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Archive for September 2nd, 2012

Sunday Report Card and a Question…
Sunday, September 2nd, 2012


Don’t forget! The Hustler Magnets Contest is still ongoing. And in fact, a comment today counts toward the drawing. There will be 5 lucky winners! Also, don’t forget about the Promo Ho Contest. Four gift certificates are at stake!

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Sunday Report Card

Remember back in May when I told you I have 18 projects to get out the door by January 2, 2013? That list grew a little bit to 21 projects. Currently, it looks like this:

4 3 full-length novels (2 1 paranormal suspense, 2 BDSM) — Shattered Souls, done—and scheduled to release January 8th!
5 3 novellas (1 Delta Heat, 1 Triple Horn Brand, 1 Delta Heat, 1 Femme Noir, 1 Triple Horn Brand) — Delta Heat: Fournicopia, and Triple Horn Brand: Laying Down the Law done!
4 2 short stories — “Red Dawn”, “Johnny Blaze”, done!
3 2 anthologies I have to edit — Smokin’ Hot Firemen done!
3 novels to extensively edit & expand with my sister (it’s a secret!)
1 novella to extensively edit and publish — Dragon’s Desire, edited! Publishing soon!
1 short story anthology to edit and publish — Licks, done!

My productivity slowed down last month, partly because I spent a week in Louisiana having fun, then had to recuperate from all that fun, but mostly because the pool and crafts (pendant-making) just seemed like so much more fun. I’m paying for it this month. Don’t expect to see me much on Facebook or Twitter, except very late at night, because I have to keep my cave door closed.  I am very, very close to having one novella done, have two novels to kick off at the same time, and an editing project I have to pull together this week. Sound like enough to keep me busy and out of trouble? Sheesh!

* * * * *


If you’ve ever seen the musical, Oklahoma, there’s a character named “Ado Annie” who gets into trouble with men because she can never say no. Well, meet her twin. I really try to keep guests down to three a week so I have time to have some fun here, but I can’t say no when I have such fabulous guests coming. This week, I’ll have the following ladies. Be sure to drop by and see what they’re all talkin’ about!

9/3 — Karis Walsh
9/5 — Jules Bennett
9/6 — Vivian Arend
9/7 — Jane Lovering


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The Question

Last week, I asked you what TV show you’d most like to see have a renunion show that had been off the air for at least 10 years. This is kinda related. Have fun!

Which TV show’s cancellation most made you want to howl?