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Archive for October 11th, 2011

Ghostly Orbs in the Crescent!
Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

UPDATE#! The winner of the Romanticon Grab Bag #2 contest is Jenn Herrick!
Jen, email me!

Before I get to the ghosts, I wanted to share a screen shot I swiped off of Amazon last night. This was the sales ranking for A Four-Gone Conclusion. Thanks so much for making this happen!

Onto the ghosts…

By now, if you’ve been following my blog, you know I’m a bit of a whack-job. I admit it. I own it! One of my sincerely held beliefs is that ghosts exist, and I have a fascination with finding proof.

One place that has cemented my belief is the Crescent in Eureka Springs. This past weekend, I made a second trip there. This time with friends, and although I didn’t have quite the scary experience I had back during the summer (you can read about it here: Haunting at the Crescent Inn Hotel), there was still plenty of creep factor to enjoy!

A ghost hunter’s first and foremost piece of equipment (beside an open mind), is a camera. And as always, it wasn’t until I got home and blew up the photos I had that I saw just how much “proof” I had. In particular, I had tons of ghostly orbs. Some skeptics say it’s dust, but I can promise you, I don’t get these little glowing circles anywhere but inside creepy, haunted places. Take a look!

You saw one round, glowy circle, right? And what’s up with the wide-angle view of the picture? I promise, I did not change a single setting on my camera, but that’s how all the pictures came out. See this next orb? Keep watching.
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