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September Rundown!
Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

This will be Hell-Month for me. Only one trip at the end of the month, but tons of writing to get done! And I have FOUR RELEASES! Sheesh! Here’s what’s coming (click on the covers to read excerpts):

Girls Who Bite—September 13 (officially!)

For bad girls looking for love…fangs are more than an accessory.

These are no Twilight tales—the stories in Girls Who Bite are varied, unexpected, and soul-scorching. Bestselling romance writer Delilah Devlin and her contributors investigate vampire myths from around the world, and add fresh girl-on-girl blood to the pantheon of the paranormal.

Take a walk on the wild side with some of the hottest erotic romance authors out there. In “La Caída,” a Mexican “salt-eater” saves a fallen angel and redeems her own soul. In “Bloody Wicked,” a powerful witch’s spell to lure a lover turns her into a vampire’s love slave. Through a “Pet Door,” a shapeshifting vampire meets the dominatrix of her dreams. South African “Impundulu” sweeps you back into a vampire’s primeval beginnings. With a list of contributors that include Adele Dubois, Christine d’Abo, Paisley Smith, Myla Jackson, Shayla Kersten and Vivi Anna, Devlin delivers a dark and sexy read you can sink your teeth into!

So, sit astride the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, sail with modern-day pirates, watch a meteor fall to earth, and taste the powdery wings of a Monarch butterfly. Not things you’d expect in a vampire tale? Then sip O-positive from a femoral artery while tugging at the silky strands of your lover’s hair. Eternally delicious.

A Four-Gone Conclusion—September 13

Sometimes a cowboy needs a little help—or three brothers—to snare a wife…

Sam Logan’s boys have a bad rep in Two Mule, Texas. Most of it earned. When it becomes clear his foster sons won’t settle down without a nudge from him, he issues his challenge. Find a wife…

The oldest, Johnny, already had his eye on Mean Ellie Harker. Sam’s challenge just gave him the gumption to ask her out. However, before he makes his move, the twins kidnap Ellie from under his nose. Now, he has to compete with three brothers for the woman he wants.

Ellie thought her prospects were drying up until Johnny Logan finally untangled his tongue and asked her out. When his brothers kidnap her and take her to the ranch, she’s furious…then intrigued by the thought of four men bent on showing her what being theirs would be like.

Warning: Four handsome cowboys. Four choices. Would it be a single sordid night or a chance at heaven as she savors every luscious inch of the Logan brothers?

Bitten in the Big Easy—September 21

Femme Noir, Book One

Butterfly by Paisley Smith

Vampire Narcissa Csintalan is in a New Orleans bar, waiting on her tardy sister Elena, when she develops a raging fang-on for the bar’s sinfully sexy, butch bass player. The bite marks on the songbird’s neck put her at the top of Cissy’s must-feed list.

Butterfly Baudelaire has sworn off strays, but the blonde coming on to her has a killer pair of fangs and looks like she knows how to use ’em. Butterfly’s not banking on the bite Cissy takes out of her heart—or the fact more than her well-spanked bottom is in danger from her vampire lover.

Gilded Cage by Delilah Devlin

Since her turning, Elena Csintalan has wrestled her inner demon on a nightly basis. She never expects her limits to be tested—until she finds herself drawn to a tawny woman whose lush curves make her eyeteeth spike. Before she knows it, she’s dangling inside an iron cage, one that’s frighteningly familiar. And the punishment she endures is oh so divine…

Despite a surprising empathy she feels for the vampire she’s captured, Cassia proceeds with her coven’s plan—drain Elena of her blood at the height of orgasm to complete a potion that will protect them from Elena’s maker. Cassia scried the darkness coming their way, and the monster has a name…the Countess Elizabeth Bathory.

B is for Bondage—end of September

This will be a print book and include 3 or 4 of the 1-800-Dom series books, including my story, Begging For It.

* * * * *

Is that enough? It’s crazy.

This month, I hope to complete the first of a fun cop-menage series for Samhain. I’m almost there, actually, and sooo late my editor has to wonder whether I’m turning diva! Then it’s on to the sequel of True Heart for Samhain and the sequel to Bitten in the Big Easy for Ellora’s Cave. Plus, I have to wrap up editing Beastly Babes and The Cowboy for Cleis and write my forewords for both books as well as shorts to include in the anthologies. Breathe!

Can you tell I’m a little frazzled? I’ll need some encouragement (um, nags and spankings) to keep working. Do not be gentle! ~DD

Guest Blogger: Taige Crenshaw
Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

When Inspiration Strikes

Taige Crenshaw

I was thinking of inspiration. As an author ideas come from a variety of things. Anything can spark an idea that can be put into a novel. Let me share with you the inner working of what is behind two ideas I came up with for books I am working on that are both part of the same series.

Idea Spark 1- Candy Craving

One day I had this huge craving. A strong craving for candy. I’m not a big candy eater. I can go years without eating any. Also I’m not into chocolate. Shocking. I do eat chocolate ever so often but when I crave it is for something else. I know you chocoholics out there are wondering what candy I am craving if not the all-wonderful chocolate.

Okay I will admit it. I am a caramelolic. Yes caramel is one of my fav candy. That nice sweet caramel is calling me. It is a siren call that I have been resisting but I am longing. Badly. Of course because of how much I am craving I have an idea come to me. A candy idea. An idea of someone who makes sweets for a candy shop and what happens when their craving takes on the sweetest temptation. LOL.

My craving morphed into a story idea.

Idea Spark 2 – Fro Affair

Sometime last year I was on my way home when I passed this woman who was sporting a slamming Afro hairstyle. The woman’s fro was big, high and poufy. I think it was a wig but it was so good I couldn’t tell. She was also sporting the clothing to go with the fro. She looked fierce. People were turning and looking at her. Me included. People were complimenting her on her look. Like any good diva she said thank you graciously and kept strutting. As I watched the woman stepping looking cool and fierce my mind was racing.

That day as I walked home I thought of the Fro. The idea took shape for a book with a woman in a fierce fro and clothes to match.

A fro brought so much more than viewing pleasure. It brought an inspiration.

Making the ideas into a story

The two ideas I had I worked into a series I am working on. In book two of my series there is a candy shop that the hero and heroine of the book frequent. They both have a sweet tooth. The candy shop owner will eventually have his own story and get to fulfill the idea spark I had from craving candy.

In the series I will use the fro idea for a supper club where the main characters go to. The owner of the super club will be getting her own book. I will be writing in a sixties theme night using my afro idea spark. 🙂

Inspirations for ideas are all around. Taking something that happens in the everyday life then using it create a concept is a fun thing to do. The unexpected can lead to so much more. Any little thing can give you an idea spark, which will be your concept for the next book.

Hmmm….now, I’m having a candy craving. Off to get some caramel my favorite candy to fill my craving. Yummy.

* * * * *

Taige Crenshaw is a multi-published author with books available at Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Liquid Silver Books, Loose Id, and Total-E-Bound. Taige has been enthralled with the written word from time she picked up her first book. It wasn’t long before she started to make up her own tales of romance. With novels set in today, in alternate dimensions, or in the future she writes with adventure, fun sassy heroine’s, and sexy hero’s. Always hard at work creating new and exciting places Taige can be found curled up with a hot novel with exciting characters when she is not creating her own. Join her in the fun, frolic, interesting people and far reaches of the world in her novels. You can find out more about Taige at her website: or blog:

Power of Instinct—A woman does whatever is necessary to protect the man who is hers but once he finds out he goes with his instincts and makes her his.

Buy here at Total-E-Bound.

You Voted! Bored Fairy with a Mask and a Book!
Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

You voted! I have the prerogative to change up the contest prize list a little, but I don’t think you’ll mind!

What can you win?
* An autographed book, your choice, so long as I have it in stock. And I do have copies of most of my print books.
* A pretty Bored Fairy with a Mask journal. I purchased this from my favorite curio shop, Christi’s Gifts & Consignment (870-230-1877).

What do you have to do?
Post comments on my blog or my Facebook page. Every comment you make over the next two weeks will count as one entry. Could I make it any easier?

The contest ends September 12th!

I’m baaaack–and we have a winner!
Monday, August 29th, 2011

Psst! Be sure to enter your vote in the poll at the bottom of this post!

I’m back from the land of cowboys! I still have to unpack, wash laundry, download pics and catch up on email, but I’m not going anywhere for a while! Thanks to all my wonderful guests who kept this blog hoppin’ with fun excerpts, contests and snippets of their wisdom.

I have a contest winner to announce today. I’ll do so at the bottom of this post, but just a reminder to you all— Be sure to check tomorrow’s post for the new contest details I’ll post. And if you don’t have a long attention span, I have a one-day-only giveaway happenin’ on the Girls Who Bite website. Be sure to jump over there AFTER you’ve read through the rest of this post!

September will be an extremely busy month for me. I have books coming! Girls Who Bite and A Four-Gone Conclusion. Amazon’s already shipping GWB—so you can order it today! A Four-Gone Conclusion is available for pre-order. Just click on the covers to place your orders.

I also have a story coming from Ellora’s Cave, a vamp story set in New Orleans that’s one part of a two-person anthology with Paisley Smith. I’ll have more details to share later. But Bitten in the Big Easy is the start to a very hot new series!

There will be tons of shiny new excerpts, prizes, etc., because you know I can’t talk about new stories without wanting to make a party of it!

In the meantime, my Little Lizard Boy has found a new master. The winner is…June M! June, congrats, and send me an email with your snail mail address!

So finally, here’s the poll. Place your vote for what you might like to win. This is your contest and I aim to please. It’s in my DNA to please. Ahem.

What would you like to see offered as a contest prize for the next round?

  • A signed and autographed book, reader's choice? (38%, 10 Votes)
  • A grab-bag of things from Memphis, including Elvis memorabilia? (27%, 7 Votes)
  • A pretty fairy journal? (27%, 7 Votes)
  • A fairy ornament to hang on a holiday tree? (8%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 26

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Guest Blogger: Amy Ruttan
Sunday, August 28th, 2011

I’m thrilled to be a part of Delilah’s Blog. I’ve been a long-time admirer, but I have to admit I had a bit of brain fart about what to talk about. I’m usually quite chatty with people I know and with new people I’m a little bit quiet … unless you get a couple drinks in me.

Most people at RWA in 2008 can attest to this. Can anyone else say they’ve walked through the hotel barefoot, dressed to the nines and carrying an armful of vibrators? *Ahem* I thought not.

Well, that year was my first convention and I thought I’d talk about some firsts.

This year I had a lot of firsts in my writing career this year.

I had my first urban fantasy, Incarnate (written under a new name), release from Samhain Publishing. It was also my first with that publisher.

I wrote my first inter-racial for Ellora’s Cave titled Male Order.

I also wrote my first ever ménage with a male/male scene, which is my third gladiator book, Gladiator’s Seduction coming soon from Ellora’s Cave.

It’s been a lot of year of firsts and a few more, but I can’t divulge any of that information…yet. I know I’m a tease.

One first I can divulge, the one I’m looking forward the most, is my first Romanticon! Woot!

I am super excited to be heading to Ohio (also my first time there) for Romanticon.

I’m super stoked about it. I’m going down with a couple author friends and I’m going to be kicking it with all my favorite peeps, writers and readers alike—also the Cavemen. Can’t forget the Cavemen.

I have been so excited about this trip because I get to meet some more awesome staff at EC. I’ve met Val, Jeannie and Raelene already, but I haven’t met my editor, so I’m stoked about that. Also because when I go to the States and say I write for Ellora’s Cave people actually know the publisher, more than they do up here in Canada. So for me that’s an absolute thrill.

Ellora’s Cave is also my first publisher. They took a chance on me back in 2007 and made my dream come true and I’ve had a lot of firsts with them. First publisher, first editor, first book, first royalty cheque, first book signing, and first book signing at a Sex Show. Yeah, I did say that.

And believe me that sex show was a real eye-opener! It was the first time I signed books for Klingons.

Yes, honest to God Klingons and they were surprisingly delightful.

Okay, so maybe not real Klingons, but they let me sign their books in their human names and tried to recruit me to join the Klingon side. I told them I was strictly Federation.

Anyways, I am super excited to be attending my first Romanticon and to be visiting the Akron area for the first time.

Last week also I had my first bad panic dream about Romanticon. I was there and I brought nothing and I was super MAD.

I have an amazing dress for the Prehistoric night with matching shoes (I’m quite excited about it) and I have an amazing Steampunk outfit for the Futuristic night. I even made my own fascinator for it, but in my dream I forgot it all.

So I’ve started to make my first lists, so I don’t forget anything. I’m pretty anal about that.

The nightmare won’t be my last of the panic Romanticon dreams.

As you can see I’ve had a lot of firsts this year. Granted nothing exciting as the first time (though one of my heroines is going through that right now with a very hunky hero in my current WIP) or first kiss (which I always LOVE to write), but still a lot of fun stuff to look forward to.

So do you have any memorable firsts? If so I’d love to hear from you.

Amy Ruttan started writing at a very young age. Life and responsibility got in the way and writing was put on hold. It wasn’t until the birth of her second child and spending countless hours in a NICU she realized that life is precious and it shouldn’t be wasted.

Now years later–and a healthy baby later–Amy has realized her dreams. She was first published in 2007 and she hasn’t looked back.

Amy loves to hear from readers. You can learn more about Amy at her website or her darker alter ego, or Twitter.

Guest Blogger: Juniper Bell (Contest!)
Saturday, August 27th, 2011

The oddest, most random things can inspire a story. In the case of my upcoming release, Go Deep, the spark came from a rejected cover for an earlier book. The cover was absolutely stunning, but wrong for the book—it suggested BDSM, which would have been misleading. We went with a different, equally stunning cover, but the first one kept haunting me. It was based on a striking black and white photo of a woman, her hands cuffed behind her back, a collar fastened around her neck. I’ve actually seen the photo used for other covers, which doesn’t surprise me.

A well-done photograph can be so powerful. It draws you into another world and makes you wonder. What’s going on in this scene? What’s going to happen next? Who are these people and how did they come to be here? What’s it like to be them?

I love the photo of this couple because it feels so intimate. But a more “posed” photo can be fun too.

Photographs don’t have to be graphic to pull you in. Some are more about the mood the artist creates with lighting and exposure and little details such as how she’s resting her head on the wall.

I’ve seen so many photos that I wished had a story attached because I wanted to know more. If only all great photographs were actually book covers! If only you could open them up and read about what happened before that frozen moment and after it.

Maybe that’s why my almost-cover photo popped into my mind when I wanted to write about a married couple hiding their true sexual desires from each other. What if the wife came across a photo that haunted her, and the husband saw her reaction? What if that provided the vehicle for them to start really talking to each other and sharing their most intimate needs and desires…

Of course, I had to change the photo to suit my characters. I added a man, then a second one. I changed a few other little details. But the mood of the photo—mysterious, erotic—stayed with me and the story reflects it. Amazingly, the cover artist, Dar Albert, captured a similar mood in her cover—with no prompting from me.

Go Deep is coming out September 7 from Ellora’s Cave. Here’s the final cover and the blurb. You can read an excerpt here.

In honor of my Go Deep release, I’m offering a $5 Amazon gift certificate.
All you have to do is tell me which of the above photos is your favorite!

A standalone sequel to Go Wild.

Beth is the shy, dreamy type. No one guesses at the wild sexual thoughts she hides behind that quiet façade. She doesn’t even share her secret longings with her husband.

Gavin loves his wife, but he’s tired of living in a marriage in which neither he nor Beth reveal their true desires. When Gavin sees Beth’s response to an erotic bondage photo in her framing shop, he jumps at the opportunity to break through her barriers.

He accepts an invitation to a showcase match for the amateur hockey team he coaches during Wild Nights, the infamous winter festival during which “anything goes, nothing counts.” But he’s opened a sensual Pandora’s box—Beth has some surprises of her own. When she meets Eagle, a free-spirited Wild resident, she knows he’s the perfect man to help enact her erotic fantasies. And once they go deep, there’s no going back.

Guest Blogger: Mardi Ballou
Friday, August 26th, 2011

Just a reminder! There’s still time to enter the Little Lizard Boy contest! All you have to do is keep posting commments!

* * * * *

Of Lace and Hems

by Mardi Ballou

Unlike just about everybody else, I love fall. Okay, maybe in part autumn’s my favorite season because my beautiful daughter and I were October babies—yea, October! One of my many other autumn joys is the big fat September issue of Vogue, Elle and other major fashion magazines. Fashion may reign all year, but autumn is the start of the fashionista year. I can justify wasting hours gazing at the pages…uh, make that doing primary research in current trends.

I may not actually ever buy a single stitch from runway shows or designer boutiques—at least not in this lifetime—but that doesn’t stop me from queuing up to get my copies. Makeup, hair, purses and shoes—aka chocolate for my inner fashionista—ensembles for work and play, impossible to walk in stilettos—it’s all there to dream on and inspire.

Gets me to thinking. Dress—and undress—plays a major role in our fantasies and love stories. Getting ready for a hot date with that special guy…hoping the evening won’t end until morning…time to unveil the La Perla or La Senza or Victoria’s Secret we’ve kept tucked away for just the right night.

Seeing the cover of my latest book for the first time is always a surprise. I love it when the artist gods and goddesses exactly capture the fashion feel of my story. In Hook, Wine and Tinker, when Gwen meets Dominic, she’s wearing a Tinkerbell costume she despises. Luckily, he discovers its charms and hers…

Being a Dancing with the Stars fan, I’ve come to appreciate the sexy potential of dance costumes. Even though I’m wearing smelly sweats when I try to follow along with the DWTS exercise DVDs, I imagine myself clad in spandex and sparkles, looking as sexy as one of the TV dancers. Both Sherry Amor and Long, Slow Dance include very sexy dance scenes. I was thrilled to see that same sexiness in their covers.

In Sherry Amor, three people who come together for a business deal in Spain discover a Christmas miracle of love that starts with a fiery flamenco in New York. In Long, Slow Ride, a woman who’s been very disappointed in love attends a wedding and says yes to a dance with the bride and groom’s limo driver—a hot, hot, hot much younger guy.

How about you? Do you have special fashion memories? Is there a night you’ll always remember, made even more vivid when you remember what you wore—at least at the start? Maybe you went shopping to find the perfect dress or bra or shoes or panties to get ready for the date. Or maybe you finally had the chance to wear something you’d been saving forever for a special night…

I wish you many happy fashion adventures this fall!

Cheers, Mardi