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Archive for January 14th, 2014

Reporting from somewhere near DC…
Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

After two days of driving, the fam and I are at our destination. We’ll be staying in the wilds of Virginia, about an hour from Washington, DC. I say wilds, but there’s a little sarcasm in my voice. Yes, the house I’m staying in is on a hilltop all by its lonesome, but it’s hardly the wilds when you can reach a shopping mall inside ten minutes. Still, it’s lovely. A little chillier than Arkansas at the moment, but not bad.

If I tell you I’m staying at my ex’s with his girlfriend, will you think I’m terribly strange? We’ve managed to keep a friendly (not too friendly, mind you!) relationship over the years. We genuinely like to see each other, catch up on what’s happening in our lives, reminisce, etc.

I do find it strange that it took us going our separate ways to find out what we really wanted out of life. He has his thriving business; I have my thriving writing career. He’s much more social than I am, so living in a more populated area suits him fine, while I love my countrified isolation.

Family remains very important to us, so keeping things friendly really isn’t an effort. And it’s one less stressor in a life full of challenges. Which makes me wonder, have you ever had a relationship like that? A post-breakup friendship?

I have guests lined up for the rest of my visit here; just thought I’d poke my head in the door and say hello. Ciao for now!  ~DD 🙂