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Your Fun Collections
Friday, May 21st, 2010

Yesterday’s post was a lot of fun. I’ll have to solicit photos from you all again. Here are the pictures some of you sent me to share glimpses of your addictions!

Heather has a thing for skulls. Her mother indulged her with a great purse. I think I could like this addiction too!

Julie has a collections of Dreamcicles—and I learned something because I had never seen them before. The big sad eyes really pull a person in!

Ilona isn’t collecting daughters with vivid hair (she can’t have mine!), but her husband has an extensive collection of dragons that you can catch a glimpse of in the background. It’s a good thing she didn’t include her address… Just sayin’.

Anna loved the post so much, she put pics of her obsessions on her blog. Her first love, books, was a common theme yesterday. And another I share, although I collect mostly history and mythology books. I wouldn’t consider the romances (other than a few keepers) as a collection, because as I read them, I let them go.

Here’s Anna’s other obsession, costume jewelry. My daughter would love her.

If you’d like to add a picture of your obsession, it’s not too late!

Ilona sent me a link to add her collection of soft toys to the list!

9 comments to “Your Fun Collections”

  1. Ilona
    · May 21st, 2010 at 12:40 pm · Link

    Here are some links to a picture of some of my many soft toys (have added about 100 since this was taken) and also a link to some of Hubby’s many, many dragons 😀

  2. Ilona
    · May 21st, 2010 at 12:42 pm · Link

    oops the dragon one didn’t work – trying again 😀

  3. Ilona
    · May 21st, 2010 at 12:44 pm · Link

    Mmm still not working guess you’ll just have to look through my family album until you find it to see all the dragons 😀

  4. Anna Shah Hoque
    · May 21st, 2010 at 1:36 pm · Link

    Omigosh! that’s a wicked soft toy collection.

    I am loving Julie’s Dreamcicle collection… they’re so adorable. I also love skulls…I have a couple of rings with skulls on them…but a purse with skulls on them is wicked cool!

    Thanks for putting up my pics too :mrgreen:

  5. Fedora
    · May 21st, 2010 at 5:41 pm · Link

    Ooh, pretty! Thanks for sharing, everyone!

  6. Sue Brandes
    · May 21st, 2010 at 8:56 pm · Link

    I love everybodies collections.

  7. Delilah
    · May 22nd, 2010 at 7:21 am · Link

    Ilona! I posted your picture! Thanks for sharing!!

    Everyone, thanks so much for sending me the photos to share!

  8. Ilona
    · May 22nd, 2010 at 1:46 pm · Link

    Thanks Delilah. It’s only when I look at that picture and then look in my bedroom that I realise just how many more toys I now have. The three shelves have now extended out to the right and have all become full of toys 😀 Guess my husband thinks of me a lot when he’s out without me as most of them are Charity shop buys instead of flowers (he never buys me flowers due to allergies)

  9. Delilah Devlin
    · May 23rd, 2010 at 12:11 am · Link

    You have a gem for a hubby, Ilona! 🙂

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