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Archive for May 17th, 2011

This week’s contest, last week’s winner, and two fans
Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

I got two fan letters yesterday that made me smile, but also made me reconsider my plans, because they are pretty representative of the kind of fan mail I’ve been getting lately about my Dark Realm series.

Hi There !!
First off I love your style of writting- ABSOLUTELY amazing! I have finshed the fourth book “Darkness Captured”. I have a quick question, pls tell me there will be a book on Marduk! He is Breathtaking.
Thank You and HAPPY WRITTING !!!

I wrote her back to say that since Avon won’t be publishing the series any more, would she be willing to buy a sequel as an eBook? Then this came a few minutes later.

Hi Ms. Devlin,
I have read your first 3 books of the Dark Realm Series…and am currently reading the 4th, Darkness Captured (I’m on chapter 4). My friend JG just emailed you asking if there will be more books….and you replied below…..I just want to tell you I would definitely purchase your books as ebooks….heck, if you write it down on napkins or toilet paper I would buy that!!!!!! Your books are FANTASTIC….I love your style of writing….please, please continue this series!!!!!!

MC didn’t believe that she was really talking to me, so I told her I’d post her letter here to prove it. Hi there, MC! :mrgreen:

Argh! I’m looking at my plan for the year, and it looks like I could tackle it this fall. It won’t be as long as the other four DR books, but it will be longer than my usual 25k eBook, because DR fans really loved the deeper world building and I can’t do that in short format. I’ll probably cuss every bit of the way because I find it hard to self-motivate to write a story that long. I’ve needed the fear of an editor’s deadline to keep my ass in the chair. So thanks, JG and MC, for the awesome emails! Grrr…

In the meantime… I have to choose a winner for the Voodoo Doll contest (the pic’s on last Tuesday’s blog). Who gets that ugly little mug? Laura Bowles is this week’s lucky winner! Laura, send me an email with your snail mail addy and I’ll get your doll into the mail.

This week’s prize is another of the pretty journals I purchased from one of my favorite curio shops. This one has a picture of a very pretty mermaid on the cover. Be sure to post a comment to enter the drawing. And you can post here or on Facebook over the coming week to increase your chances of winning!