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Archive for October 28th, 2012

Guest Blogger: B.J. McCall
Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Halloween Memories

As a child Halloween was a favorite holiday, ranking right up there with Christmas and Easter. You get stuff. Santa brought gaily wrapped presents and the Easter bunny left a basket of colored eggs and chocolate bunnies.

But Halloween made your spine tingle and put an eerie spin on your imagination. I remember trick-or-treating with my older sisters. I was excited at being allowed out after dark, wearing a costume and going home with a sack full of candy. What’s not to like?

Halloween was special. Trick-or-treating had an edge, especially if the moon was full and my sisters had filled my head with chilling tales. Shadows became ghostly figures, leafless trees looked like tall skeletons, and the scraping of fallen leaves along our rural road were surely the scurrying of unseen creatures. It was exciting and scary with the possibility of witches flying and goblins lurking.

But time moves on and Halloween becomes a night to don costumes and party with friends. It’s fun, but the edge is gone. Now, I’m one of those people who open the door on All Hallows Eve and respond to the demand of trick-or-treat with a handful of candy. I love seeing the smiles of pirates, princesses and super heroes, and hearing their joyful chatter as they rush along carrying plastic pumpkins and bags of treats. I hope the costumed children are collecting memories along with the candy because the wonder of Halloween comes to an end all too soon.

I hope you’ll enjoy the blurbs of my Halloween themed books Embrace Forever and Warrior of the Light and spend All Hallows Eve with my heroines, Jastra and Dani.

* * * * *

Embrace Forever

Sentenced to death Jastra is transported Draco, the vampire planet, as part of a food for protection program. Vampire warriors destroy the asteroids threatening Tariz and the condemned provide nourishment and pleasure.

As a sex slave, Jastra has known a life of opulence. Jastra’s new master, Dauthus, offers a life devoid of luxury but the pleasure is to die for.

As commander of the vampire warriors Dauthus faces many demands and confrontations, but falling in love is the ultimate challenge.


* * * * *

Warrior of the Light

A bright burst of light signals a new life for Dani March, but at the moment her main concern is what to do about the wolf-like dog that has jumped into the back seat of her convertible.

Dani’s inadvertent request for a big bad wolf makes for an interesting night. A dog can change into a warrior and a naked hunk with a big sword can turn interesting into extraordinary. The warrior can jump through space gates, childhood bedtime stories can be true and Dani’s earthly existence is a fantasy.

Finding out you’re an alien and falling in love? There’s only so much a girl can take.



B.J. McCall is multi-published in Ebook and print with Changeling Press, eRedSage, Cobblestone Press and Ellora’s Cave. This year, 2012, B.J. celebrates being a ‘decade author’ with Ellora’s Cave. Happier than a witch in a broom factory, B.J. is thrilled to announce the release of her latest werewolf tale. Pleasure Pact will be released by Ellora’s Cave on November 9th.