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A Winner and a Question…
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Thanks to everyone who participated in the ONE-DAY-ONLY contest yesterday! The winner (by random number generator) of the $10.00 gift certificate is…Shadow! Congratulations, Shadow, and be sure to send me an email to arrange delivery of your prize!

And remember, the Promo Ho contest continues! TWO $25.00 gift certificates are up for grabs! See yesterday’s post for details. More contest goodies are coming!

* * * * *

Of all the great success stories that you have heard or read about,
which one do you find the most inspiring?

ONE-DAY-ONLY contest, plus another!
Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Things are a brewin’ for the MIK (My Immortal Knight) books! But I can’t talk about it right now. Lips are zipped! In the meantime, there’s some work we have to do. And this is directed to those who have already read the MIKs, so the rest of you…well, you can certainly go read the first book and join in the fun to come!

In the meantime, I need reviews! It’s going to be particularly important for the first book soon. Trouble is, I went to Amazon to check the listing and I have one review—and it’s a 2 because the reader couldn’t get past the ugly cover. Like I have any control over that?! My wonderful editor at EC took care of that little problem, and very soon this pretty new cover will be the new All Hallows Heartbreaker cover!

For the next few weeks, I’ll be back every few days with more chores for y’all! I promise, I’ll bring prezzies. Yes, I’m a crass promo ho, but if it’s possible to attract the attention of readers and get them to come along for the ride (that is continuing soon!), I’ll do it! And it’s in your interest too—if you want more MIKs, that is!

The contest below is just the start. I’d also love it if you would “like” and “tag” as many of the MIKs on Amazon as you can. All of this is important, I just can’t tell you why NOW!

And because I’d love to get the ball rolling, I will add a ONE-DAY-ONLY contest today. Leave me a note, telling me you tagged and liked my books on Amazon, and you’re entered for a $10.00 gift certificate that I will email to the winner tomorrow!

The Promo Ho Contest

What can you win?
I’m giving away two $25.00 gift certificates.

What do you have to do to enter?
See the links below? These books are in sore need of online reviews by readers. So I’m offering a tempting bribe. And wouldn’t you like to have some cash to spend on new books? And who knows? Maybe you already have these stories sitting on your TBR pile. Time to move them to the top!

Give an honest review for one of these stories on one of the online bookstores. Send me the link at del… It can be the same review on three different sites, but send me three separate messages with the different links. Doesn’t matter if the review is on Ellora’s Cave’s website, Amazon or Nook—send me the link to the review. Easy as that!

This contest ends March 15th!

MIK-1: All Hallows Heartbreaker
Review at Amazon
Review at Ellora’s Cave

MIK-1: Love Bites
Review at Amazon
Review at Ellora’s Cave

MIK-3: All Knight Long
Review at Amazon
Review at Ellora’s Cave

MIK-4: Relentless
Review at Amazon
Review at Ellora’s Cave

Guest Blogger: Rachel Brimble
Monday, February 20th, 2012

It is so lovely to be here visiting with Delilah. We met through one of her fabulous online courses many moons ago. Since then, I have written six books and two novellas, all published – I am pretty sure Delilah had a part to play in that! So when she asked me if I’d like to guest blog, I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about. Friendship and support in the writing world.

Knowing there are people out there to support you in your dreams means everything for a feeling of inner strength and belief. It is human nature to doubt what you are thinking or doing, and worrying people will laugh or put you down. When you meet people who cheer you on, love and admire your work and most of all, share your struggles, it gives an incredible sense of excitement and optimism.

Writers are often introverts and happy in their own company. This means that voice in your head telling you to give up or you’re not good enough will take over if you don’t fill your mind with other thoughts. My advice? Mix up your social circle, reach out through social mediums such as Twitter and Facebook and surround yourself with optimistic, supportive and fun people. You will be amazed how quickly you realize those thoughts are echoed and conquered throughout your writing peers every day.

Which means?

That you can stand tall and know you are no better or worse than the successful writers out there. Stand back and watch yourself grow and shine until you feel as though your star is in reach – because it is!

* * * * *

Rachel’s current historical release is The Arrival of Lily Curtis and one of her recent contemporaries is Getting It Right This Time.

Here are the blurbs and buy links:

 Getting It Right This Time

Two years after her husband’s death, Kate Marshall returns home a widow, seeking security and stability for her three-year-old daughter. But when her path crosses with ‘the one who got away’…her husband’s best friend, she has to fight the desire to be with him for the sake of further heartbreak for her…and her daughter.

A tough, straight talking theatrical agent, Mark Johnston is dangerously handsome, exceedingly rich, irresistibly charming – and branded by the tabloids as one of the UK’s most eligible bachelors.  So even though he lost the girl of his dreams five years before to his best friend, Mark finds no hardship is being single. Or so he thought…but now Kate is back.

Determined not to lose her a second time, Mark has to find a way to convince her they can work. But can Kate cope with the media interest and ruthless, money-hungry clients surrounding him being anywhere near her daughter?  Or accept that Mark Johnston is really the family man he claims to be?

Buy at Lyrical Press


The Arrival of Lily Curtis

At the mention of an arranged marriage, Elizabeth Caughley feels her life is over at the age of three and twenty….so she hatches an escape plan.  She will reinvent herself as a housemaid.  Overnight, Elizabeth becomes Lily…

Viscount Westrop wants nothing more than his legacy to be passed to his own son one day.  Even though he feels insurmountable pity for the unborn child already, he knows how much pain a broken promise can cause and will do what is right.  But with the arrival of his new housemaid, his plans are thrown into disarray.  Lily is funny, feisty and the most beautiful creature on earth – Andrew is thunderstruck.  But if anyone suspects how much he wants to ravish her and endlessly love her, Andrew’s lineage will be in peril.  And he cannot let that happen…

Buy at The Wild Rose Press

Rachel can be found here:!/RachelBrimble


Sunday Report Card and we have a winner!
Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Catch a Naughty Read

I’m blogging in two places today. If you’re in need of a sex-fix, be sure to head on over to Wild & Wicked Cowboys for a quick one!

* * * * *

Sunday Report Card

This week was pretty productive. I wrote and wrote and managed to move some things off my plate.

1) I finished Dragon’s Desire—and passed it off to my editor with instructions for her to pull me back from the brink. There are problems with some of the sexual situations, but if you’ve been reading me for long, you know that sometimes, I go there. Yeah, this is one of those stories. I couldn’t stop myself. *sigh*
2) I worked on revisions of a short story entitled Two Hot and shipped it to my formatter. Hopefully, depending on her schedule and whether I can get a cover together quickly, you’ll have a sexy little m/f/m story to read before the end of the month.
3) And I’ve plotted the next story I have to hustle out the door. A sequel to Bitten in the Big Easy. So this next week, I’ll have my head down, writing like my hair’s on fire. If you see me goofing off on line, you have permission to crack the whip!

* * * * *

The Believe Fairy Contest Winner

I am trying to think about what I should do for the next contest, so I don’t have something to post just yet, but check back during the week, because when I get a minute, I will. In the meantime, the winner of the Believe Fairy is…Ava [ava@guilty….]! Ava, congrats, and be sure to send me your snail mail addy so I can get your prize into the mail.

I have a couple other prizes sitting in the hopper, waiting for me to take an hour to package them up, so it’s probably a good thing I’m taking a break do some catch-up!

Y’all have a great week!

Saturday Snippet: Romantic
Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Sorry, I missed the contest end date. I didn’t even think about it until late last night. Tomorrow morning, I’ll pick a winner of The Believe Fairy Contest. ~DD

* * * * *

Your idea and my idea of what constitutes a romantic scene might be two completely different things. I’m not a hearts and flowers kind of girl. Give me a strong alpha male who’s willing to risk EVERYTHING for his woman, and I melt. I hope you enoy this scene from Ravished by a Viking. Here, Dagr risks all to rescue his woman, Honora.

The Romance Studio’s 2011 CAPA winner for Best Sci-Fi Romance!

“Clash of cultures, clash of myths, clash of powerful personalities…how many authors can bring out on paper the excitement and more-than-willing suspension of disbelief that old fashioned adventure stories once brought us?…a wonderful, action-packed, emotional roller-coaster of a read.”
Alien Places

“With the intriguing meshing of the past with the future this was an engrossing read…”
Top Pick!, Night Owl Reviews

What a Viking wants, a Viking takes.

When his younger brother goes missing, Dagr, Viking warrior and Lord of the Wolfskin Clan, will do whatever it takes to get him back. But nothing could have prepared him for Honora—a feisty, intelligent woman who is nothing like the women of his world—women who are content to serve their men in all things. Drawn to her despite her recalcitrant nature, Dagr is determined to show her who’s boss both in bed and out.

When the two enemies-turned-lovers join forces to find Dagr’s brother they are thrown into a rousing adventure full of danger, intrigue and erotic abandon. Can their passion truly unite them or will their different worlds lead to destruction for them both?

Just as his skiff crunched against the rough edge of the beach, Dagr jumped to the ground, then spun to see how the battle fared. What there was left of a battle, anyway. The action was mostly a retreat—an ignominious run for safety. He counted heads quickly, assuring himself that every one of the men who had accompanied him had made it.

Frakki ran to his side. “Shall we save the bastards?” he said, disgust flavoring his tone. He nodded toward the Consortium soldiers doomed to die if the Vikings didn’t mount a concerted rescue.

Odvarr loped toward him, his chest heaving, his face creased with worry. “Dagr, your woman!” he shouted, pointing toward the open waters.

A woman was on the ice! Dagr turned in time to see a slender figure pitch over the side of a skiff and slide on her belly perilously close to the edge. He didn’t bother asking what Honora was doing there, or, more precisely, what she was doing on the frozen water. He broke into a run, heading for the closest boat, Frakki on his heels.

They both swung up, Frakki taking the steering ropes, and Dagr balanced on his feet at the raised nose of the small craft. He cupped his hands around his mouth. “Stay still, Honora,” he shouted, although the wind, the hollow roars of the beasts, and the screams from the remaining soldiers drowned out his voice.

He ignored the slashes of laser light that pounded the ice around him, dared the soldiers sure to die a gruesome death to kill him because he wasn’t turning back. If the goddess Hel herself reached up from her frozen kingdom to drag him down, he’d fight her.

“Dagr . . .” Frakki said quietly, dread in his voice.

“I know.”

Beneath them a dozen of sea serpents, in blue, green, and orange, swam, tracking them like prey, spiraling, shooting away for a few feet, then circling in closer.

One tapped beneath the hull of their small craft, and the ice groaned and crackled.

Behind them, came the scraping sound of more skiffs joining them on the ice. His men were skilled with the boats, often skimming just off shore. Just far enough to drill into the ice to fish, but close enough to the keep that the guard on the wallwalk could give them fair warning. None of his men were was as skilled as he at escaping the beasts because none dared travel the open seas.

Still they followed him, shouting and hitting the ice with the points of their pikes to draw the beasts away.

In the distance, Arikan’s men continued to fire, shredding the solid surface beneath their feet in their panic, drawing the creatures who banged their heads from below to crack the ice, then shoot upwards, mouths agape to catch the men before diving deep to devour them.

Dagr could only worry about only one Consortium officer, who now lay on her belly on the ice, her face turned toward him, her eyes beseeching. That she was terrified was evident by the paleness of her skin and the roundness of her eyes. And by her silence. Honora was rarely silent.

When their skiff drew near, Frakki slowed only a fraction, just enough for Dagr to jump off the boat. He rolled, leapt to his feet, and ran for his woman, brandishing his sword and hoping that another of the boats was close enough to retrieve them once he had her before the dragons burst through the ice.

He prayed as never before—to Thor, who’d blessed his fathers’ sword. Prayed that, just like Thor, who’d felled the giant Hrungnir with his mighty hammer, that his sword and his will would be enough to save the only person who’d ever made him feel complete, the woman who held the other half of his heart.

Honora lay flat on the ice, her head raised, watching Dagr draw near. As her muscles contracted with cold, relief and abject fear for him warred inside her.

He threw down his cloak, his furs, never slowing, running full out, his dark hair whipping behind him, his expression so fierce it took her breath away.

A loud thud sounded beneath her.

Honora couldn’t hold back a scream as the ice cracked and lifted, splintering into large pieces like a jagged puzzle. She scrambled for a handhold, sliding gloved fingers over one raw edge.

A serpent pushed up, its dark orange head lifting the shard-like section of ice she held tight to, pushing on one edge with the end of its nose and tilting her toward the water. With her arms stretched, her body swinging, she cast a glance toward Dagr, sure he would be the last thing she saw in this life.

Dagr was close, and not slowing, although the ice broke beneath his feet. He took one last step and leapt onto the serpent’s head, landing hard, and gripped his knees on either side of its wide skull.

Their gazes met for a moment, Dagr’s filled with love and regret. Then the beast pulled down its head, dislodging the icy shard she clung to, and sending it sliding across the ice, away from it and Dagr.

“No!” Honora screamed, watching in horror as the beast shook its head, trying to dislodge Dagr, but he held tight, the hand not holding his sword gripping horny spikes atop the beast’s saw-tooth brow.

The creature flung back its head one last time, and then tucked his its head down, preparing to dive.

With a roar, Dagr let go of the spikes, turned his blade upside down, gripped the pommel in both hands, and plunged it downward, piercing the beast’s translucent blue eye.

The creature let out a loud, hollow squall, then crashed down his its head, slamming the ice and breaking it. Water closed over its head, submerging the beast and taking Dagr down with it.

Desolation clawed at her chest and Honora screamed again, shoving up to her feet and running to the edge of the ice to peer deep into the water, uncaring whether another beast burst from the water. Her heart was already lost in the cold, cold depths.

* * * * *

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Guest Blogger: Desiree Holt
Friday, February 17th, 2012

Hi all. I’m really glad to be here today. Thanks, Delilah for having me as a guest. Be sure to leave a comment because at the end of the day I’ll pick a name for a free ebook. ~Desiree

* * * * *

They live in Texas and they wear cowboy boots, but they aren’t ranchers. Nope, they build ranches. And a lot of other things, from houses to major developments. They are the McMann brothers—Alex with a masters in business administration, Josh with an advanced degree in architecture, and Tyler, the civil and construction engineer. Each one is better looking than his brothers and they cut a wide swath through the eligible women in San Antonio.

In Erector Set, you will meet each of them and learn his story.

First out of the gate is Erected, Josh’s story with Vanessa “Ness” Bowen.

Who can resist a pint-sized female with luscious curves stranded in a parking lot? Not Josh McMann. It’s his pleasure to save Ness Bowen, especially given the instant sensual chemistry that explodes between them. When she wrecks her car on the way to meet him for dinner, he saves her once again. And dinner at home takes on a whole new meaning as the sexual pull becomes too strong for either to ignore. The more they see each other, the more intense and erotic the sex becomes.

But Ness sees Josh as a player, and she’s been dumped by men like him who were always looking for the next conquest. Josh has his own trust issues, having been burned by women interested only in his money and power.

When a breakfast date goes awry and Ness thinks she’s been dumped once again, it takes a lot of fancy maneuvering from Josh to make amends.

“Yeah, hi,” he said when a male voice answered. “This is Josh McCann. Did you guys tow a…” He looked at Ness.

“White BMW,” she told him. “With navy interior. One day old,” she added, anxiety edging her voice.

Josh repeated the information into the phone. “Okay, thanks. Uh huh. Hold on.” He pressed a button on his phone, pulled out a slim stylus and wrote something down. “Got it. We’ll take care of it.”

He disconnected and shoved the phone back in his pocket.

“Well?” Ness looked to be more in control of herself even with anxiety written all over her face.

“They towed it. About an hour ago.” He looked at her curiously. “Were you in the restaurant? Why didn’t you give it to the valet?”

She tucked her hair behind her ear. “Because I’ve already had one car demolished a couple of weeks ago and I was hoping to last another twenty four hours before getting a second one dinged. I thought it would be a lot safer here.”

“Were you in there with friends?” He felt like he was digging the information out of her. “Where did they go? Can one of them take you to get your car?”

She sighed, fiddling with her hair again. “It was a business dinner. I can’t ask a client to take me to pick up my car that got towed. Anyway, he’s gone.”

“Not friends. A client.”

He looked at her cast then back at her face, one eyebrow raised.

She straightened her shoulders, trying to make herself taller. “My broken ankle has nothing to do with my ability to conduct business. I don’t talk with my foot.”

Josh swallowed a smile.

“Well, that kind of leaves you in a predicament, doesn’t it?”

She did that straightening thing with her body again, as if somehow she’d grow another six inches. “I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself, thank you very much.”


“Yes. Really.” She clearly put as much indignation into the words as she could. She needed to get her game face back on.

“Could have fooled me.”

“Besides, I’ve bothered you enough. I’ll just go on into the restaurant and they can call a taxi for me.”

She turned and began to clump her way back down the sidewalk, shoving his handkerchief in her pocket.

“Hold it.” Josh reached out to take her arm. “Hold it a minute, will you? You don’t need a cab. I’ll take you. And it’s really not a bother.”

How many times had he said that in his life?

* * * * *

Find me at, Twitter @desireeholt and Facebook /desireeholt.

A question and thanks…
Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Flying out the door, so this will be quick! I’m heading to Hot Springs this morning with my daughter. We have some errands to run.

Thanks so much to everyone on FB and Twitter who sent their congratulations for the two awards I received on Valentine’s Day! It means a lot—getting the awards, sure, but also the fact you are always there to support me. Thank you!

So, while I’m away today, here’s a question to ruminate over—it’s an important one (cough):

If snow could fall in any flavor, what flavor would you choose?

See? Life’s simple.