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Archive for October 8th, 2010

Guest Blogger: Cari Quinn
Friday, October 8th, 2010

Taste of the Forbidden
By Cari Quinn

Big thanks to Delilah for allowing me to guest blog here today. I’m a big fan of her work!

I debated about a good topic for a while and decided to go with one that’s on my mind a lot. What makes the forbidden so alluring? Whether it’s an illicit office romance, like in my latest release, Personal Research, out now from Ellora’s Cave, or an affair with a hot younger guy, there’s just something hot about doing what others tell you not to. Is it the thrill of discovery? The possible consequences? Or maybe just busting stereotypes? So many of us live with a “good girl” label and that can be incredibly stifling. The chance to throw off the shackles of propriety and go where your pleasure leads you, repercussions be damned, can be pretty alluring.

I’ve never had an office romance but I’ve certainly noticed a couple of my co-workers in a more than friendly way. I never pursued it because unfortunately, I always think way too much about what happens after. A messy breakup can make the workplace a much more difficult place to be. But still, the idea is tempting. There’s something so sexy about tossing aside your concerns and just going for it – after all, isn’t that what makes fiction, especially erotic fiction, great?

What about you? Have you ever tasted the forbidden and gone back for more? Have you had an office romance, pursued someone much younger or older than you…or heck, anything else “forbidden” you can think of? I’m curious about those who live on the wilder side than me. And heck, a writer can never get too many ideas! 😉

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