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Archive for January 23rd, 2012

Guest Blogger: Kari Thomas
Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Kari Thomas Interviews a Dragon!

Since the Dec. 7, 2011 release of my latest book, SURRENDER HER TOUCH, I have had so many Readers write me and ask that I do MORE Dragon Shapeshifter stories.  Writing Slade Stryker’s story was my first foray into the fascinating world of Dragons, and now I have this sneaky suspicion it won’t be the last time.

As I was sitting at my desk contemplating this, in walked my sexy Alpha Hero. Or should I say, he “stalked” into my office. Dragon shifters seem to stalk everywhere, as though anyone or anything in their path is prey. It must be their inherent “primal” souls remembering when they once ruled the world at the top of the food chain. Sexy, but intimidating to say the least!

I tried to hide my surprise as Slade nonchalantly settled into the chair opposite me. “Hey, Slade,” I said oh-so-casually. “Any reason for this visit? I thought I’d settled everything with you when I wrote the words ‘The End’.”

“Good morning, Kari,” he rumbled sexily. (He always talks that way!) “I flew over this morning to talk to you about something that has developed since you wrote ‘Surrender Her Touch’.” (When he says “flew”, he means in dragon form! How kewl is that!)

“Problem?” I shook my head. I couldn’t think of any problems developing once the book is released. Everything pretty much goes smoothly. It’s all that “before” stuff that can drive a writer crazy (the edits, etc).

“Yeah,” he rumbled again.  “You exposed us with that book. I’ve had to keep my Firestorm Team patrolling around-the-clock ever since the book came out. We’ve had nonstop ‘tourists’ climbing all over the woods looking for easy access into the Compound. None of our people can go into town without being accosted by curious humans.” He growled low, a sound indicating his inner dragon was slowly awakening. “Why didn’t you think about all this before you wrote about us?”

Gulp. Actually, I had thought about it. But I was so sure that people would think it only Fiction and not go looking for the real dragons! “Sorry?” I gave him my best “I’m-really-innocent-despite-the-proof” smile. It didn’t work. He glared at me. And when Slade Stryker gives his dragon glare, you know you’re in trouble. “What can I do to help?” Was it even possible? Readers everywhere were now out hunting the Shamara Dragon Clan, and it was all my fault.

“You’re going to write a Retraction,” he announced in a soft demand. “Tell those Readers it’s all Fiction.”

UhOh. “I can’t do that,” I mumbled. “The book is out and more Readers are reading every day.”

Slade stared hard at me for a long minute. Was that steam I saw coming from his nostrils? Never push a shapeshifter to reveal his inner dragon….

“Fine,” he said, his tone brooking no argument. “I’m going to tell you more dragon stories. Some so horrifying, so incredibly unbelievable, you’ll have nightmares for weeks. Then, you’re going to write those stories. THAT should scare off all those Readers.”

Meekly I explained, “But Romance can’t be horrifying, Slade.”

He grinned, the sight so sexy I had to remind myself that he already had a Mate. “Oh, there will be romance. Passionate, hot, romance to curl your toes. You’re going to leave those Readers ….gasping.”

Paranormal, Shapeshifters, Contemporary Romance

Kari Thomas