:

Horse: Travel, Power, Freedom
Horses are symbols of freedom. This totem brings new journeys. It will teach you to ride in new directions and discover your own freedom and power. Horse people are usually friendly and adventurous. If you have a Horse totem, you must ask yourself: “Am I feeling constricted? Do you need to move on or allow others to move on?” Horse will teach you how to ride into new directions to awaken and discover your own freedom and power.

I love this totem! Travel and the freedom to be me are the top reasons I’m a writer. How perfect that this tells me I’m not wrong to follow my heart!

The Above totem is the connection to the Universe. It shows you that everything has a connection and that you are never alone. Your Above totem is:

Magpie: Intelligence, Familiars, Occult Knowledge
A Magpie totem helps you use whatever metaphysical or occult knowledge you have – no matter how incomplete it may be. The flip side is that Magpie people can become jacks of all trades, but masters of none – dabbling into everything. Be careful to apply your intelligence to the task and take it to its completion. Magpies have the ability to open up the doorways to the Spirit and Fairy Realms. Magpies have been familiars to witches and if you have one as a totem, it might have been your familiar in a past life. If this is the case, Magpie will be at your side permanently, helping you as it did in the past.

Shiver time! The fact I’ve been studying the woo-woo stuff for a while means I’m following my true path again, whether I’m doing it in order to help with the world-building for my books or to discover new things about myself.

The Below totem shows you how to stay on your life path and how to stay grounded to Mother Earth. Your Below totem is:

Okapi: Silent Truth
A very difficult totem, Okapi medicine is that of silent truth. By listening and not reacting, a person with an Okapi totem can learn the truth without fear. However, this ability needs to be developed through meditation exercises. When developed, Okapi people can slip through life unseen and unheard. If undeveloped, they might appear clumsy and draw unwanted attention. They must learn to remove themselves from rigid thinking. The Okapi can also give clairvoyant abilities, for they see both the present and the near future. The Okapi’s black and white stripes are associated with spirit and form, density and light and represent polarity on the earth plane. Those who hold this medicine often carry life lessons relating to polarity. The Giraffe should also be studied since the Okapi is related to them. The Okapi expresses the concepts of “being different, uniqueness and individuality”. This is one of the Okapi’s greatest gifts. It can also draw on different energies as needed making Okapi people quite versatile in accomplishing tasks.

I’ve been told many times over the years by psychics and sensitives that I had abilities. I tend to like to funnel them into creating rather than seeing.

The Within totem is the protector of your sacred space. It teaches you how to find your life’s joy. This totem is a reflection of your inner self. Your Within totem is:

Antelope: Action, Speed, Adaptability of the Mind
Antelope teaches survival. How to avoid indiscriminate destruction of life. The Antelope signifies knowledgeable action. Antelope medicine is the knowledge of life’s circle, the knowledge and understanding of death. Through Antelope you can learn to truly live and action is the key and essence to living. If you have a problem that you cannot solve, call on Antelope and he will speak to you and set you free. Listen to Antelope, but more importantly, act. You will overcome any obstacle in your path. Antelope is the messenger of a higher purpose; he knows the way and through him, so will you. Antelope can teach clairvoyance by listening to his voice inside of you. An Antelope person is intrinsically psychic. Often it is in the form of clear-smelling – fragrances and odors will awaken this power. Mediate using a fragrance with musk in it. Trust your instincts. If a person or situation does not “smell” right, back away from it.

There she goes with the psychic stuff again. An understanding of life and death? Okay, so maybe I do in my made up worlds.

The Right totem protects your Male side and it is your Father protector. This animal carries your courage and warrior spirit. Your Right totem is:

Oriole: New Sunshine
Oriole is the symbol of approaching summer or sunshine, usually within a two-week period. An Oriole totem reflects this symbolism bringing sunshine (or positive changes) to your life and/or current projects. Oriole is associated with the Archangel Auriel who oversees all nature spirit activity on Earth. Oriole can open doorways to the nature realm and its spiritual inhabitants. Where Orioles live, fairies are usually living there also. Orioles will help you discover your own inner child and a renewed sense of joy in life.

Truthfully, since this is the male side of me, I wanted something Terminator-like. But I think I get it. Orioles are sunny, optimistic, and that’s me. I’ve never been a depressed or somber person. I smile A LOT. When someone hands me lemons I make lemonades. So maybe my strength is my optimism.

The Left totem protects your Female side and teaches you how to nurture yourself and about relationships and mothering. Your Left totem is:

Gorilla: Strength, Nobility, Generosity
A Gorilla totem is a confirmation that our endeavors are solid and steady. They remind us to stay grounded and handle our responsibilities. Gorilla helps us find our inner strength and our nobility of living, caring for our families and friends. A Gorilla totem also asks several questions: Are we too materialistic? Are we looking out for our own needs? Are we being too assertive? Gorilla can help with all of these problems if they are present.

Here’s the Terminator! On my feminine side…strength, nobility, generosity… I like that it says my endeavors are solid and steady. I like taking that to mean that once again, I’m on the right life path.

Overall, this experience was very cool. If you try it, be sure to let me know what you learned that resonated with you too!

6 comments to “My Animal Totems”

  1. heather
    · September 21st, 2009 at 7:09 am · Link

    i want one!!!!!!!!!

  2. Delilah Devlin
    · September 21st, 2009 at 8:26 am · Link

    Heather! And you should. I’m going to cut the pictures up and make up a vision board with some of the phrasing.

  3. Brandy Walker
    · September 21st, 2009 at 10:24 am · Link

    How cool. The angel card reading looks pretty neat too. I’m liking both ideas.

    I might have to check both of them out.

  4. Delilah Devlin
    · September 21st, 2009 at 1:15 pm · Link

    Brandy! It’s a fun thing to do and she’s quick about getting back to you.

  5. Fedora
    · September 21st, 2009 at 6:26 pm · Link

    How fun, Delilah! Thanks for sharing yours!

  6. Delilah Devlin
    · September 22nd, 2009 at 9:18 am · Link

    Fedora! You’re welcome!

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