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Archive for May 12th, 2011

Begging For It, an excerpt
Thursday, May 12th, 2011

The Voodoo Doll contest continues! Post a comment today for another chance to win!

Warning! Maybe you shouldn’t read this if you’re at work or kids are looking over your shoulder. 🙂

Tomorrow’s the day. My naughty BDSM story will release and you will get a chance to check out TJ and Cross. TJ’s a hard case. Thinks she can protect her heart. Thinks all she wants is sex. Cross, however, knows her. He takes her on a journey that breaks her down one brick at a time until she’s his. This is their first time together. You’ll see her rough edges. Too bad you can’t see into his head—but that’s something you’ll have to wait for until tomorrow! Hope you enjoy.

Note for Readers: You must be of legal age in your country of origin to read this excerpt.

His teeth flashed, and TJ felt an instant wave of heat that didn’t have thing to do with the fact his hands were rubbing oil onto her nipples, thumbs and forefingers pausing to pluck and twist the tips. That smile softened his expression and made him handsome.

Downward he roamed, slicking over her belly then onto her thighs, her knees, calves. Lord, her toes.
Each was parted, kneaded. And then his glance sliced to her pussy. “Part your legs for me, sweetheart.”

She was embarrassed by how fast she complied, but he didn’t smirk. He simply glided a fingertip along her nude folds, up and down then in between, tracing the edges of her thin, inner lips.

Her pussy clenched then opened, making a moist, sucking sound that snared his attention and made her blush. “I like a nude pussy,” he murmured. “Keep it like this.”

He said it as though they’d see each other again. Frankly, she hoped he’d last longer than Brent.

Fingers parted her and pulled up her folds to bare her clit. Air hissed between her teeth at the first, oily swirl atop the hard, rounded knot.

“Same sweet pink as your lips.”

She rolled her eyes. “We are not discussing my pussy.”

His eyebrows waggled. “Even if how much I like it will mean I spend some extra time there?” Fingers thrust inside her, two—thick, hard digits that twisted and thrust.
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