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Archive for February 15th, 2013

Guest Blogger: Sharon Hamilton (Contest!)
Friday, February 15th, 2013

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Who Would A Golden Vampire Hire For Protection?

Well, of course, Navy’s finest: SEALs. In my book, they are retired SEALs. In writing Mortal Bite, I found my little fingers writing some new quirky characters to further the saga along. Golden Vampires, like in Book 1, Honeymoon Bite, can live in the sunlight, and they live forever. But their children are born mortal.

My legendary family, the Monteleones of Tuscany, hire dark coven vampires as their security. But dark vamps have to go to ground in the daylight, so, to add protection, they train some ex-SEALs to handle some of the daytime things. Now, can you imagine what happens when these SEALs learn about tracing and transporting? These are guys who are used to doing HALO jumps at midnight over water. Do you think they’d love to trace with a dark vamp? Heck yes. They’d be wanting to trace to go to the liquor store or the favorite burger joint.

I have a secondary character in this book who will have his own book soon: Lionel Jett.  He has two brothers who live in California and help protect the Monteleone family. Lionel is about to go on a fact-finding mission. They have set up a group of ex-SEALs to join their team in the coming days. But tonight, they want to go incognito, pretending just to be a couple of randy guys.

Here’s a little excerpt of  Lionel Jett and his brother, Hugh. But the ladies all call him Huge.

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Mortal BiteExcerpt, Mortal Bite:

Lionel was relaxed but wary as he strode down the wet streets of the little winery town. The heels of his scuffed Doc Martens pounded along the sidewalk, causing storefront glass to wobble. He made a point to go lighter, so as not to draw attention to his preternatural powers. He wanted to spend the evening without drawing undue attention, if he could.

His standard uniform was black leather jacket with the myriad of zippered pockets, his tight black Levis with more pockets, and the lace-up boots with the steel toes he wore everywhere except for a tuxedo affair. Since those only came along a couple of times a century, he still had a pair of pumps he’d bought back in the 1800’s made from pressed alligator—an illegal substance in today’s world—which were perfect and drew little attention.

 PRESS was full of people tonight. The first thing that struck him was the giddy laughter coming from the bar and dark corners of the place, even though the lighting was darker than usual. It wasn’t the romantic quiet he usually found at a hook-up place. There were groups of people everywhere. Things were being said indiscreetly. Boundaries were being pushed. He was hit with glamour from all directions, indicating the dark forces were very present.

Perfect. Just what you wanted, right? Read the rest of this entry »