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D.T. Dyllin: Not Really a Rant
Monday, February 16th, 2015

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a guest post. Although I was first filled with excitement for the opportunity, it quickly turned into dread because every time I sat down to write the post…nothing. I had absolutely nothing as far as ideas went. I tried to brainstorm, think about what potential readers might be interested in. Still…nothing…nada…zero…zilch. I came to the conclusion that I’d used up all of my creativity in my novels and current WIPs. Not the worst place to use it, but it still left me with the problem of what to write. What to write…what to write????!

The question began to haunt me in an endless loop. I, of course, wanted to be light, witty and engaging. Let’s face it, a guest post, if done right, is a great opportunity for both the host site and the guest. Good cross promotion and all of that. It would not be good for anyone if I bombed out and just wrote something stupid. Ugh. With each day that ticked by with nothing on the page, stinking up the place became a very plausible reality. Whyyyy couldn’t I come up with an idea?

Then this year’s Grammys happened. *Boom * An idea!

Did I watch The Grammys myself? No. But I awakened to a plethora of posts across different social media sites, all about the whole Kenye and Beck debacle. What does the Grammys and that whole mess have to do with me, romance books etc? Weeeel… a lot. You see, people seem to lose their damn minds over awards. Do they really mean anything? No. Okay, so maybe that’s not entirely true. Sometimes, they can mean more sales, and who doesn’t want that? But when it really comes down to it, awards don’t change anything. Not the product of whatever art was produced, whether it be music, books, a performance in a movie, etc. So why do people care so much? Why can’t we all be supportive of each other as fellow artists? You may not personally care for something, but that doesn’t mean you have to rain all over someone else’s parade?

Why can’t we all respect each other’s talents? I’m not a huge fan of non-paranormal romance. Straight up contemporary romance without a twist, frankly, bores me. Buuuut… I have a lot of author friends who write it. So when one of my friends has a release, I buy their book. I don’t broadcast that fact. Some of them probably don’t even know that I do it. I simply purchase their book in a show of support, more for me than them in a way. I don’t want to ever compete with other writers. We are all in this together. Writing is not a zero sum game. We can all be successful and it doesn’t take anything away from our own creations. Now, I’m not saying the only way to show support is to go buy product, whatever that may be. Sometimes support can come in the form of not trampling all over someone else’s moment. Everyone deserves their moment in the sun. If you’re feeling all rain cloudy, then go dribble on someone else.

Okaaay… My guest post isn’t really a rant. I’m holding myself back from having one on someone else’s blog. I’ll reserve my rants for my own virtual space. Lol So what am I trying to say in this post? Amidst all the babble is a point, I swear. Let’s all be more supportive of each other, not just us creative types, but of each other as human beings. I’m tired of hearing about all the B.S. in the news. It friggin’ depresses me. It’s one of the reasons I hide away from social media sometimes. For my own sanity. But today… today I want to hear about the good things that happen to others. I’m not going to talk about or promote any of my books in this post. I want to open up the comments for good news from my fellow book-y peeps. I’m going to use my guest post space to try and generate some good vibes for everyone.

So how about it… Post something in the comments about your book, or a book that you’re reading. Good stuff only.  Don’t go and rain on my good karma parade I’m trying to start. Because then I will be forced to hurt you. 😉

I’m going to close this post (Not rant! Boo-yah!) by quoting Bill S. Preston Esquire, and Ted Theodore Logan (Yeah, I’m totally dating myself. *sigh *): Be excellent to each other! (And I don’t care what anyone says, that was a great movie! I’m talking to you, Hubby!)

Thanks for having me here today! 🙂

dddara dylin

Photo by Stephanie Saujon


About the author

D.T. Dyllin is a bestselling author who writes both New Adult and Adult Romance. As a romance junkie, anything with a love story is her kryptonite and her obsession is what first drove her to begin twisting her own tales of scorching romance.

D.T. was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Black & Gold for life, baby!) She now lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with her husband and two spoiled German Shepherds.


4 comments to “D.T. Dyllin: Not Really a Rant”

  1. Pansy Petal
    · February 16th, 2015 at 3:44 pm · Link

    What a wonderful post! Thank you for your non rant. I almost didn’t read it today, for many of the reasons you mentioned. I am actually glad I did. It is nice to do random acts of kindness. Thank you.

    What, or who, have I read lately that I would like to say nice things about? Elite Metal: Eight-Novel Cohesive Military Romance Boxed Set. It included authors Jennifer Kacey, Anna Alexander, Heather Long, Sabrina York, Rebecca Royce, Saranna DeWylde, and Roxie Rivera. These amazing ladies each wrote a story about one couple each, that was was part of an overall story. They did it well. I read this book a week ago – the entire thing, all 742 pages – and it will not let me go. That doesn’t happen often.

    They say that Jennifer spire headed this project, but they all contributed. I loved it. Good job ladies.

    Thank you D.T. Dyllin for allowing me this opportunity to gush about this book. I don’t know that I have read anything by you, YET. But I will be checking it out. Thank you. You have an amazing day!

  2. D.T. Dyllin
    · February 16th, 2015 at 4:10 pm · Link

    Thanks again to you Delilah, for having me as a guest on your blog! 😀

    And thank you as well, Pansy Petal! I appreciate you sharing some positive booky stuff, and for taking the time to read my post! (Long rambling mess. LOL!) <3

  3. ButtonsMom2003
    · February 16th, 2015 at 10:05 pm · Link

    Besides reading several of Delilah’s books recently I’ve also read ones by Blair Babylon, Melanie Marchande and I’m currently reading an ARC for Jessica Scott. Jessica’s previous books have all been about people in the military (she is an Army Captain) but her latest (not yet released) is a NA book that deals with Veterans. I’m about 33% of the way through this book.

    Like Pansy, I haven’t read any of your books yet but I’ll be checking them out.

  4. D.T. Dyllin
    · February 17th, 2015 at 2:56 am · Link

    Thanks for stopping by and for sharing, Button’s Mom! 😀

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