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Snippet Saturday: It’s Rainin’ Men!
Saturday, May 5th, 2012

On May 29th, the conclusion to the Logan brothers’ two-fer in the Lone Star Lovers series releases! Two Wild for Teacher is ready for pre-order now! In the meantime, get to know the Logan boys and see how well they work together…

“A FOUR-GONE CONCLUSION is a prime example on how a novella should be written; fast and fun, touching characters that pull you in and a story that is completely fulfilling.” ~4.5 Cherries, Long and Short Reviews

One devilish night…or a chance at heaven?

Sam Logan’s foster sons have a bad rep in Two Mule, Texas. Most of it earned. When it becomes clear they don’t plan on giving up scootin’ after ever pretty pair of boots in town anytime soon, he issues the one thing he knows they can’t resist: a challenge. Find a wife.

The oldest, Johnny, is actually grateful. He’s had his eye on Mean Ellie Harker for a long time, and Sam’s challenge is the kick in the pants he needed to ask her out. Except before he can make his move, his brothers kidnap her right out from under his nose. Now, instead of being one question away from victory, he has to compete for the woman of his dreams.

Ellie thought she’d be a dried up old spinster before Johnny finally untangled his tongue long enough to ask for a date. But instead of teaching him better uses for that tongue, his brothers have whisked her away to the ranch. At first she’s furious…then intrigued when she starts to wonder what it might be like…

Warning: Four handsome cowboys. Four choices. Would it be a single sordid night or a chance at heaven as she savors every luscious inch of the Logan brothers?

Note for Readers:
You must be of legal age in your country of origin to read this excerpt.

Johnny inhaled the sweet, apple scent of her as Ellie stepped into the room, a towel tucked under her armpits.

Her gaze went to the three near the bed, then swung, searching the room until she glanced slightly behind her and found him. He stared back, catching a look of panic in her wide eyes, but before he could react, she broke with his glance and turned toward the bed.

Her chest rose; a deep breath blew between her pursed lips. “Well, boys,” she said, her voice slightly husky, “you’re the experts. Someone gonna show me how this works?”

That her thoughts were so close to his own almost made him smile. She wasn’t as self-possessed as she’d like to pretend. The hand clenched at the closure of the towel betrayed her nervousness.

Johnny pushed away from the wall and walked up behind her, settling his hands gently on her shoulders.

She gave a little jerk then a short gusting laugh. “Guess I’m nervous,” she whispered.

He leaned toward her ear. “Me too.”

“I’m gonna make an ass of myself with an audience watching.”

“Not possible,” he muttered. Nuzzling through wet strands of hair, he kissed the side of her neck.

A delicate shiver slid over her warm, damp skin. “Killian promised to keep things from getting too out of hand,” she said, her breaths shallow.

His fingers tightened their hold, and he swallowed hard. “You have any bad moments, all you have to do is say uncle and we stop.”

“You’re all right with this?”

He didn’t answer. He wasn’t. Not really. But this wasn’t about him. He let his hands slide over her breasts, gently pushing away the fingers clutching the towel. Then he pulled the edges, opening it, exposing her to his brothers’ avid stares.

His glance left the view of her pretty pink nipples to give a warning to his brothers. But not a one offered a dirty comment.

The twins’ gazes raked her frame, their bodies tensing. For once, all humor erased from their expressions.

Killian’s eyes narrowed as he looked. He turned on the bed, dropping his legs over the edge, and stood. He strode toward her, his hands lifting when he was right in front of her to cup her face. He bent toward her and gave her a soft kiss then raised his head to look at Johnny. “This is about her.”

Johnny gave a sharp nod then stepped back, taking the towel.

The others had seen more of her than he had, but this view of her backside was just about perfect. Her frame was small, her waist deeply indented over pretty, flaring hips. Her buttocks were lush and round—heart-shaped, he thought, struggling to find words to catalog her attributes. Her legs weren’t all that long, but were firm and smooth—they’d be strong enough to ride a man’s hips when he went wild.

Killian lifted her hand and pulled her toward the bed.

Her buttocks jiggled a little with her stiff-legged gate, but she followed him, letting him lead her to the twins. When he dropped her hand, he stepped back, returning to take up a position next to Johnny as the twins moved in, sandwiching her between their naked chests.

She faced Mace. “Which one are you?”

The corners of Mace’s mouth kicked up.

Johnny cussed softly. She was about to have sex with the twins but couldn’t even tell them apart.

Jason’s hands slipped around her belly and moved up to cup her breasts. “Mace is the biggest idiot. Me not as much.”

“That’s true,” Killian murmured.

Johnny grunted, watching the way her nipples beaded as Jason toggled them with his thumbs.

Mace grabbed her hand and led it to the waistband of his jeans. “It’s all yours if you’ve got the guts.”

Ellie lifted her chin with a soft, feminine snort. She opened his pants then spread the sides open to reveal the tip of his cock. But then her hands smoothed around his body and sank beneath the waist to cup his buttocks.

Mace rose on his tiptoes and chuckled as she did whatever she was doing—caressing his butt? Her gaze never left his brother’s as she withdrew. Then she gripped the waistband and shoved the jeans down to his thighs.

Johnny tried to avoid staring at his brother’s dick, but her fingers wrapped right around it, gliding up and down his shaft.

Color seeped into her cheeks. Her mouth parted around a shaky breath.

“Any complaints?” Mace’s voice was silky and low.

Johnny’s own breath caught at her expression. This was the moment, he knew it, when she’d embrace the challenge or back away.

Her eyelids fluttered down then blinked rapidly. She tilted her chin and gave Mace’s cock another slow stroke. “No complaints,” she said, her tone smoky.

Jason chuckled behind her and dropped his hands. He shoved down his jeans and stepped on them as he freed his feet. Then he spun her to face him while his brother ditched his pants too.

Jason gripped her ass and raised her off her feet. Her legs dangled for a moment, then rose to hug his waist.

Johnny felt his whole body tighten at the intimacy of the embrace, jealous as never before because he hadn’t been the first to feel that grip.

Jason turned to the bed and climbed onto the mattress, carrying her with him to the center of the bed. When she released him, lowering her legs to rest on the mattress, her sex was open. Jason’s gaze dropped.

Johnny wished it was him looking there. He’d do a sight more than just stare.

“Jason,” she whispered, a knee rising and turning inward, but halted by his thigh.

“That’s right,” Jason said, combing his fingertips through the pale hair covering her mound. “But do you really want to be able to tell us apart?”

“Shouldn’t I?” White teeth bit into her bottom lip.

“Isn’t it more fun to guess?”

* * * * *

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