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Archive for July 29th, 2015

Flashback: Watch Over Me (Contest)
Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

UPDATE: The winner of the free download of this story is…Liberty Ann Ireland!

* * * * *

This week, I’m busy writing the next Uncharted SEALs story—this one’s about an ex-sniper on vacation in Cancun trying to figure out what’s next for him. He meets a very sexy woman and things get hot and heavy fast, but she has some secrets… I’m nearing the end, and a good thing—Through Her Eyes comes out August 4th!

So, in the meantime, enjoy an excerpt from the first Uncharted SEALs story, Watch Over Me. 🙂

Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win a free copy of WATCH OVER ME!

Watch Over Me

Watch Over Me

When Deke Warrick accepts an unsanctioned detail to keep tabs on a congressman’s niece while she vacations in the Caribbean, he expects the only dangers he’ll face are sunburn and a rum hangover. Determined to keep his distance, his resolve is challenged by a chance encounter with the beautiful Nicky Martir—and then shattered when she’s snatched from their hotel room.

She arrived at her door breathless and slipped him her key card. Once he’d opened the door and done his little safety check, he directed his attention back to her, laser focus sliding over her body, head to toe, leaving her feeling singed everywhere his gaze touched.

He turned on the lamp beside the bed then strode to the overhead light switch, turning it off. Then he went to work on his buttons, jerking his chin in her direction. “Get those off.”

Although she’d never been spoken to like that before by a man, she didn’t need to be told twice. His delivery was harsh and graveled, his words straight to the point—and she found she liked it. But she didn’t dare betray her inward grin. She couldn’t have him feeling too confident. Already once tonight, he’d taken her to the edge of her endurance. Her pride wouldn’t allow her to reveal the extent of her desire. She narrowed her gaze and took her sweet time stepping out of her shoes, removing the few pieces of jewelry she’s worn—earrings, a thin bracelet—and setting them on the bedside table. By the time she reached for her zipper, she saw he was already nude and he’d folded his arms over her broad chest.

Her fingers went still as she stared at him. Her mouth dried. In the golden glow of a single lamp, his body was a beautiful, burnished brown, except for the pale stripe of skin across his hips. Her gaze went straight to his sex, already fully awakened, and jutting from his groin. Perfectly proportioned with his large, muscular body. Oh my. Her thighs pressed together at the renewed urgency cramping her core.

He strode toward her, more intimidating naked than he’d been clothed, and she fought to breathe, lifting her hair clear of her zipper as he circled behind her and slid down her zipper. She trembled as he quickly pushed her dress to the floor and hooked his thumbs in the sides of her panties to drag those off, too.

Standing naked, she shivered in the cool conditioned air as he circled her again, his head bent as he studied her body. Not politely, either. His hands touched everywhere his gaze went, smoothing over her bottom, her hip, lifting her breasts one at a time. Slipping between her legs to cup her mound. Feeling as though she’d been thoroughly inspected, she didn’t know whether she should feel flattered or outraged.

When he stopped right in front of her, he lifted her chin with a curved finger. “I can’t be…polite.” Read the rest of this entry »