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Archive for October 20th, 2013

Jennifer Kacey: Bondage Boot Camp Part 2 & Contest
Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Bondage Boot Camp Part 2 & Contest


Bondage Boot Camp Part 1 was NOTHING compared to Part 2!

My next adventure in Kink Land (I’m picturing #CandyLand for the naughty here) was in Dallas at a convention called Beyond Vanilla. This one was more the leather crowd – boot blacks, knife play, predicaments, blood, puppy play and rope. Mmm…rope. My favorite!!

1avello_redIt was very diverse and there were so many classes I had to pick and choose which ones I wanted to attend. So I spent 3 days learning all about different kinks. Some I’d never been able to see in person, and the experience of it happening live and in color was amazing!

What was the first class I chose to attend you ask? Masterful Mindfucks. Yep, and I tell you this, it kicked off the conference with a bang and a half. By the end of the hour and a half I’d seen leeches, fake blood, had a tarantula flung at me (which I thought was real mind you and I do still scream like a girl), learned what a lifetime gangbang might look like, and was reminded what burnt hair smelled like. Talk about jumping into the deep end. I LOVED IT!!

My favorite two classes were Predicament Bondage and Blood Play, which the latter totally shocked me, but I’ll get to that in a minute. Predicament bondage I’ve seen before, and experienced a tiny bit of, but the class I went to was incredible and unbelievably entertaining. It was put on by a Sir and his three “boys”. Three full grown, beautifully naked men!! And all three of them were gorgeous so it was no hardship watching them be put in “interesting” positions.

The first predicament was intense. The Master had his husband, yes I said husband, strip and do 25 pushups. Not too tough right? WRONG! We’re all counting for him, and he’s butt naked in a room of 40 of us or so watching his every move. At the end of the last one his Sir made him hold the push up position. He taped his legs together, very effectively gagged him with a chili pepper duct taped in his mouth and then to give him incentive to hold the position he pulled a sheet of mouse traps out from under one of the conference tables and laid it beneath his stomach on the floor. It was intense! He did great and was able to hold it until the traps were removed. His Sir set off the traps at the end just to prove they were live. Then he showed predicaments with two people and three people. What one does affects the rest, normally is some deliciously depraved way that made my jaw hit the floor. Crazy naughty! Seriously had to hit the reset button on my brain after that class!

Okay, blood play. I had some idea what to expect on this one, cause…HELLO…it’s blood, but I’d never been in the same room with it and I didn’t know how I’d react. I’m not squeamish of blood by any means, but would it be sexy or gross or just ho hum whatever, I could take it or leave it.

I REALLY liked it and that surprised me. The class was put on by a guy and he had two women and one guy bottom for him during the class. He did a cutting with blood cupping **FASCINATING**, needles on this gorgeous girl who really REALLY likes needles, and a venous pull on a guy from the audience for reasons that are too convoluted to go into here. It was beautiful and organic. The chemistry and tension between the Dom and his subs truly touched me. He kept having to remind himself not to get lost in the moment since he was teaching a class. That spoke to me more than anything else, the connection in their play.

That seemed to be the common theme throughout the weekend. The presenters and participants sharing what they love and their enthusiasm was contagious.

That is what I took away from my bondage weekend. Oh, well, and quite a bit of rope burn from three suspensions back to back to back Saturday night. (**GRINS**)

It was a great weekend and one I would recommend for anyone new to kink or curious about kink, or just freaky deaky and you want to get your kink on.

GO FOR IT!! Find the you you’ve always wanted to be, and let her out to play!

CONTEST – Bad Girls of Romance Trading Cards plus Swag and Trading cards from yours truly. Plus, maybe a little bit of something extra from Romanticon since I just got back!

Tell me a kink you’d love to try, but haven’t gotten to…YET!!!


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