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Archive for December 7th, 2014

2 Days to Burnin’ Up Memphis! (Contest)
Sunday, December 7th, 2014

Update! Ellen Blakley is the winner of the free download! DD

* * * * *

Two more days. I can hardly wait. When you read it, you’ll get back to me, right? Let me know what you thought. Tell me who you want center stage in the next story…?

This book’s about more than just the sex. Yes, there’s tons of sex, but it’s about a firehouse that’s hurting too. No one more than Coop. I’m sharing the opening of the story with you below so you can see the demons he’s fighting. Coop’s a little bitter and closed off. You know what he needs.

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The opening…

Burnin' Up MemphisOne of the crappiest shifts of firefighter John “Coop” Cooper’s life took another nosedive when his lieutenant caught him before he’d even had a chance to drop his turnout gear after their latest run. With sooty sweat stinging his eyes and his suspenders half-up half-down, he sighed as the LT curled his fingers, beckoning him over.

Coop knew exactly what this was about, and despite his fatigue, his mind zipped through all the possible excuses he could muster to escape.

“You’re the last one,” Lieutenant Knox Triplett said, his face hard and his hazel gaze narrowing on Coop.

Used to be that Coop cared about pleasing Knox. He’d strove to be first to his gear and into the truck, first in the door of a burning building, and was careful never to fuck up  a room-to-room search. He’d cared about being the best firefighter he could be. But lately, he’d just been showing up, going through the motions. Doing what he had to do to get through the shift.

Knox had been patient, his gazes merciful and sympathetic. But it looked as though he’d reached the end of his tether so far as Coop was concerned.

Coop wished he could feel anger or shame. But all he could muster was irritation. He wanted out of the station. The shift was nearly over and he had to dodge this bullet one more time. “The last one? You sure about that?” Coop asked, not bothering to look Knox in the eye.

Knox tapped his clipboard. “I asked for a hundred percent cooperation with the internal investigation, with the NIOSH assholes. Don’t know what it is with you guys. This should be the easy part. The counselor’s here to help you.”

Coop raked a hand through his hair. “That’s the point, LT. I don’t need his help. I’m tired of talking about it.” Read the rest of this entry »