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Archive for January 24th, 2014

Randi Alexander: Redneck Romeo (Contest)
Friday, January 24th, 2014

A Valentine Romance — Redneck Romeo: Red Hot Valentine

Thanks for letting me take over your blog today, Delilah.

Do you love Valentine’s Day, or hate it? When ten other authors and I decided to combine our Valentine’s short stories into a collection of books, I was surprised by how many authors chose to write characters that disliked the holiday.

I’ve always loved the day, and hubby and I still try to get a little time alone to celebrate it. But so many people don’t enjoy it, or call it crass commercialization at its finest. True, restaurants are overbooked and packed tight on the big day. And card stores and candy shops post giant reminder signs to lure in customers who do not want to forget their loved one on that day.

When my hubby, Kick, and I were newly married and on a tight budget, our evening out on Valentine’s Day consisted of heading to a card shop, picking out cards for each other, and exchanging them – unpurchased – in the store, then placing them back in the rack. I smile now because we must have looked like the nuttiest couple on Earth.

Then we went to a takeout restaurant and grabbed one meal to share, took it home, and stretched it into a multi-course dinner with an appetizer, salad, and dessert. While the supper with candles and cloth napkins was lovely, the time we spent together planning and shopping and cooking became the best part of the day.

How about you? What’s your favorite Valentine’s memory? Or are you a non-Valentines person? Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of another of my books, Cowboy Jackpot: Valentine’s Day.

raRedneck_Romeo 400x600

When Genevieve Riley sneaks onto the O’Bannon Ranch to return a stolen heirloom, the boy she’d fallen in love with as a teenager, Nick O’Bannon, catches her before she can slip away. The problem is, he’s now a big, rugged cowboy, and those feelings from a decade ago resurface. She can’t concentrate on anything but picking up where they left off.

Nick can’t believe what his dogs cornered. Beautiful ‘Jellybean’ Riley, all grown up and sexier than sin. He never knew what tore her from his life when they were teens, just as their relationship was starting. With the heat radiating between them, he knows he can seduce her, but can he make her stay this time?

Here’s a sexy scene to tempt you:

“You’re not a very patient man, are you.” Genny’s hands rested on his thighs as she looked up at Nick.

“Eleven years is a goddamn long time to wait.”

She laughed, then took pity on him and sucked his head into her hot mouth.

As electric shocks skittered from his cock to his balls and along his backbone, he threaded his fingers in her hair. “Feels good. Don’t stop yet.”

She backed away and let his cock drop from her lips. “Yet?” Thankfully, she came forward again and drew him into her mouth. Her tongue licked a circle around his head, teasing and pushing him closer to climax.

“I don’t want to come yet. I want to make love to you.”

With a sexy hum, she sent vibrations through his cock.

Nick’s brain clicked off and his head dropped forward. “No.” He had to be inside her sweet pussy. Using every last functioning brain cell, he eased his cock out of her mouth and knelt in front of her. “Let me love you, Genevieve.”

The soft smile that curved her lips and the mellow expression in her eyes told him he’d said the right thing.

Wrapping his arms around her, he slid a hand down to the curve of her ass, then lower, cupping the firm globe.

She surprised him by doing the same to him. “Your ass is the sexiest cowboy butt I’ve ever seen.”

He resisted the jealous urge to ask her how many cowboy asses she’d seen. “You’ve got the sweetest tush in Texas.”

Her head dropped back with her laughter. “And knowing Texas the way I do, there’s probably a contest for that, too. Miss Sweet Tush.”

Nick’s heart thudded at her laughter. He hadn’t heard it in so damn long, and now he had her here in his home. “Ain’t no one going to be judging this beauty, but me.” He squeezed both her ass cheeks in his hands, pulling her bare mound onto his turgid cock.

“No.” Her smile left her face. “There’s no one else.”

Her words shot through him like a stray bullet. No one else. He’d like to keep it that way, even if he had to beg.

In one swift movement, he stood, picked her up, and laid her on the bed. “You’re beautiful.” He grabbed a condom packet from the nightstand drawer then lay next to her, caressing her thigh, feeling goosebumps pebble on her skin.

She cupped his cheek. “You’re beautiful.” Her brows drew together as she looked into his eyes. “You’ve become a kind, honest, thoughtful man.” She drew in a shaky breath. “The way you handled the home intrusion earlier, like a gentleman.” She grinned. “You didn’t sic the dogs on me.”

He would have handled it a hell of a lot differently if it had been a man in his house, instead of a gorgeous blonde. “You could’ve just shipped it here. The gun.” Yet, she’d shown up here on Valentine’s Day. “Sent it by courier, or something.” He pushed a lock of her hair from her cheek. “Why did you bring it yourself?”

Glancing away, she shrugged one shoulder. “I think I hoped to run into you.” Her gaze met his. “Somewhere in the back of my mind, I wanted to see you again.” A tiny wrinkle formed between her brows. “Even if it meant you’d see exactly how unscrupulous my father was.”

That was a lot of deep psychology for two naked people to be diving into. “I’m just glad you’re here.” He rolled her onto her side so her breasts pressed against his chest, her nipples poking sensually into his skin. “Let’s save the talking part for later.”

Her hand skimmed along his side to rest on his hip. “Best idea I’ve ever heard.”

Nick’s cock filled with blood, flying full mast again. Leaning forward, he touched his lips to hers. “I have to feel you under me, to hold you here.”

With a soft moan, she returned the kiss, her tongue tracing the curve of his upper lip. “I want that. Want you to make me yours.”


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