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Archive for March 29th, 2010

Things on my desk…
Monday, March 29th, 2010

I don’t know what this will tell you about me, but these are all the things that clutter up the top of my large, light oak corner desk:

* monitor and printer
* Galileo thermometer
* desklamp
* small bottle of purel
* hand lotion
* two fruity coasters waiting for a cup of coffee
* three flash drives
* bamboo plant
* dragon holding a letter opener
* crystal pendulum
* small King Kong statue
* pink plastic bucket holding Post-its
* telephone
* address book
* pink computer paper
* flower-bordered notepad
* flower-bordered Post-it cube
* small yellow basket holding two cameras, Iron Man Pez dispenser, smiley-face stress ball, sucker with a grasshopper in it, chapstick, nail file
* Russian lacquer-ware pen holder
* Dragon pen holder
* electric pencil sharpner
* crystal frog with more pens
* candle
* glass star with “Superstar” written on it
* book of affirmations opened to “I am talented”
* leather-bound, hand-made book, intended to be my personal Book of Shadows but which instead has pages of pretty stamps because I was experimenting with them
* tape recorder
* dragon stapler
* standing file with things I haven’t looked at in months
* three worry stones: carnelian, bloodstone, clear crystal

Tell me 5 things sitting on your desk now!