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Angelina J. Windsor: Seven Things I’ve Discovered Writing Erotic Romances
Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Hi Delilah! Thanks so much for having me visit with you today. I hope to make some new friends and share our mutual love of reading and writing! Please feel free to contact me at any of the links I’ve provided below.

Seven Things I’ve Discovered Writing Erotic Romances:

(1) It’s not just about sex—really! It’s actually secondary to the characters and plot. If your story isn’t solid, readers won’t buy it in any genre. And with the influx of new writers in this or any genre the field will soon weed out weak storytelling.

(2) While I’m on the topic of genre: mixed genre is all the rage. Can you tell a great sci-fi story with spicy, explicit scenes added in? Or perhaps a gothic horror erotic fantasy? Mixing it up makes it original and unique and can be your ticket in.

(3) Know your target audience which is the same advice you would get in any genre. And be specific about who you are writing for when approaching a publisher.

(4) Perspective is pivotal: The female point of view in the first person is powerful in this kind of writing. If you do go for she says/he says, make sure it’s in separate chapters to avoid head-hopping as frowned on here as in any other kind of writing.

(5) Be original: readers of this genre are very astute and are as aware of cliché plot lines as anywhere else. Maybe in fact more so as they are usually avid readers looking for something different to take them away from the mundane aspects of real life.

(6) Let the sexual tension build. A book like this usually requires foreplay. Sex on the first page doesn’t normally work. Give a couple of chapters at least of build up the tension to make the fantasy grow.

(7) Enjoy the journey. It can be rewarding in many ways!

I am so pleased to present my first novel due from Ellora’s Cave Publishing later this year!


The Power of Tess: new adult contemporary erotic novel

Tess Summerlin is in desperate need of some quick cash. Huge gobs of it in fact, but to get it she may have to compromise her strict southern heritage. Jonathon Rothschild, temporary head of Rosemère Agency an escort service for the very rich, reluctantly gives her a job. He explains she must look inside herself to see what kind of erotic romantic fantasy she is able to enact with paying clients. The list is daunting; everything from dominatrix to sweet sexy girl next door is on the table. But what will make her the most money is offering up her virginity to the highest bidder. Will she be able to accept his terms or will falling in lust for her new employer be her undoing?

Happy reading, Angelina J. Windsor
Heart, Sizzle, and Happily Ever After

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    Good Morning! Thanks so much for having me visit today! Hugs, Angel 😛

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