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Guest Blogger: Rachel Kramer Bussel
Friday, May 11th, 2012

Why Hotel Sex Is Hot

I love hotels, and I love hotel sex! That’s why I edited Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories and the new anthology Suite Encounters: Hotel Sex Stories. To me one of the greatest things about a hotel is one of the most obvious: it’s not your home. Probably you’ve never been there before. There are all sorts of things to explore and examine and indulge in. I took a staycation with my boyfriend earlier this year at the Gansevoort Park Hotel, and it was fabulous because we ate dinner at the delicious restaurant Asellina downstairs and never even had to go outside. The bathtub made me want to move into it, it was so deep and luxurious. But I don’t think you have to stay at a fancy hotel to partake of good hotel sex (and that includes solo sex). Just the mere act of getting away can shake you up, just like how I sometimes go to a new location to write for a change of scenery. Those two things collided when I was in Milwaukee for business and stayed at the beautiful Intercontinental (if you are ever in Milwaukee, I highly recommend it!). I wound up eating dinner at the hotel bar and a sleazy guy started hitting on me, with the genius line, “You must be very smart” because I was, wait for it…reading a book (a galley of love and cooking memoir Apron Anxiety by Alyssa Shelasky, which I also recommend). He was a loser and made me wish I’d opted for room service, but I wound up turning that incident into the basis for a story!

I regularly schedule hotel dates because even when you don’t have time to travel, they are a way to get away from it all. The last hotel I stayed at was The Benjamin, and I made sure to take advantage of their pillow menu, though I couldn’t help laughing hysterically when I got to the “snore no more” pillow. One tip that I could have used: if you bring sex toys with you, make sure they’re all present and accounted for before you leave. I wound up leaving my riding crop there and was too embarrassed to call and ask if they had it!

In Suite Encounters: Hotel Sex Stories, my new anthology out this month, there are sex workers, staycations, a mermaid, a murder mystery weekend, bondage (at the holiday inn!) and much more. I think Suite Encounters, like its predecessor Do Not Disturb, showcases a range of the ways people use hotels to get off. My story, “Special Request,” is one of the more outrageous, less realistic stories in the book. It’s an over-the-top fantasy inspired by a stay at the Westin in Los Angeles where they would have brought a treadmill or exercise bike to my room, and seemed to imply they could get a customer anything their heart desired. In my story, that actually happens. Here’s a snippet:

“So I booked this room because I’d heard from a friend that you will do anything to fulfill your clients’ wishes. I’ve been unable to find anyone who could meet my exact specifications, but you look like you’ll know where to find what I need. And my wish is for, well, an orgy. Tomorrow night. I want a room full of hot men and women to pleasure me and each other. Not professionals, just regular sexy people looking to have a good time. And I want you to join us. That’s a must. As a guest, off the clock. Confidentially of course—I must make sure not a word of this gets out,” Claudine finished with a Cheshire cat–like smile.

I’d just finished telling her I could get her anything she wanted, so I couldn’t refuse—not if I wanted to keep my job, not to mention my pride. Instead, I just stared at her, agog. I’d brought in ladies of the night, fetish specialists, pro subs and dominatrices. I’d had people ask me to personally pour them baths full of champagne, and I’d even sipped a little as a recent Oscar winner had extended his gorgeous body into his suite’s sumptuous tub while I’d popped cork after cork until he was fully submerged. He’d asked me to join him and while I was very, very tempted, I declined save for the luxury of pouring the chilled bubbly over his shoulders, then splashing the last few drops onto his face and indulging in one of the hottest kisses of my life. I was pretty sure he had a cell phone full of numbers of women who’d be more than willing to slip into his tub, so I’d left him to them.

I did, in fact, have the numbers of plenty of escorts and dominatrices handy, friends who specialized in high-end clients who I trusted implicitly for their discretion and ability to do their job well. But Claudine wanted real people, not professionals—except for, well, me. She wanted people who weren’t acting like they wanted to share her bed, but who would be overjoyed to worship her leopard-print heels, not to mention the rest of her. I could tell that she wasn’t so much a voyeur or exhibitionist as used to being the centerpiece of any encounter, erotic or otherwise; she’d never be so crass as to say “gang bang” but she wasn’t going to be satisfied unless all those hands and mouths were focused on her at some point in the night. I wasn’t sure if I was doing my job or relegating my duties when an image of Claudine with men nibbling on her toes and a woman buried between her legs flashed in my mind.

“Now, if we understand each other, I’m going to slip into a bath. I need to soak my feet.” Claudine smiled at me, her glistening red lips curving upward, her brown eyes dancing over my surprised face. She unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it on the bed, then casually reached behind her to unhook her bra, letting her large, clearly natural breasts hang heavily against her, before pausing to finish her instructions.

“I’d love a couple, and maybe some college kids, a girl with some tattoos, a man with a huge cock. A boy I can tie up. With you as my dessert,” Claudine added with a laugh before stepping toward me, placing her hand at the back of my head, and giving me a full, passionate kiss, as if that were something she were used to doing with her minions. Her mouth tasted minty and sweet, and her tongue was as possessive as the rest of her. It was the kind of kiss I was used to from men, not women. Her breasts pressed against me, begging me touch them. I was still in shock, but my pussy clearly wasn’t, because it responded to her touch, to her tongue darting against mine. She pulled away, then slithered out of her jeans and panties, before waving good-bye and sliding into the bathroom, where the sound of rushing water greeted me. I rubbed at my lips, hoping to remove the lipstick as quickly as I could.

* * * * *

You can read my introduction and watch the sexy trailer I filmed for Do Not Disturb at a New York City hotel at Also, if you order Suite Encounters (or pre-order the ebook) by May 15th from any source, you’re eligible to enter my contest to win a $250 Four Seasons gift card and enjoy a hotel stay of your own! Details at

4 comments to “Guest Blogger: Rachel Kramer Bussel”

  1. Wendy THompson
    · May 11th, 2012 at 7:14 am · Link

    I can’t wait to read this one. Will be preordering.

  2. Fedora
    · May 11th, 2012 at 11:59 am · Link

    LOL!! Quite the excerpt, Rachel! And well, hotels are usually quite fun! I love sleeping in a bed made with clean sheets and enjoying a soak in a clean tub, neither of which I had to prepare ;p Oh… maybe that’s just my laziness shrieking out there 😉 Thanks for the peek at your contribution to Suite Encounters–I’m sure they’re all sweet (or rather hot!) indeed!

  3. K. A. Burton
    · May 11th, 2012 at 8:21 pm · Link

    Hotels are probably one of the saviors of married life. Off we go, leave the kids with a sitter, and dissappear for a weekend. For 48 hours, me and the hubby are free to be the wild kinky lovers we began as. I have always been sure that the unfortunate people in neighboring rooms really wish we were quiet so enthusiastic.


  4. ELF
    · May 13th, 2012 at 2:09 pm · Link

    You always edit the most interesting collections and this one looks like another winner! Thanks for sharing and good luck with the new release.

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