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Archive for November 28th, 2009

Best laid plans…
Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Quick NaNoWriMo update: I have 44,348 words under my belt for the month of November! Almost there.

I’m bummed. Today was supposed to be a grand adventure. A trip to the woods to hunt ghosts. I bought a new lightweight backpack and spent last evening rolling a rainjacket, sweatshirt and scarf into little bundles to get them all inside. Recharged my camera batteries, replaced my red-lensed flashlight batteries. Burned copies of all the documentation I’ve accumulated about the mysterious Gurdon Lights for the rest of the team members. Highlighted a map to the site. Bought a compass in case we get turned around in the woods at night…

But our psychic’s sick. Can’t go ghosthunting without her. 😥

I had my daughter laughing on the phone this morning about all my trek-prep.

“You bought a compass? Do you even know how to read it?”

“Course I do, sweetie. I was in the Army.”

“But weren’t you the one who set a commo site up on the wrong hilltop?”

“It was a gorgeous mountain. Shaped like boobs, just like the mountain I was supposed to be on. Anyone could have made that mistake. And we had the microwave tower up in record time.”

“But the wrong damn site, mom!”

“Yeah, well we couldn’t talk to anyone, but it was gorgeous.”

“I get the compass.”

“Guess that might be a good idea, Kel. I’d hate us to go Blair Witch and get lost in the swamp with Shadow Folk trailing our butts.”

This morning her husband told her she’s getting a new digital movie camera for Christmas, so we do plan to do some filming when we reschedule our hunt. Kel told me she dreamed we went on the hunt and she was on her period and worrying about making trips into the swamp to take care of business. I reassured her that I packed tissue in my backpack because I would bring a thermos of coffee, but maybe we needed a small shovel…

Cup half full—I can spend the day writing.