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Archive for March 2nd, 2010

Hair still a mess!–Updated
Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010


Just back from Nick’s salon. When I walked in, he looked up and said, “What are you bitchin’ about? It’s not that bad.” Until, he actually had his fingers in my hair. Then it was, “Uh, I thought that was a cowlick.” And, “I think I’m gonna have to take some more to even it out.” Good thing is, it’ll grow back. Here are a couple of quick picks. Keep in mind, I’m way tired, my eyes are bloodshot, my glasses are crooked, and I’m wearing my oldest hoodie.

My favorite picture of me—evuh!


Yesterday, I couldn’t find a hair stylist open that I would actually trust. Since I was already dressed, out of the house, and thinking about “improvements”, I had my toes and fingernails done. The pedicure was interesting. I sat in a massage chair (don’t they all have them now?), but this massage chair is very naughty. Not only does it have the rollers that poke and squeeze at your back, but it has a roller that comes up between your butt cheeks. I’m sure my eyes popped wide open the first time it happened.

No writing last night. I babysat the 5-year-old and 1-year-old. The five-year-old is all into Idol, which wouldn’t be so bad if she weren’t completely tone deaf and “auditioning” with Taylor Swift songs. The 1-year-old is practicing to be a Houdini. Every time I turned my eyes away from her, she reached into her onesy and pulled her diaper out her leghole. Then she’d stand gleefully peeing down one leg. Yeah, it was that kind of night.

A friend of mine is running through my big book for me, tearing it apart. She’s through chapter six and so far no huge problems. When she gets to the middle and realizes that there’s a whole lotta naughty goin’ on, she may pull back and say, where’d the story go?

Today, I continue the haircut quest, so I doubt I’ll get much writing done. 😥

But y’all wanna know who won yesterday’s contest, right? The random number generator decrees that the #6 entry is the winner, and that lucky person is…Anna Shah Hoque! Anna, email me!