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Archive for October 1st, 2013

Cathryn Cade: BDSM on the Light Side (Contest)
Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Hello, all you delicious Delilah D fans. Love her writing, and love the chance to chat with her readers. Waving—thanks for the invite, Ms D!

I’ve been having a blast this summer and fall, writing a hot, hot, hot new series for Samhain. Club 3 debuted October 1st, which I love. October just seems like the month to get naughty, you know? With Halloween coming, my Bad Girl starts twitching her tail and wanting to get in T.R.O.U.B.L.E.

So what’s the worst kind of trouble a girl can get into? Well … does mouthing off to not one, not two, but three doms in her first night at a new club count? Yikes! Think that would do it. The only question will be how hard is that spanking gonna be?

I love reading BDSM and D/s. But for me, it’s not about the physical, it’s about the emotional. In real life I’m shy, and passed up a few guys in whom I was genuinely interested because I could not get my stupid tongue untangled long enough to chat with them.  God blessed me (and he was no doubt rolling his eyes by then) by plunking my handsome husband before me at a big dance club in Montana when I’d had just enough alcohol to loosen up and actually act out my extreme interest in this hunk. Through two handsome sons, several moves and life crises, we are still together. Love my alpha male!

ccShesAllIn-R 2Daisy Charles, the heroine of She’s All In is the girl I always wished I was, but wasn’t. She has the spunk to walk up to a big, handsome weightlifter that she knows is a dom, and ask him for a date.

He turns her down. Yeah, there’s a crusher. But Daisy, being a tough woman who’s gone through hell in her own way, jumps right back up and agrees to try things his way first. By accepting an invitation to his BDSM club.

Now, I’m going to slam on the brakes, and tell you WHY I wrote this series. I love BDSM, but  … many of the stories I read include elements that are not right for me. Isn’t that the way with erotic romance? When a story is intense, passionate, raw and delves into the darker side of the human psyche, there are bound to be scenes, or even just lines that make us uncomfortable.  Sometimes in a fun, squirm-in-our-seats way and sometimes in an I-can’t-handle-this way.

That’s how I am with the darker BDSM. I fully support those who love that. I don’t. What I do love about BDSM romance  is the emotional risk, the need to connect on a deep level, the trust that develops. The capacity for ecstasy when it works, and for stark emotional pain when that trust is broken, sometimes unwittingly.

So that’s what I write. Light BDSM. I tried the term ‘vanilla BDSM’, lol, but just confused the heck out of many readers. Yeah, I see you wrinkling your cute little nose at the computer. You too, huh?

If you’d love to try a romance with plenty of heat, a few chuckles and some heartbreak, leave a comment and let us know what you enjoy about reading D/s and BDSM. I’ll give away a copy of the ebook, SHE’S ALL IN here. PLEASE leave your email addy so I can find you!

For an excerpt, visit  Samhain Publishing. And stop by My Website for more chances to win. You might also win my Naughty Club 3 Halloween Basket!


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