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Archive for February 3rd, 2013

Sunday Report Card
Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

Today’s guest is late getting her stuff to me, so I’m popping in quickly to share “the plan.” The list below is everything I hope to finish by April 1st. The one item in purple is the only thing I’ve finished since the start of the year. (It’s the “BDSM in the Bayou” novel I finished last week!) Yes, the list is completely ridiculous, but I need big goals so I can keep adrenaline pushing me to tackle the biggest priorities on the list. If I can slide in some of the shorter projects too, I’ll have true bragging rights. 🙂

Work in   Progress Due Date
1 OHM Novel 1/7/2013
2 CL-13 Short Story 2/10/2013
3 CM – First  3 Episodes 2/13/2013
4 Strokes-2 Anthology
5 Proposal, 1 Chapter
6 PITBE Novella
7 Penthouse Short Story
8 CM –   Episode 4 2/26/2013
9 Delta Heat-4 Novella 2/28/2013
10 CL-14 Short Story 3/1/2013
11 BBB Short Story
12 CM –   Episode 5 3/12/2013
13 CL-15 Short Story 3/15/2013
14 Cowboy Heat Short Story 3/20/2013
15 CM –   Episode 6 3/26/2013
16 BDSM-2 Novel 4/1/2013
17 Cowboy Heat Anthology 4/1/2013