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Trilby Palmer: Sex Comedy
Monday, August 17th, 2015

Thanks Delilah for having me as Guest Blogger, truly an honor….

As I’m new to the erotic and romance genre I thought I’d do a brief run down on my history…..from an early age I always knew I’d be a writer. My mother was a writer and I wanted and thought I would do other things with my life but I always knew I would be a writer. I think it was that unwavering conviction that I didn’t even question that enabled me to follow my dream. Sure I did a few of the other life interrupting jobs along the way but now I am a full-time writer and I personally believe it all came down to self-belief.

I started off writing for TV networks, writing sketch shows and segments – that really helped me hone the skill of writing short, sharp and snappy! I progressed to full episodes then moved into theater. I wrote cabaret shows, (the links in and around the song and dances) and then moved onto full length stage plays. With the writing bug having firmly taken hold of my life I looked around for another avenue for my writing talents and I happened upon ghostwriting. For readers out there who are not familiar with this, a ghostwriter writes books whether they be novels, non-fiction, series etc. which are published under another name. This ‘other’ name is not a pseudonym but an actual other person’s name. Now, and this is where it gets a bit bizarre, this ‘other person’ can actually exist and they have a high-profile but maybe their writing skills are not so great, (and that’s being polite 🙂 ), or this ‘other person’ may not exist but is the ‘author name’ on a series of books. Now on the face of it this may seem like cheating the reader but when you think of it as branding, it’s not. Readers like to know they’re getting a good story and if they recognize an author, just as they would recognize a brand of detergent in the store they like then they’re more likely to trust it and buy it.

Anyway…..after TV, theater, ghostwriting and appearing on stage and screen myself, (did I mention that??), I decided to try my hand at erotic fiction. My writing had always bordered on risque and maybe a bit too hot for main stream romance. Erotica seemed the ideal step for me to take and I love it. I have two ebooks published so far, both in the early part of this year and both the start of a series. My style has been described as ‘sexy and flat-out fun’, utilizing my comedic and risque background – and my heat level is definitely ramped up! I’m a quick writer but a steady editor – I have 6 books in my desk drawer which will slowly emerge when I’m ready to edit and submit them to my publisher. Everything that leaves my desk has to be the best it can be – a lesson I learnt in theater is that if someone is going to pay to leave their home for the evening, you have a duty to them. It’s the same with books – if someone invests any amount of money in purchasing a book of mine I have a duty to them.

I’m looking forward to my career in the world of erotica and I hope as many readers as possible come along with me. Catch up with me on Facebook – I’m not the most consistent poster but when I do it’s nice to know people are reading. And it’s always great to hear from readers, my email is available! And the websites coming……

Thanks Delilah.

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Sex Comedy


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When Ethan lands an audition to appear alongside Hollywood’s latest sex siren, he can hardly believe his luck. Cameron Roberts is out to prove her worth as a stage actor in the sex comedy, Blondes Get Dirty Quicker. According to his agent, all Ethan has to do is roll around in bed with Cameron, naked, every night for a week, in front of a packed audience.

Ethan learns there’s a lot more to the job—and to the leading lady—than he ever imagined. Good thing he’s well equipped for his role.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

* * * * *


Play Around With Me


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Terri has an unpleasant choice to make: Sleep with the boss or lose her job as a golf pro at a private club. She gets a temporary reprieve when a wealthy and handsome new customer shows up and insists that Terri teach him to play.

Ryan isn’t much interested in learning golf, even though he has a good reason for taking lessons. All that changes when he sees a gorgeous golf pro being groped by her boss. Suddenly, he’s an enthusiastic student of the game—and he’s determined to find a way to wipe that sad look off his teacher’s face. He’s already skilled in “fore”-play.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!