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Archive for August 19th, 2012

Guest Blogger: Marie Harte (Contest)
Sunday, August 19th, 2012

Yesterday’s winner is Melissa P! Melissa, contact me to arrange delivery of your prize! ~DD

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Gotta love male/male romance. The only thing that makes it better is throwing in another m or an f. Sexual tension increases enjoyment, because anything worth having is worth working for. In my PowerUp! series, about psychic ex-government agents now living as civilians, a large group of convoluted personalities mesh and grind…in more ways than one.

I write m/f romance, and I write m/m romance. The woman point of view is easy. I’m a girl. I write men from what I know of them. And I know a lot.


That might not sound right. I meant that I’ve spent a lifetime surrounded by men. All my best buds growing up were guys. And my professional life was male-dominated. I was surrounded by men in the Marine Corps, where I spent five years as a communications officer. And then I went to work for a trucking company, managing drivers. Again, heavy on the testosterone side.

Maybe that’s why I like m/m romance so much? I don’t know. But I’m fascinated by strong male characters. Men like Avery Holton and Nathan Kraft, who rub each other the wrong way before they get it right, in Fortune’s Favor Avery was a major in the Marine Corps. Nathan worked for Uncle Sam learning secrets. He’s a touch-telepath, a man gifted with psychometry—the ability to know things by touching an object associated with the person who carried it. These men but heads and generally fight their attraction to one another. But when danger comes calling, they have to rely on each other. I love the whole enemies turned friend dynamic, so I decided to use it with these stubborn men.                       

I loved the characters, and I love the story. I hope you will too. One lucky commenter will receive an electronic download of Fortune’s Favor. Good luck! Contest ends tonight (August 17th) at 9 pm. Winner announced then.

Nathan Kraft needs more than the life he’s currently living. Once an agent for the Psychic Warfare Program, he’s now reduced to helping civilians get in shape at the PowerUp! gym, where his buddies and he continue to train their minds in secret. He’s always up for some excitement, in the form of a job or a man, but lately he’s getting neither. Then he’s assigned a job, one like he used to do for the government, except this job involves his past.

Avery Holton has butted heads with Nathan since they first met a year ago when he joined the staff of the PowerUp! gym. Nathan gets impressions from touching objects. Avery sees the future. Nathan is fun, loves men, and craves adventure like a drug. Avery likes discipline, is quiet but not closeted about his bisexuality, and does the job like a professional, a carryover from his days in the Marine Corps. Thrust together on a mission that links to Nathan’s childhood, the pair will have to learn to trust each other. It will take all their psychic skills and an acceptance of their growing love to defeat an evil out to get Nathan and everyone he loves…before it’s too late.

Avery had matured past the point where boys kissed and told, and even at that young age, he’d never shared his personal life. He didn’t hide the fact that he liked men and women sexually, but he didn’t see the need to show it off either. Unlike Nathan, who had nothing better to do with this social life than parade an endless supply of pretty boys under Avery’s nose.

He scowled, remembering how each and every one of Nathan’s conquests had made him feel—annoyed, angry, possessive. The confusing need for Nathan made him want to go against his hard and fast rule of no fucking around with coworkers. Maybe if he’d gotten the man out of his system, he could react normally around him.

Then again, he and Nathan didn’t usually work together, not on PWP-type missions. The gym was different. Since he’d been put on the night shift, he and Nathan cleaned equipment, helped out gym-goers, and worked out themselves. Nathan had height and brawn but not a killer instinct. Oh, he boxed well enough, and he could wrestle with the best of them. But Avery instinctively knew best how to handle an opponent. With Nathan, he would muscle the big man down flat on his back. Then his fantasies intruded, and he’d see himself straddling Nathan’s face and shoving his cock in that warm, wet mouth. Read the rest of this entry »