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Archive for October 13th, 2011

Close Enough to Touch
Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Hey there! I’m guesting at The Smutketeers’ blog today! I have an excerpt, some fun interview questions, and a book to give away! Click here to join us: The Smutketeers


Did I mention my little brush with celebrity at the Akron airport?

At the end of Romanticon, my dd and I were set to fly out of Akron. We had a little time on our hands, so I suggested we hit a gift shop to purchase some last minute souvenirs. I picked out a couple of magnets and stuffed animals, and then went to the register. A man was in front of me, paying for his purchases. He seemed tall (I’m 5’4″—everyone seems tall), wore a dark leather jacket and was in pretty good shape. I was admiring that shape when he turned his head. Even in profile, I recognized him on the spot.

I elbowed my daughter. “That’s Corbin Bernsen,” I whispered.
“Corbin Bernsen…you know, Psych‘s dad!”
CB left the counter and walked away.
“Is he famous?”
“You didn’t recognize him?”
“I wasn’t really looking.”
“He was right in front of you. What do you mean, you weren’t looking!”
She shrugged. “He’s an old guy. Who is he, anyway?”
“You mean to tell me you’ve never watched Psych?”
She shook her head.
“But he’s been in a dozen Sci-Fi movies.”
Still, she shook her head.
“He was Arnie in LA Law for chrissakes.”
She patted my shoulder. “I get it, mom. You’ve got a crush. You’ve always had a thing for bald guys.”
Bald guys?! That’s all she noticed? Gah!

So what about you? Have you ever had a brush with the rich and famous?

BTW, CB’s even hotter in person!