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Archive for October 6th, 2010

Last day…
Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

The name of yesterday’s winner is at the bottom of this post!

This will be my last post until I’m back from Romanticon. I have the following authors lined up to keep you company while I’m gone:

Oct 7 – Vella Munn
Oct 8 – Cari Quinn
Oct 9 – Cathryn Cade
Oct 10 – Cindy Spencer Pape
Oct 11 – Vivi Andrews

Have I mentioned how nuts my life’s been this past couple of weeks? My daughter has moved back home and I have two little ones underfoot. It’s quite an adjustment. I’ve had too little sleep, too much noise (who knew I’d become that grumpy hermit?). Heck, EC’s big party weekend will seem like a restful vacation after this.

I’m up typing this at 6:54 AM because I’m getting one the rugrats ready for school. We’ll be standing at the end of the drive in about ten minutes, waiting for the bus. It’s her first day in a new school, and she’s understandably nervous. “Will they like me?” “Does my hair look funny?” I didn’t have to tell her to brush her teeth—she did it by herself because she didn’t want her breath to stink. How do I know? She asked me to smell it. *sigh*

The littlest one is the creature who causes me the most lost sleep. She doesn’t have a schedule. And she wants to sit on my lap all the time. Guess I’m built for comfort. :mrgreen:

So, I’m back from the bus. She didn’t seem all that nervous when she boarded. Hopefully, she’ll have nothing but wonderful experiences today so that she’ll look forward to going again tomorrow.

Back to that contest… Did y’all enjoy the excerpt? Hope so. I stayed with my cousin in Seattle last year and thought his quaint little house with it’s shared back alley would work well for a peeping Tom story. Not that Garrett wanted to be that man, but he really couldn’t help himself. Jayne was relentless.

The winner of the free download is…Jennifer! Congrats, Jennifer, and be sure to send me an email so I know where you want that book sent!

If you haven’t checked out my Coming Soon page in a while, there’s some new stuff. I think you’ll like what’s coming. See ya Tuesday!