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Archive for November 9th, 2009

MIK-7 Countdown: Silver Bullet
Monday, November 9th, 2009

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KNIGHT OF MY DREAMS the night before it releases!

Quick NaNoWriMo update: I hit 18,781 words yesterday! And I wrote the funniest scene I have in a long time. Ask me about it sometime—it has to do with a stripper and a set of pasties…

The sixth book in the series, Silver Bullet, released in March 2006 and introduces Max’s werewolf clan and his brother, Alec Weir. If you thought Max had a thing for vamps, just wait until you meet little brother. Be warned! This excerpt may make it seem like the sex isn’t truly consensual, but this couple has a history, and Alec understands her better than you may think, at first.


From Fallen Angels Reviews: ”…You will be shocked, surprised, and crying before you get to the last page.”

From Romance Junkies: “…A paranormal experience reader’s won’t soon forget, with very sensual characters and a terrific plot…”

After the death of one of the members of the super-secret police unit aligned with the Vampire Council in southern Florida, werewolf Max Weir becomes the chief suspect. Sure a greater villain has used a were-clan’s hatred of vamps to strike against the unit, Max travels to the mountains of North Carolina to seek the truth and hopefully renew the centuries-old truce between the weres and vampires.

Alec Weir has a problem on his hands. The new sheriff on Dark Mountain must walk a fine line between upholding were-clan laws and saving his vamp-loving brother from certain death. Alec must find the traitor in the clan responsible for the attack on the vampires or watch his brother die. If that wasn’t enough, his chosen mate, Stasia McGwyre, seems to still hold a candle for Max.


Note for Readers: You must be of legal age in your country of origin to read this excerpt.

With his hackles rising, Alec eyed his older brother, barely sparing a glance for the vampire at his side.

Is he so arrogant he thinks I won’t kill Garcia where he stands? Yeah, he knew who the vamp was—he’d shared a beer or two back in the days before Joe joined the fanged brotherhood. Before he’d become “the enemy”. But he could dust the bastard later. Instead, he narrowed his gaze at Max.

What was Max thinking, entering were territory when he’d aligned himself with the other camp? He’d fucked a vamp female and not by accident. He decided to cut him where it hurt. “Put the vamp in the pit,” he growled, looking over Max’s shoulder to his deputies.

“Back off!” Max glared behind him, halting the deputies, then shared a charged glance with his buddy.

That little look riled Alec even more. Max had chosen an enemy over family. “You aren’t in charge here,” he said, his voice low and lethal.

Max’s eyebrows lowered, and his shoulders bunched. “This isn’t about us. This isn’t about The Wars either. It’s bigger, little brother. We’ve come to ask your help.”
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